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Five Sanity Saving Treadmill Workouts (+ An Instagram Contest!)

Despite how it may seem (hello, sunny 55-degree day in Denver today!), February—the longest, shortest month—still has a ways to go. As does the whole season of winter.

Which means that many of you are spending some time on the treadmill to avoid icy roads, wintry conditions or some combo therein.

To keep things (much more) interesting than the 23rd rerun of Law & Order, we are excited to serve up the following two items for you:

First up: A PDF of Five Sanity Saving Treadmill workouts. 

Because we know the 'mill can fill a bit repetitive at times. Mixing it up with intervals, strength, songs and other diversions can be lovely—and sometimes necessary. Try these treadmill workouts on your next indoor day.

Second up: An Instagram Contest 

Winter weather means we're seeing a lot more treadmill photos from our tribe. We love the captions as well: Some of you love it, some of you do what need to be done, and some of you dread it.

We're going to host a fun Instagram contest with prizes that will help you pump up the jam on your next treadmill run. (Wait: did somebody say Aftershokz headphones?) make your treadmill run. Head over to our Instagram to check things out and let us know if you are on team #treadmill, #insteadmill, or #dreadmill.

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4 responses to “Five Sanity Saving Treadmill Workouts (+ An Instagram Contest!)

  1. So I live in SA…can run all winter long…will need these June-September when it is hotter than the face of the sun!!!

  2. I love running on the treadmill! I do all my training on the treadmill, and it has nort affected my racing..( if you could call it that.) So glad you posted this article..

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