#356: Real Women Turning Fitness Passion into Their Job

Sarah Bowen Shea and Amanda Loudin chat with three mother runners who let their avocation be their vocation, turning their love of being active into their work (or at least a side gig). First is Eleni Drake, who launched Mile Markings, a company that creates inspirational temporary tattoos for runners. Eleni details how a need to let out her creative juices, plus a desire for motivation while on a race course, prompted her to launch Mile Markings with her husband. The next guest is Cynthia Vissers, who started working at a running specialty store after her youngest son started kindergarten. Laugh along with the trio as they commiserate that while there’s no job that entails eating bonbons on the couch, at least Cynthia can get hired because she likes to drink a beer post-run! Cynthia also shares advice on becoming a brand ambassador for favorite brands.

The final guest is Paula Johnston who, last year, started fitness coaching and teaching group fitness classes. She describes what an “interesting puzzle of logistics” it is to combine a full-time job, parenting, running, and teaching classes and training clients. (Phew!) She gives great advice on how to follow in her footsteps. The conversation takes an awe-inspiring detour when Paula reveals she lost 110 pounds (!) since 2012.

In the intro, Sarah and Amanda talk about the college admission process—Amanda’s oldest is almost at the finish line of that saga, while Sarah’s oldest is just starting down that road. The first avocation/vocation mother runner joins the program at 17:30.

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