best tv for treadmillWhen weather, time, a sick kid or some other factor keeps your workout indoors, you might need a little visual distraction when you’re on the treadmill, stepmill, and all other ‘mills in between. You are not alone!

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Here are some of our faves to get you through your next sweat session:

best tv for treadmill


Somehow I only just discovered Fleabag, a British black comedy gem Amazon Prime. It’s an NC-17 half-hour show that makes me laugh uproariously and tear up in each of the six episodes. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, my new girl-crush, created “Fleabag” and stars in it. I can’t wait for Season 2 to debut this spring! I’m also waiting for season two of “Killing Eve,” a British spy thriller laced with (more) black comedy. Two strong women leads play a cat-and-mouse game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. We might even blow off our long runs to binge on Season Two when it debuts!
— Sarah







best tv for treadmill


Broadchurch” is a riveting who-done-it British crime show with unexpected twists and plot turns.  It will have you on your toes trying to figure out who committed the crime and you think you know until the last episode!  A binge-worthy Netflix must see!

—Train Like a Mother Club Coach Jennifer H.





I love “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” because it makes time fly; season two is even better than the first. “Escape to the Country” is slower but draws you in with a great character study as they hop between different individuals or couples who have escaped from England to Spain or France, trying their hand at running a B & B or dive shop on the coast, and BBC does a great job of hopping between the people they’re profiling without it feeling too contrived. Both shows just keep my attention during treadmill runs because of the great storytelling and an escape from reality. I want to watch until the end to see what happens.
Maggie, AMR Social Media Manager + Podcast Co-Host


My latest treadmill show is “Friends from College.” It’s all about a group of 40-year old friends and their “complicated “ relationships. Funny, raunchy, almost fall-off-the-treadmill good time. They just canceled after season two so now I am in mourning.

BAMRbassador Brandi, New Jersey-based mom to 2













Survivor!” I have literally run thousands of miles on the treadmill over the last two years binging on “Survivor.” Getting all caught up in their challenges and drama keeps me so occupied that I don’t care that I’m spending hours on the treadmill!
BAMRbassador Catey, Utah-based mom of 10






Grace and Frankie.” The cast is amazing, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sam Waterson, and Martin Sheen. These are great actors and they are given a great premise – of two best friends coming out as gay late in life and their very different wives finding friendship and support from each other. Add to that their crazy adult kids and all sorts of funny situations. It makes the miles fly!
BAMRbassador Cortney, Silver Spring, Maryland-based mom to 1



best tv for treadmill


I’ve become a fan of the series “Losers” on Netflix. It’s about how sport and losing go hand in hand and how you react to the outcome. Great for time on the bike trainer. It just pushes you to do better.
BAMRbassador Jill, Michigan-based mom to 3



best tv for treadmill


The West Wing!” It is still relevant and fascinating, AND once you’re off the ‘mill and in the car or running outdoors, you can listen to The West Wing Weekly podcast which discusses the show episode by episode with fascinating stars from the show as well as other appropriate political guests and social commentators. There is humor, drama, reality, and fiction, all rolled into one!
BAMRbassador Melissa, New Hampshire-based mom of three




best tv for treadmill


I discovered “The Man in the High Castle” this winter while spending endless hours on the treadmill as I train for Boston. It’s a historical drama, as if Axis powers won WWII instead of Allies. Suspense, exciting, and really engaging. I also have watched so much This is Us and Parenthood on the treadmill, but those shows make me cry and it’s so hard to run while ugly crying…
BAMRbassador Kristen, Minnesota-based mom of three



best tv for treadmillFOOD NETWORK SHOWS

On the treadmill, I like watching any of the Food Network competition shows: “Chopped,” “Cake Wars,” and the “Kids Baking Challenge.” Oh — and “The Pioneer Woman” too-love her! Why? Because…food! And I’m always trying to figure out something to make for dinner.

BAMRbassador Sara, California-based mom of three




[Running outside? Our favorite podcasts for runners.]

What shows do you like to watch
when you’re on the treadmill or doing other cardio?