Our Favorite Podcasts for Runners

We might be a bit biased, but the Another Mother Runner podcast is our absolute favorite! Yet occasionally we want to a non-running show, whether we’re listening while pounding out the miles, cleaning the house, gardening, or commuting. 

Here are a few of our favorites to add to your list. (And if you're new to the podcast scene, host Sarah walks you through how to download + listen, at the bottom of this post.)

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

A welcome antidote to the myriad true crime podcasts—and yes, I listen to those too—Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is just plain fun. Every week, she and her co-host, Adam Felber, bring on two experts to give advice on everything from Monopoly (don't buy Boardwalk and Park Place!) to tattoo removal. The best part, though, is the house band (rotates weekly: usually a local musician), the laughter coming from the people crammed into the studio, and the unexpected places the conversations meander. — Dimity




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Everything Is Alive

A joyful, slightly absurdist podcast hosted by the charming Ian Chillag, who does one-on-one unscripted interviews with...inanimate objects. (Okay, they're really comedians.) Who knew a can of cola or a lamppost (my two favorite episodes!) had such deep thoughts and insight to share? The show makes me laugh--and think. Season Two just kicked off.  —Sarah







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Why Won't You Date Me?

Warning: If you listen to this podcast other than in the comfort of your own home, you should be comfortable with laughing in public. A lot. Comedian and actress Nicole Byer (Girl Code, Nailed It!) tries to answer her own question every week with fun guests and pressing topics. —Maggie, AMR Social Media Manager + Podcast Co-Host








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On Being with Krista Tippett

Pretty much every Sunday morning, I go for an hour-ish run while the sun comes up and listen to this podcast. I love the range of guests she gets and the smart, smart, vaguely spiritual, and deeply intellectual conversations she has with thinkers and creators. Some favorites have included Tracy K. Smith (my current literary crush), Bobby McFerrin (delightful: he sings!), Maria Popova (so smart it makes my brain hurt), Alain de Botton (on love and work), and poet Mary Oliver. Everyone needs to load that one up in their listening queues right now; it fills me with joy and inspiration. —Tish, AMR Columnist + Podast Co-Host





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99% Invisible

This deeply nerdy podcast never fails to engage and delight me, even if I’ve never given a single thought to what my voice-crush Roman Mars is talking about. A recent standout is this episode on color and Articles of Interest, which is a series about clothing. Remember: Always Read the Plaque. —Adrienne, AMR Columnist








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Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais

Gervais is a high-performance psychologist who brings on those at the top of their game in sports, life, and business. As a trained psychologist, he has an ability to dig deep with the right questions and weave the dialogue together into the bigger picture of what it takes to achieve high performance on the path to mastery. —Coach Liz, Triathlon + Running by Heart Rate Coach







We Couldn't Help But Wonder

It's a discussion of all of the "Sex and the City" episodes. I recently started watching the series because I had never seen it before. And since I'm the last person on Earth to do so, I don't have anyone that I can chat about it with! So I found this podcast of two friends discussing the episodes. It's quite amusing though sometimes it's a little explicit, as the show isn't exactly family-friendly. So that's a no-kids-around-podcast! —Coach Jenn, Train Like a Mother Club 5K + Relay Training Programs






Not sure how to listen to a podcast?

If you're an iPhone user open the purple Podcast app (to the left)) and start searching for shows by name.

If you're an Android user, Stitcher is a good free app. (Start with Another Mother Runner, please!)

On the search returns page, click on the show you want. Then tap on the + sign next to an episode that interests you. To download the episode (meaning you can listen to it when you are offline, great for running), tap the little cloud icon next to episode description.

If you know for sure you want to listen to more episodes, click on the Subscribe button. Then, when a new episode hits, you'll be notified and have the choice to download it.

Want a few more details? Here's a super helpful step-by-step guide.

Spotify is also an increasingly popular platform for podcast-listening. And there are myriad free podcast apps, including Soundcloud and TuneIn Radio. Pocket Casts is a very popular app as well; it's available for a small fee.

Need more suggestions?

If these suggestions haven't triggered your phone-tapping finger, the Week in Podcasts is one of our absolute favorite sources. Fun fact: Michael Yessis, who complies this newsletter, is the only person who was a guest at the weddings of both Dimity and Sarah!


What podcasts are you enjoying the heck out of right now?

20 responses to “Our Favorite Podcasts for Runners

  1. My favorites are Reply All, Ladies We Need to Talk, The Cut, Mom and Dad are Fighting, Death Sex & Money, Conviction, Serial, Science Vs. to name a few.

  2. I really like a lot of those already mentioned. I would add Snap Judgement, Radio Lab, Hidden Brain, and Sporkful

  3. I love the Rich Roll podcast, for a great in-depth interviews. A lot of them are two hours or more, which is great for those long runs. But my go to several times a week is Watch What Crappens: Two guys who recap all the shows on bravo. They are absolutely hysterical… Many times I have to stop running because I am laughing out loud. The good thing is that they post several times a week, so I always have something to go to when I am on the run.

  4. This is the podcast jackpot! As a serious Star Trek fan and former English teacher, I am in love with LeVar Burton Reads (and may have a fan girl crush on LeVar Burton!). Thanks for all of the great ideas, ladies!

  5. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is my other favorite podcast. He’s pretty entertaining with whoever he has for a guest that day.

  6. Well, of course I listen to AMR podcasts 1st! When I’m all caught up with my AMR….I listen to the following: Rich Roll, Wild Ideas by REI ( love!), Dear Sugars, Heavyweight, Bib Rave, How was your run today, Running Around Baltimore, The Ali Show.

  7. I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and I haven’t heard of some of these – thanks for the recommendations.

    Besides AMR, some running related ones I love are Work Play Love with Lauren Fleshman and her pro triathlete husband, The Morning Shakeout and I’ll Have Another

  8. I wish I didn’t hate the sound of Paula Poundstone’s voice! I usually skip the Wait! Wait! episodes she is on. That is how much I dislike her voice.
    Other than AMR and Wait! Wait! I also enjoy the heck our of What You Missed in History Class and LeVar Burton Reads. I also listen to This American Life if it is a new one and Cap Radio Reads and Criminal when they post new episodes.

  9. Conan O’Brien needs a friend. But don’t listen to the Adam Sandler one while on a treadmill…..too much laughing could land you flat on your face!

  10. After AMR and Ali on the Run Show, The Chalene Show is high on my list. It’s about getting healthy, balancing your life, improving relationships and so much more. She is an awesome human being.

  11. THANK YOU for this! I have been wanting to figure out the world of podcasts (what app to use, and exactly how it all works) ever since I attended an event of yours in KC last fall. So having the instructions, and suggestions…it’s perfect!! I wish I would have had it yesterday morning before my 7 miles….but now I’m ready for this weekend’s (and all other future weekends’) long runs!

  12. Thanks for the great tips! Some of these are new to me, and I’m excited to try them! If you’ve never checked out The Bowery Boys, it’s a fascinating, insightful, and hilarious podcast about NYC, its history, and the intersection of that history with the present. I don’t even like history very much, but I love this podcast.

  13. I second “How I Built This” — and the recent Bobbie Brown episode. Okay, so I wasn’t running when I listened to it — I was driving back home late at night and ended up sitting in the driveway until the episode finished . . . . it was fascinating, and I don’t even wear make up! As well, the recent episode with Bob of Bob’s Red Mill made me feel good about this hard, old world.

  14. I love the podcast How I Built This. The host, Guy Raz, interviews people on how they started their business. It is fascinating to me. The business are all well known like Barre3, Burton Snowboards, Patagonia, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

  15. My favorites are Stuff you Should Know and Stuff you Missed in History. Keeps me entertained on many happy long miles.

  16. Really like Stuff you should know (cover a variety of topics and give great info and are entertaining. Right now my son and I are listening about Lewis and Clark), Stuff mom never told you (great feminist /woman chat about relative topics. Good info and good for thought), and Best of both worlds (two moms who work talking about hacks and trials of the working mom life)

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