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Let Another Mother Runner do the talking for miles on end—or while you’re folding laundry, cooking dinner, driving carpool, doing a mindless task at the office, or whipping up a craft project: The Another Mother Runner podcast covers the gamut of topics helpful to women who run. From nutrition to mental toughness, marathon training to returning to running post-partum, we chat—and laugh—about it all amongst ourselves and with guest experts.

We're like your best running friends: ready to go any time you are and promise to keep you entertained. Best part? We even talk on the uphills!

Ways to listen or take us along:

Acast app

The AMR podcast is hosted by the podcast network acast, that has a easy-to-use, free app. Please consider downloading this free app and listening to our show on acast. One nifty feature on acast: The app let's you share a "Moment" (read: snippet or segment) of a podcast episode via social media just like you share a link. Perfect for sharing an anecdote that made you laugh or inspired you.

The Podcasts app
Search for Another Mother Runner and subscribe.

To listen on your computer, open iTunes and search for Another Mother Runner (or just follow this link). Mouse over a title of a podcast and click Play. Once you’re in iTunes, subscribe to our podcast and every new episode will show up automagically.

Stitcher (or other free podcast apps, like Pod Wrangler)
Download the free app on your smartphone. Set up an account and sign in. Search for Another Mother Runner. You can either listen to any episode then, or save it for later enjoyment.

And, please, if you enjoy the show, leave us a review in whichever platform you use. Reviews help other mother runners find our show and help us grow. We really appreciate it—and many happy miles!

Sounds Like Pictures
The AMR podcast is produced by Alex Ward at Sounds Like Pictures in Portland, OR.





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