In this episode, the hosts dive into all things rucking, an exercise that’s trending for all the right reasons. It’s said to burn three times the calories of walking, strengthens your back and shoulders, helps with bone density, and has a low injury rate. Plus, it has a great communal vibe to it, which we get into with Sarah Sweeney, the race director for Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston, a rucking event that falls annually on the weekend before the other major marathon in Boston. Hear about:

  • The history and basics of rucking;
  • How to get started (hint: all you need is a backpack, some weights, and good shoes);
  • Hacks for packing your rucksack the right way;
  • The special significance of Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston…and more.

Check out TOGETHXR, the social media platform aimed to champion equal rights, coverage, and investment in women’s sports, which Sarah and Dimity chat about in the beginning of the episode. (We’re loving their “Everyone Watches Women’s Sports” merch!)

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