Go the Distance

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EVENT WEEKEND: April 20-21, 2024
BEST FOR: Anybody and everybody.
WHAT: A virtual, community-wide distance challenge and celebration of moving forward.
LENGTH: Your choice!

Join us for Go the Distance, a challenge that fits you—and your current fitness level—perfectly.

On the weekend of April 20-21, you and your fellow endurance athletes around the country (and world!) will set out after your personalized goals in our first-ever endurance event.

The challenge is simple: You choose an activity, choose a distance, and repeat it every 6, 12, or 24 hours. You can run, walk, hike, ride, Peloton, or any other activity you love to do. You can do it solo from your own house; with a posse of friends; or join one of the groups that will form with fellow participants.

No matter how you Go the Distance, you’ll rack up some significant mileage; be cheered on by—and cheer for—your fellow participants; chart and share your progress; take a step or two outside your comfort zone; and bask in that glorious sense of accomplishment that comes during a full, challenging day of forward movement.

Note: Go the Distance tanks are no longer available for purchase.


Out of stock

The Details

SOME IDEAS to get you daydreaming…

Activity Distance/Duration Repeat Every Total
Walk/Hike 1.5 miles 6 hours 9 miles
Run 2.5 miles 12 hours 30 miles
Run/Walk 2.5 miles 24 hours 60 miles
Cycle 7 miles 12 hours 84 miles
Peleton 30-minute class 12 hours 6 hours
Run + Cycle 1 mile/3 mile 6 hours 24 miles
Row 3,000 meters 6 hours 18,000 meters
(11.1 miles)
Hike a 2.3 mile loop 12 hours 27.6 miles


While most of us are runners around here, running is far from the only option in Go the Distance. You can walk, hike, cycle, swim, Peloton, elliptical—or make up a DIY combo.

With great prizes like Topo Athletic Shoes, Currex Insoles and Tifosi Sunglasses for a variety of categories, including most grit, creativity, and enthusiasm, you can win in more ways than one!

While this is a virtual event, you won’t feel alone. With a handful of local groups around the country, incentives to invite your active friends, a Zoom room open (nearly) the whole event, and non-stop social media, our AMR team is going the distance to support you.

Unsure of what to pick? How to plan? What to eat? In addition to a private Facebook page and an informational team meeting before the event, you’ll receive detailed guidelines that include how to pick the best distance for you; set up an optimal aid station; and pace yourself effectively.

This unique swag commemorates your special day: your finisher certificate will have your final stats on it; your Went the Distance sticker is perfect for a water bottle or laptop; and an optional tank proclaims your endurance athlete status.


While the bulk of us will do this the weekend of April 20-21, you are free to Go the Distance anytime that works best for you.

One thing to note: We will be determining prizes on April 23, so if you want to be eligible for those, you need to have completed the event by April 22.

No, although we have a few suggestions:

  • Start at the top of the hour so all participants are aligned.
  • If you’re going for twelve hours, we suggest you maximize daylight, which might mean 6 am-6 pm or 7 am-7 pm.
  • Pay attention to the weather; if the afternoon prediction is a thunderstorm and you’re going six hours, get it done in the morning.
  • If you’re going through the night for twenty-four hours, you will likely want to start early on Saturday so you have the bulk of Sunday to recover.

Yep! We think this would be most fun as a group event!

When you register after March 16, you’ll get a discount code to share with a friend or three. (And you don’t have to all do the same thing: some of you can walk, some of you can run, some of you can cycle. You’ll all just have the same “base camp.”)

If you have a large group (eight or more), drop us a line at tlamclub@anothermotherrunner.com and we’ll set you up with code just for your team!


Upon registration, we will grab your location from you. Then we’ll create a document that shares all the common places people are Going the Distance, and help coordinate a place that would work well as your base camp.

For sure!

If you’re racing on a Saturday, you could Go the Distance on Sunday (or vice versa). We can help you design your challenge so that it feels appropriate for you while being cognizant of the effort and energy it takes to complete a race.

Absolutely! In fact, Go the Distance is a great way to enhance and keep excitement in your training.

In the guidelines you receive upon registration, there are suggestions for appropriate challenges depending on what distance race you are training for and where you are in your training program. Coach Dimity will also be on the private Facebook page and available over email to help you fine-tune your Go the Distance event to complement your training.

We’re going old-school with this one: you’ll receive a PDF of a tracker, which you can print out and check off as you move through your day.

Nope! If you want to mix things up, have at it! You could go for twelve hours, and then alternate between running and cycling or do six “laps” of running, then six “laps” of cycling. Or you could go for six hours and swim for three “laps” and run for three “laps.” Design it in a way that feels fun and appropriate for you.

You can definitely tweak the times to match your goal. (And if you sign up for six hours and end up wanting to go for two or more “laps”, all good!)

All good! While we want this to be a challenge, we also know you know yourself best.

Yes! We have a twelve-hour schedule lined up: thirty-minute rides every hour, on the hour. We’ll have the details for you after you join. (And if you want to follow a different Peloton schedule, that’s an option as well!)

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