In the first of a 2-part weight-loss series: Sarah and Dimity chat with two real-world mother runners about their weight-management concerns, plus the duo are joined by registered dietitian Ellie Kempton, who weighs in with insight and advice.

The first guest is Jennifer Summers, a nurse and a mom of one, who is infuriated by her belly fat. Jennifers laments how she made herself miserable logging calories. She details her numerous attempts to drop some pounds, saying, “everything worked for a little bit, but nothing was something I could maintain for the rest of my life.” She also talks about the loss of mental focus and “estrogen-oomph” she felt while riding the menopause rollercoaster. Ellie talks at length about the importance of looking “one layer deeper at the hormonal symphony,” which Dimity quickly re-dubs a “cacophony.” (Well played, Dim!) After explaining why stress can have such a negative impact on weight, Ellie shares numerous tips for managing stress in everyday life.

The final guest is Emily Cooley, a Colorado mom of two whose doctor told her about three years ago that she was morbidly obese. In a one-on-one conversation with Dimity (due to technical difficulties), Emily details how she lost 100 pounds in a university weight-loss study—and how she’s kept the weight off in the ensuing 3+ years. The Coloradans talk about Emily’s upcoming training for her first marathon.

In the intro, the SBS and Dim talk about the latest goings-on of their artistically inclined teen sons. The weight-loss conversation begins at 14:15.

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