AMR Gears Up: Best Form-Fitting Running Shorts

Welcome to the next edition of Another Mother Runner Gears Up: we have #motherrunners put key running gear to the test, then deliver the results to you so you can grab the gear that works best for your running and body. 

As temperatures rise and legs go bare, we—and our intrepid BAMRbassador testers—set out to find the very best running shorts on the market. But we weren't on the hunt for traditional running shorts.

Instead, we wanted to focus on form-fitting running shorts that we've spotted in all the running stores—and on the road and at expos—lately. They're trending for good reason: The style is high on function. Not only do they stay put, they also eliminate (almost) any chance of chafing, and have plenty of storage for phones, gels, and other must-haves.

We found five pairs of form-fitting shorts that AMR testers would recommend to a friend. If you're looking to expand your running shorts wardrobe, consider this list a starting point for your shopping.

Brooks’ Greenlight 7” Short Tight

Tester Rating: 4

Review: “These are absolutely set-it-and-forget-it shorts,” according to one tester, who also raved about the compressive fabric, 7” length, and pockets, including one that’s sweat-resistant.

Price: $46

Perfect For: Long runs, races, and any run where you don’t want to stress about your shorts staying in place

Grab them here:

Senita Athletics High Waisted Rio Shorts

Tester Rating: 4

Review: “These shorts were soft and comfy, with just enough hold to feel secure but not too tight in both the waist and legs.” The 7” length, soft fabric, pockets sweet price point, and fit made these shorts winners.

Price: $22

Perfect For: At such a reasonable price, these are great for anytime

Grab them here:

Asics Cool 2-N-1 Short

Tester Rating: 4

Review: “These fit like a glove and perform even better. The compression shorts kept my muscular thighs happily apart from each other, and the mesh shorts gave the ensemble a sleek look,” according to one tester who had never before tried a 2-in-1 style. Needless to say, she’s now a fan! Our testers appreciated the wide waistband and soft fabric but would have appreciated an additional pocket besides the small leg pocket.

Price: $55

Perfect For: Runners who want more, no-chafe coverage than you get from booty shorts alone

Grab them here:

Skirt Sports Redemption Shorties

Tester Rating: 3

Review: “These were snug and didn’t move. I like the compressive feeling, as well as the wide, comfortable waistband, and pockets.” The Redemption Shorties have a 6” inseam and have recently been updated with the addition of a drawcord. Since these are compression shorts, and one tester said the bottom hem was too tight on her legs, be sure to try on for size.

Price: $48

Perfect for: Those who like mid-length, compression running shorts

Grab them here:

SparkleSkirts Navy SparkleBottoms Too

Tester Rating: 3

Review: “The 6” inseam was the perfect length, even Goldilocks would say so. Not too long, not too short,” said one tester who also loved the medium compression, soft and silky fabric, and thigh pockets big enough to hold a large phone! These shorts stayed put on the run and had a handy drawstring with toggle that hides away in an “ingenious” zipper pocket.

Price: $58

Perfect For: Running and spin class

Grab them here:

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Did we miss your favorite pair of form-fitting shorts?
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11 responses to “AMR Gears Up: Best Form-Fitting Running Shorts

  1. Just in time!! I was going through the shorts in my drawer and realized I DESPERATELY need new shorts. THANK YOU!

  2. Another vote for Oiselle’s Pocket Joggers, I was surprised not to see them on the list! They stay put and they have so many pockets! I wore the long ones for my most recent marathon and carried 5 GU, my giant phone in case, a metro card and gloves when I got hot! Nothing budged and the shorts didn’t sag! Highly recommend!

  3. Another fave: the Oiselle Pocket Joggers. They have 2 inseam lengths – 4.75 and 8.25. I usually like a longer inseam, but I tried the 4.75 and was pleasantly surprised. They are super soft, and do not move. Big pockets on the legs, plus a zipper pocket on the waist.

  4. I love my Gypsy runner shorts! Huge pockets on either side. Compression that is perfect. Lots and lots of cute prints and colors and you pick your inseam!

  5. Love this post! The Asics look really nice! I’m going to buy them. I have a lovely pair of 2 in 1 from New Balance (Impact) that is great. I also love the form-fitting Align from Lululemon. It’s super soft! I mostly wear it on the treadmill at home because it does not have pockets and it’s really short.

  6. I actually really like old navy’s compression shorts. I’ve got several pair I rotate through all summer. They stay put and aren’t see-through. Watch for a sale and stock up!

  7. I love SuperFit Heros- very inclusive size options, soft feel, snug compression, pockets and a long enough inseam so no chafing. Great brand focused on inclusivity too.

  8. I love that the Brooks were on here… I just got them in the mail last week and I was so pleased. A great short WITH POCKETS

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