In the second of a 2-part weight-loss series: Sarah and Dimity talk with two real-world mother runners about their “weighty issues,” as well as two experts who offer advice.

First is a young mom of three who shares her struggle of creeping weight gain, leaving her focusing on the “chub” she sees in photos. Body-positive researcher Charlotte Markey, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Rutgers University, offers insight into recalibrating body perception and body-posi advice for greater contentment.

The next two guests—a mom of a daughter with finicky eating habits and Jill Castle, M.S., R.D., the author of myriad books about childhood nutrition—delve deep into food issues. Jill suggests ways to get everyone in a family to eat more vegetables while also letting teens make decisions about food choices. Learn how to work with your child to formulate a plan for food.

In the intro, Dimity and Sarah discuss recent big events in their lives of their teens—a Minnesota volleyball tournament for Dimity’s daughter and dance showcases for Sarah’s 8th-grade son. The first guest joins the conversation at 11:07.

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