Sarah and Dimity welcome Coach Liz Waterstraaat and Emily Opacich, a coming-back-from-a-stress-fracture mother runner, to explore the ins and outs of coming back to running after an injury or pregnancy. In this empathetic, informative conversation, learn:

-why walk breaks during a run are “great release valves”;

-three recommendations for exceptionally injury-prone runners;

-how nutrition or an underlying medical condition can lead to injury;

-how to find your motivation when you resume running (it’ll happen!); and

-why Emily walked her first 5K in jeans!

Here’s the new Return to Running program Coach Liz helped design, and the AMR/TLAM Club YouTube channel, where you can find a host of strength-training exercises. And here’s the free Injured #BAMRs Facebook page. Also, this episode’s Nuun drinking game: Chug every time someone says “lovely.”

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