On the heels (glutes?) of Friday’s podcast about Returning to Running, we want to continue to offer resources that will help sidelined runners get back on track—and, just as importantly, keep healthy runners going strong.

Dimity took a long list of exercises that Coach Liz Waterstraat put together for hip stability and core strength, and broke them into a few categories. We will release a video each week in August; each one will benefit runners of all levels, injured or not.

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Up first: Three Glute Strength + Hip Stability moves: the beloved glute bridge (and single-leg glute bridge); the hip hike; and the three-point touch. (Please disregard the hairdo of Dimity; her stylist doesn’t show up on Sundays, apparently.)

The best part of the videos—besides a more stable lower half? They’re not just demonstrations. They’re the full workout, complete with (nearly) accurate counting of reps.

So clench your glutes, and stand on one leg to wobble along with Dimity! In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a solid sweat—and stronger legs!