#415: Canceled or Postponed Race: Now What?

Sarah and Molly chat with three mother runners about their approaches to running (and triathlon-ing) after their races were postponed, canceled, or are in limbo waiting for word. The gals hash out:

  • the comfort—and the conflict—of sticking to a training plan with no finish line in sight;
  • the welcome motivation an annual mileage goal provides;
  • race-day alternatives, including creative DIY challenges; and,
  • the freedom of a flexible workout schedule.

In the intro, the best running friends share their what-now intentions in the wake of the Missoula Marathon/Half Marathon cancellation. The first guest-runner joins at 18:12.

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2 responses to “#415: Canceled or Postponed Race: Now What?

  1. Ladies, please, please, please consider race walking if you have pain or injuries from running. I was never a good or happy runner but have fallen in love with racewalking. Luckily, I found a coach in my area and joined senior olympics for the 1500M and the 5K RW at the local, state and national games. Check out these sites-,
    There is one old podcast about RW, a few books/videos and coaches at the national level…. you could bring it to the masses.
    I live in NM and have been able to RW with a club when visiting relatives in WI and OH. My longest distance has been a half marathon (needs to be a flat course) and a few 5Ks in a roadrace- so no judges at those races. But I count on the Senior Games for 4 races a year judged.

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