Team AMR: Our Most Fulfilling COVID-19 Workouts

As we turn the corner into summer—and a traditional finish line is nowhere to be found—it's more important than ever to find some inner fulfillment, joy, fun in your workout. Not every workout will be unicorns and rainbows, of course, but remembering and celebrating the sweat sessions that make you smile hours—or days—after they are done helps maintain your motivation (and sanity) as we continue to trudge through COVID-19 workouts.

At Team AMR, some of us have the ocean around the corner; others are thrilled by our neighbor's pool. A couple of us are going all hardcore while others are finding meaning in a stroll. They're all fulfilling—and not because of the intensity or length of the workout.

Take a read and let us know what's sparking your COVID-19 workout joy right now.

Michelle runs on the Rhode Island coast. We all wish we were there.

I have a new Saturday tradition of running from my house to the beach and back: 12 miles total. It's mostly on the bike path, and I go early (usually leave the house around 6 a.m.), so it's blissfully quiet. All parking areas at the beach are still closed, and the beach is my home away from home, so running is really the only way for me to get close enough to soak up the salt air and ocean breezes. It as become my favorite run of the week (despite the fact that it's all uphill on the way back!) — Michelle, all-purpose BAMR

COVID-19 Workouts
Tish and her daughter: all smiles after the miles.

If every Corona crisis has a silver lining, mine is coaxing my 15-year-old "grounded" (because pools closed) swimmer daughter out for the occasional mid-day 3-mile walk/run. On May 8, we ran 2.23 miles to honor the birthday of Ahmed Aubrey, the young man killed while "jogging" in my original home state of Georgia. Her idea. A moment of combined heartbreak and uplift--kinda like these times. —Podcast Co-host Tish Hamilton

SWIM!  After 8 weeks of no swimming, I was able to swim.  I realized how much I missed the water and how no other form of exercise replaces the tranquility and peace you find when swimming. —Train Like a Mother Triathlon and Heart + Sole Coach Liz

Coach Justin sees how long he can hang on.

My closest running buddies are spread across the country. We devised a fun little competition amongst ourselves to virtually race each other in the 1mile, 5km, 5 mile, 10km, 10 mile, and 13.1 distances all over the next few months. This mainly has provided a sense of connection during uncertain times, and helps us each stay accountable given a blank racing calendar for the foreseeable future. Personally, it's given running a new frame for me, as I have never gone after such hard efforts in shorter distances. The overall joy I've experienced in this process is the repurposing of meaning - that running as an outlet is so versatile. It can be a connector, a means of self-care, an outlet for emotions, or an opportunity to push into that razor's edge of discomfort to see just long you can hang on.—Train Like a Mother Sports Psych Coach Justin

Hands down, all of my trail runs have been bringing me the most joy. My favorite of late was nailing the navigation of my favorite seven-mile loop in the local state park. I got my nature therapy and a sense of accomplishment by not getting lost, which is my usual M.O.! Train Like a Mother Traditional Programs Coach Amanda

COVID-19 Workouts
Coach Jen swims laps in a borrowed pool.

THE best workout that brings me pure joy is swimming in my friend's pool every Monday morning. I am able to give my body and mind some much needed recovery from the pounding. And, I am able to smell the chlorine and have silence and joy for an hour. Pure bliss! — Train Like a Mother Triathlon and Heart + Sole Coach Jen

You know me: #foundchange brings me joy! So my response has to the recent run during which I found a dollar bill! (What's better than found change, you ask? Found paper money, I say!) Despite the cancellation of the Missoula Marathon, I'm still following the Heart + Sole training plan, which called for a 65-minute run with 35 minutes at tempo pace. About 5 minutes into the speedier bit, I spied a dollar bill just waiting for me in a crosswalk on a street that Molly and I think of as a mo'-money route because we often find moola on it. The dollar gave an extra giddy-up to my tempo pace, further enhanced a few miles later by spying a quarter, then a penny, on the ground. — Sarah

COVID-19 Workouts
Melissa and her youngest opt outside.

In May, my goal is to run or walk 1 mile each day, just for the fresh air fix, if nothing else. When I opt for the walk, I often get to enjoy the company of my husband or my youngest daughter, which creates precious one-on-one time for 20 minutes or so. On this one day, Nora tried out my watch to test her heart rate. We were both laughing when her HR soared during a quick jog! I love my runs, of course, but these walks are creating special memories too. Melissa T, Train Like a Mother Club Maven

Katie takes a hike.

During our getaway last week to Phoenix, my friend and I hiked Camelback which was challenging, beautiful, and a welcome change to running! —Katie, AMR Director of Marketing

These days, I usually get up around 6, have my beloved latte, journal and meditate, and then figure out what my workout will look like. But was in a bit of a funk last Sunday, and decided I needed to set the new week off right by diving right into a sweat session. Before I went to bed, I set up my bike on the indoor trainer, laid out my workout clothes, and filled my water bottle with Nuun. No excuses. Then I set the alarm for 5:15. I was on the bike by 5:30 for a 60-minute ride while listening to the Resilience Playlist I made on Spotify. For the rest of the day, I felt (mostly) focused and positive. Coincidence? I think not. —Dimity

Heather and her family go into the woods.

The most meaningful workout I've done lately is regularly walking with my family. We step away from e-learning, work from home, and the feeling of uncertainty for 20-30 minutes each day to breath in fresh air and enjoy the power of movement together. — Heather, Train Like a Mother Club Manager

What has been your most fulfilling COVID-19 workout?

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