Sarah and Ellison put their heads together for this beloved annual tradition: the Summer Reading episode. This year, the duo expanded their selections to include more non-fiction options and some poetry recommendations. Here are the books they highlight:

The Lost Boys of Montauk: Amanda M. Fairbanks
Four Hundred Souls: edited by Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain
How the Word is Passed: Clint Smith
The Third Pole: Mark Synott
The Premonition: Michael Lewis
The Plague Years: Lawrence Wright
Brat: Andrew McCarthy
Too Much Is Not Enough: Andrew Rannells
The Plot: Jean Hanff Korelitz
The Last Thing He Told Me: Laura Dave
The Other Black Girl: Zakiya Dalila HarrisSwim back to Trout River: Linda Rui Feng
Klara and the Sun: Kazuo Ishiguro
Summer on the Bluffs: Sunny Hostin
A Sitting in St. James: Rita Williams- Garcia
Ace of Spades: Faridah Abiké-Iyimidé
Head Off & Split: Nikky Finney
The Big Smoke: Adrian Matejka

Ellison shares details about joining a running club and the first track workouts she’s done in years. The book babble kicks off at 18:04.

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