5K of the Holidays: Head-to-Toe Gear

We're at the halfway point of our 5K of the Holidays so you should be nice and warmed up by now. As a reminder: We'll announce the winners of the Monday through Thursday winners this Saturday, December 8. Continued good news, Canadian mother runners: You can enter this contest. The items in today's giveaway have got you set from head to toe.

No-slip stereo sound: yurbuds Inspire Female In-ear Headphones ($30)

If you've been listening to a word I'd said all year, you already know how much I love yurbuds Inspire Female In-ear Headphones: They offer quality stereo sound while not blocking out ambient noise (like an approaching car or your running stroller passenger asking for more Cheerios), and they sit comfortably in the ear without bouncing around or falling out.

My girls' best friend: Champion Spot Comfort High Support ($40)

I don't have much in the chesticles department, but I'm still super-picky about what sports bra I wear. The Champion Spot Comfort High Support meets all my criteria, from a back hook-and-eye closure for easy on-and-off to no-bounce support to a liner of super-effective, smooth wicking material. Spot-on comfort is more like it.

Perfect for Festivus--or any race you want to stand-out in: Team Sparkle skirt ($25)

Dimity and I both stepped out in Team Sparkle running skirts at the Disneyland Half-Marathon in September. We're not very girly-girl but smiles burst onto our faces the moment we slipped on the skirts. So fun, so perfect for adding some sizzle and sass to a running costume. We'll be sportin' Sparkle Running Skirts again when we run the Princess Half in a couple of months.

No cuter, more colorful way to cover your ass(ets): Sweet Spot Skirts ($69)

In a mother runner's get-up-and-go lifestyle, sometimes we spend half the day in our capris before we go for a run or we don't get a chance to strip out of our workout wear post-run. But we like to look presentable or, even better, cute. Enter a Sweet Spot Skirts reversible skirt. These cotton lovelies are meant to be worn over capris, tights, or shorts; with rows of snaps at the comfortably wide waistband, one size fits sizes 2-14.

Close but still protected: Altra The Superior ($95)

What would be a head-to-toe giveaway without a pair of running shoes? These kicks, Dimity's new favorites from Altra, The Superior, are brand, brand new. They offer great grip and trail feel, but still some protection between you and the dirt.

Two fortunate mother runners will win one of each of these items--a pair of yurbuds, a Champion Sports Bra (of her choice), a Team Sparkle running skirt (color of her choice), a Sweet Spot Skirt (either a Pay It Forward or a Diamonds Are a Girls BFF pattern), and a pair of Altra The Superior shoes--by answering this question in the Comments below: What is your favorite race? It could be a distance--you rock 5Ks or can't get enough of marathons--or a specific race like the Tinkerbell half-marathon or your town's turkey trot.

Please read this: If you are reading on your iPhone or via email, please go to our website and enter your distance via the Comments. If you just hit reply, it goes to our email inbox, and we simply don’t have the womanpower to redirect you. Thanks in advance.

1,554 responses to “5K of the Holidays: Head-to-Toe Gear

  1. My favorite was the Disney Half Marathon this year. Ran it with my best friend, briefly kept up with Dimity. The perfect distance, location and company! It was quite memorable!

  2. My favorite distance is the full marathon because it pushes you beyond anything you thought you could EVER accomplish. I just ran my first last month the Outer Banks Marathon!

  3. I’m a half marathon girl. I’m not particularly fast at them, but I like the number-it’s easy to pace myself and I feel great seeing the mile markers go by.

  4. My favorite race was the wineglass half marathon in Corning, ny that I just ran this spring and finally broke 2 hours! It was such a sense of accomplishment and relief. I got to share this race with my husband, an amazing friend and my parents were there with my 18 month old son to cheer us on! The swag was also great :-).

  5. My favorite race so far has been Women Run the Cities. The hill around mile 5 of the 10 miler was killer but sweating it out with other badass women somehow made it so much better.

  6. My favorite distance is a half marathon, however, I rarely can say no to some of my favorite marathon races. I always say I’m done with marathons for awhile…that I don’t have time to train, etc but as soon as I get that email…I end up signing up! I’m a sucker for a good course, cool running swag, and a new medal and t-shirt to add to the collection.

  7. My favorite so far was an 8k where we got to run over a bridge that you would normally never get to run on. So I guess, it’s races that let me run in places that are normally off limits. Oh, and I really like it a beer is provided at the end. 🙂

  8. I am loving Mud Runs right now. I love getting dirty, having fun and not caring about my time. I am hoping to run a Tough Mudder this spring.

  9. I love the Harvest Half marathon in my city. It’s a gorgeous fall run and through a beautiful park that runs through our city where I do most of my training. It’s a smaller race so it’s not overwhelming. Love it!

  10. My fav was the 10K I just PR on to qualified for corral placement for Disney Princess Half marathon, 2013 that I am in the middle of training for!!!!! 🙂

  11. I’m a big fan of Girls on the Run 5Ks. Our community just started it’s own Girl on the Run and I can’t wait to get more involved.

  12. My favorite is the HALF 13.1 🙂

    Last year I did a fair share of full’s and this year it’s half’s and I’m really digging it! Training & recovery are great!

  13. My favorite race is the Warrior Dash. I’ve done it with my family 2 years in a row. I feel like it forces me to face my fears, and I feel good knowing that I can keep up with my son and husband.

  14. My favorite race is the Securian Winter 10k. The race is in January in MN, so it keeps me running even in the winter months.

  15. I love the Chicago marathon. Both my hubby and I have run it several times. Our family cheers us on and running in my favorite city.

  16. My favorite race is a half marathon, not because I have done many (only three) but because it is a distance that requires training and dedicated commitment. When I have time in my life for those two things, I feel GREAT! My first half was Nike SF in Oct 2011 and it was unbelievably rewarding. Running 13.1 reminds me how lucky I am to be a runner.

  17. Hmmm, I’d have to say the Shamrock in Portland. It was my first “big” race last year. Its a tough enough course & distance that you have to work for it, but it is fun, and you get a nice cold beer at the finish line! Plus, my sister and I, and our hubs, are going to make it an annual race, so that in and of itself makes it the best!

  18. I ran the Chicago Marathon for the first time this year and I loved everything about it – the sites, the fans, running with a buddy for 18 miles, my family cheering me on, the great weather – and a PR!

  19. One of my favorites was a 4 miler in Missoula, Montana during their Arts Festival. It was through a beautiful park and only the second race I had ever run. We were there from NYS visiting my husband’s relatives.

  20. I love the Chicago Half Marathon. It’s usually held on the second Sunday in September, so the weather’s been my kind of perfect (sunny and 60s) the two years I’ve run. The course is flat and beautiful, starting in historic Jackson Park and then heading north on Lake Shore Drive, treating runners to great skyline views from a road closed to traffic just for us, before turning around.

  21. This fall was my first race–10K. So that is definitely my favorite, even though I ran it with shin splints! It was awesome! Hoping to do another 10K and maybe a half this year.

  22. My favorite race is the Race for the Light 5k. It’s held in December and goes through a Christmas light show at a local park; proceeds go to a local Domestic Abuse shelter. My son and I run this yearly, great bonding time.

  23. My favorite race has been the annual 10k
    Peachtree Road Race that happens on the
    4th of July. The streets are lined with spectators
    And live music the entire route! It’s so fun and motivating.

  24. I love the Vancouver, BC First Half half marathon in February. It highlights a lot of beautiful spots in Vancouver, is always crisp and cool and is where I ran my quickest half.

  25. My favorite run will always be the Get in Gear 5k/10k. Having never been a runner, I decided (along with my husband) to register for a race and train for it as a means to lose weight and become more healthy. GIG was the race that I chose because I figured I couldn’t be last… Almost 6 years later, I’m still at it!

  26. My favorite run was earlier this year, The Dirty Dash. It was a 10k obstacle course…in A LOT of mud! I went with a group of friends and we dressed up as the Avengers. It was a blast!!

  27. I had two favorites this year- I ran my first Ragnar relay and it was awesome. I ended up running 19.1 miles which is the furthest I’ve ever run in a 48 hr period. I was so proud of myself!

    I also ran a 2K family fun run with my two oldest boys- 8 and 5- and I was thrilled that they both ran the distance and all three of us had GIANT smiles on our faces at the end.

  28. Warrior Dash is my favorite race. I like the challenge of the obsticals and the mud. Plus it makes for some awesome pictures.

  29. 5K’s are fun but I’m hoping to do my first half in April! My favorite so far was a 5K through a corn maze being chased by zombies!

  30. Ok I have 2. 1st one is called the Celtic Solstice here in Maryland. It has become my husband and mine yearly date race. It’s a five mile race in Dec. Cold, killer hills, and tons of fun folks all dressed up. Hubby even run’s in a skirt. Done by a local running store. Oh and very well known for the killer shirts they design each year. Worth the extra $$$$ Love! My 2nd one is called the metric marathon. So instead of 26.2 miles you run 16.3 Had a blast and plan to add this one on the list of must do each year.

  31. The distance I run most is a 5k, though I want to get back to sprint duathlons next year. My favorite recent race is a Chocolate Run that a group of running grrrls here in my small town organized, inspired by the Hot Chocolate series of races. We ran or walked a 5k, cheered each other in, then shared a bonanza of potluck chocolate (and wine) godness at one gal’s house. Good enough to happen more than once a year!

  32. I love the New Hampshire Reach the Beach Relay. I ran my first in ’03- skipped a few years and have been doing them for the past 4 years. I love the camaraderie and the spirit and of course the running in the middle of the night parts!

  33. My favorite race is Grandma’s Half Marathon in Duluth, MN. I’ve run many half-marathons in the past two years, but Grandma’s is my hometown race, and so far, the best organized one that I’ve been to.

  34. I counted it up and counting this coming Sunday’s race I have done 21 this year. It’s hard to say which was my favorite because they are all different. I thoroughly enjoyed doing The Color Run with my 12 year old daughter last month and close friends. Running my first Disney race this past February was fantastic. I was all smiles the entire time. As far as distance I would say Half Marathon’s are my favorite because you have to train for them but your not killing yourself. It is an amazing accomplishment every time you cross that start line much less the Finish!!

  35. Well, as I’m doing my first ever run (may be more of a run/walk) – a 5k – on Jan. 1, I’m going to have to say 5k….though I guess we’ll see if I actually like it or not as the time gets closer 😉

  36. My first half-marathon was fun, I’d like to do more in the future, but I think a 10k is my sweet spot. I love the way 6 miles feels. I can push my pace hard enough to get the fast feel of a 5k, but the distance isn’t so far that it drains me for days afterward.

  37. Definitely the half marathon . . . my favorite so far is NWM in SF . . . the positive energy of that event is completely amazing.

  38. My favorite race is the Philadelphia half marathon in November. It was the first race I ran after my second baby was born. And this past year, I ran the course with two really good friends and my hubby. In the two years, I have run it, I have yet to remain injury free during training. But with an easy course and incredible folks cheering you along the way, it is one I love to do over and over!

  39. I love half marathons! They are perfect because they are far enough to feel challenged but not so far that you have to recover for many days afterward.

  40. I try to run one or two half marathons a year. I like a big goal and love the sense of accomplishment. But, my favorite distance is 10k. Enough to keep me committed to training, but not too overwhelming. The Peachtree Road Race 10k in Atlanta on the 4th of July is a blast!

  41. My favourite race is also my first “real” race – a 10K Miles with the Giant in Thunder Bay Ontario. My hubby was there to see me at the finish line and I was so proud for just finishing it. Def doing it again next year – and what a location for start and finish line!

  42. I know I’m late on this one but my hubby killed the battery yesterday in the computer. My favorite race I’ve done is maybe not technically a race but I love the Resolution Run put on by the Running Room across Canada. I’ve done it in my hometown and in Alberta when visiting family. It’s a great way to start/ finish the year!

  43. ANY 20K or half marathon…I love racing that distance! it’s just long enough that I feel like I’ve just about given it everything but still short enough to recover from in a few days! 🙂

  44. Love the half marathon distance—training doesn’t consume my life, and the distance is challenging enough without leaving me sore for days afterward. Lots of interesting HMs to choose from, too!

  45. It is hard to choose one! I think I will say the half marathon I ran Memorial Day. I love the sense I did a good race, and had a good family day to follow!

  46. My favorite race distance is a half marathon because it makes me feel like I am really an athlete. I might not run fast, but I can run farther than the average person.

  47. I love a half marathon! I have walked one, run one, and am training for one right now – it feels like such an accomplishment!

  48. I’ll race any distance race up to a full marathon, but my favorite race ever has to def be the sunset 7.4 mile run at Sabino Canyon in Tucson, AZ!

  49. 1/2 marathons! I love our local Bluegrass 10K, though. Always run on the 4th of July, and a great community event!

  50. My favorite race is our local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. 100% of the money goes to a local nonprofit group that feeds homeless people. The race grows every year and seems to bring out all the good qualities that runners possess. It’s refreshing to see families running together and not about just running a PR.

  51. Marathon is definitely my favorite race. Any other distance and I’m pretty sure I can finish regardless of my training but with a marathon if I don’t put in the work I know it won’t be pretty and I love that challenge.

  52. My favorite distance is still a half marathon… not to time consuming to train, and still makes me push my limits. Favorite race is St. Jude Marathon weekend in Memphis. I have run the half, full, and then this year had a marathon relay team. Fantastic support, great course, and amazing cause!

  53. I really like a 1ok, or just ran a 15k. Just the right distance for me. I ran my first half in September, and will start training for my second soon, but 10k feel like it gives you a workout without taking all day to recover or spend all day running!!

  54. My favorite race is Alaska’s Lost Lake race , at just over 15 miles. Its weaving trails go through terrific scenery close to Seward ,Alaska . Its Breathtaking and running though the meadows high up beside the lake , one cannot but hoot with joy at where you are and how wonderful it is to be healthy and out running.

  55. I’d have to say the Hippie Chick in Hillsboro Oregon. This was my first 10k race (or quarter marathon as they describe it). I felt well prepared for it thanks to TLAM. And being a women’s race, I felt well supported in a positive atmosphere. I love it when a race doubles back on itself and the racers all cheer each other on.

  56. My favorite distance is still the 5K. Love doing the longer runs for the sense of accomplishment that comes afterwards, but during the actual running part, the 5Ks are still the most enjoyable for me 🙂

  57. I come out every year for Cincinnati’s Flying Pig marathon events. I am looking forward to the half marathon this year.

  58. Just did the Chosen For Adoption Half Marathon and now half marathons are my favorite! (until, perhaps, i run my forst full…the verdict is out on that for now)

  59. I love all races – it’s just fun! But my favorites are the races that involve my 5 kids and husband! Loved the Girls on the Run 5k I just recently did with my girls- the girl power was awesome! Looking forward to the JingleJog with all of them this weekend.

  60. So far, my favorite race has been the Uwharrie Mountain Run here in NC every February. Getting in is about as hard as finishing, though! You have to hatch your computer the day registration opens, as it usually fills in less than 5 minutes. I ran the 8-miler last year and wasn’t ready to be done at the finish. Solution? Sign up for the runs-more-like-a-marathon-or-ultra 20-miler this year, of course! OMG….what was I thinking?!?!?

  61. I love running half marathons. I really love the distance. I also like being a running buddy for Girls on the Run 5k. There is nothing like running with a 3rd – 6th grader as she finished her first 5k.

  62. 10K would have to be my favorite. Longer than a 5K, which sometimes doesn’t seem worth it, but not as long as a half, which I also enjoy, but running 13 or more miles can leave me wiped out for a day or more!

  63. The 5k. It’s where I started, and it’s now where I can see the most improvement! Plus I can get y non-running friends to usually come join me!

  64. My favorite race so far has been the Great Urban Race in Seattle, an adult scavenger hunt that does require alot of running, probably 5 miles total. The best part is working with my husband in trying to solve clues and doing silly activities. We both are very competitive but don’t take ourselves too seriously!

  65. My favorite distance is definitely the 1/2 marathon. But my favorite race that I’ve run so far is the Rocn N Roll full marathon in San Diego. I’m running the Tinkerbell 1/2 in January – I suspect that the runDisney races will quickly become my favorite!

  66. Head of the Charles! Oh, did you mean a RUNNING race?? Then I’d have to go with the Portland Shamrock Run – last year it was my first 15k!

  67. My favorite race/distance is the Half Marathon. I finally can run it without feeling like I’m going to die before the finish. A close second though is the run we do on Thanksgiving morning. For the past 3 yrs my husband and I have done the 10K, but this year I ran the 5K with my 6 yr old daughter – super special!

  68. Favorite race is my local Turkey Trot in Sanford, FL on the river. Everyone is in a festive mood and it’s a good mix of competitive folks and casual runners and walkers.

  69. I’ve only done 2 races so far. A 5 mile, Night Moves race (1st ever) and a 15K Hot Chocolate Run. I think the 5 mile was my favorite because it was so exciting to wear a bib for the first time. I sure did love seeing my kids and husband with cute signs between mile 5 and 6 during the 15K too, though…how to decide!

  70. Favorite race was with my sister – the turkey trot on Thanksgiving. She got me into running and though we have run together, never in a race until then.

  71. Definitely 10k’s! It’s the race where I’ve seen the most improvement in my time, that I can sign up for with relatively short notice and not worry too much, and it doesn’t eat up too much of your day like those harder half-marathons. My favorite 10k so far was through the Pumpkin Patch for a Halloween race. A trail run and my 10k PR! Can’t beat that!

  72. After starting with 5Ks and then working my way up the distance ladder to the full 26.2 miles, I’d have to say that my favorite race distance is now the half marathon. Long enough to be challenging but short enough that I’m not a waste for the rest of the day!

  73. I really like the Half Marathon distance. It is hard and very challenging, but still doable without a huge time commitment during training.

  74. I don’t know yet I haven’t done that many races but after running a marathon I think a 1/2 would be my favorite. Long enough to work for but still feels like fun

  75. The half for me. I like the training schedule and having a goal that doesn’t seem too daunting. Although, I haven’t trained for a marathon, start in January. 😉

  76. I really don’t have a favorite. I just love races and racing. I love the excited and the atmosphere. Everyone surrounding you that worked just as hard as the next person for that race.

  77. have only ever run a 5K, so I guess that’s my favorite. I do love to race myself on daily runs to see if I’m improving. Love it when Runmeter tells me I’m “ahead of best ___ seconds”

  78. My favorite race is the 5k or 10k for MS in Wilmington, DE. It’s close to home and on Thanksgiving so we get to see friends that we have not seen in awhile. And on the plus side, you burn calories before you stuff your face at dinner 🙂

  79. My favorite race that I have completed so far is the New River Trail 50k. It was a smaller scale race with beautiful views. Everything about this race was top notch from the runners participating to the race director and the volunteers to lend support along the way. The distance was challenging but the personal satisfaction felt when crossing the finish line was amazing!

  80. Halloween Hustle 10K this past October!!! I just started running for the first time in my life this summer so to complete a 10K was HUGE! I followed the Train Like a Mother 10k plan and finished strong, a minute per mile faster then normal AND the course was ALL hills and woods (unbeknownst to us runners ahead of time booo lol). Amazing is all I can say I felt so dang good : )

  81. I love a half-marathon. I can train to “own it” or run it at a comfy pace with ease (which took several years to get to).

  82. I’m a new runner so I’ve only done 5Ks so far, but my favorite of those might be this year’s Turkey Trot. I was really proud of myself for getting up to exercise on a holiday morning!

  83. Favorite race is half marathon distance. Long enough to feel accomplished, but the training still allows for the rest of my busy family life.

  84. I absolutely love the 500 festival mini marathon in Indianapolis, IN. It is the 1st weekend of May and awesome. I believe it is the largest half marathon and you get to run a lap on the Indianapolis 500 track. That is the longest 2.5 miles of your life! I will be running it for the 4th time this upcoming May!

  85. My favorite distance is a 5K just because I’m a new runner. My favorite race to run so far is the Ragnar Relay. 36 hours in a van to run 200 miles. Way fun!

  86. I’m still a newer runner (only raced 5K and 10k so far). So I guess 10K is my favorite so far. I just signed up for my first half so maybe that will become my new favorite…

  87. My fave race is the one I’m training for next…whatever that might be. I’ve only run a handful of races and they have all been fun (and painful!)

  88. My favorite will always be Nike Women’s Marathon, of which I have run the half twice. It’s my favorite because it was my very first half marathon. Secondly, because they hand out reusable grocery bags at the end in which to carry all the post-run snacks = priceless. Ok, then there is also the hawt firemen waiting for you at the end.

  89. I enjoy 5Ks, especially small-town 5Ks. No beer tent, bands, or afterparty, just the local high school hockey boosters or the Lions’ Club putting on a race.

  90. I love the hippie chick quarter marathon. The atmosphere there is always amazing, and the shorter distance is so relaxing after all my spring halfs!

  91. Chicago marathon. After years as a spectator (in awe of the runners) I finally trained and ran it this past October. Fantastic experience for a first-time marathoner. So incredibly empowering to cross the finish line! And crowd support was wonderful…

  92. My favorite is the first I ever ran, and the one I do every October – a 5K that raises money for breast cancer diagnostic equipment in my hometown. It’s an amazing, supportive atmosphere unlike any race I’ve ever been to. Plus it winds through the historic district, which is always a lovely view.

  93. My favorite race thus far is a 10k but I am getting to ready to run my first half in January. My favorite might change after that!

  94. Hands down… Nike women’s marathon. Running alongside inspiring women, getting chocolate, and being greeted at the finish line by a handsome firefighter in a tuxedo bearing a Tiffany’s gift is amazing! No more marathons for me for a while. A new baby has entered my life so will hope to find time, energy and motivation for the half.

  95. A race I haven’t even run (yet): the 2013 Grand Teton Relay. I have recruited a team of brfs, and this event will be, without question, a kick in the pants. Plus, I think of it every time I run. #motivating

  96. I was a 25 year smoker; I quit a year and a half ago and ran 3 half marathons this year. THEY are my favorite distance! I’m going to run at least one 26.2 in 2013 though so next year my response to the same question may be different 😀

  97. My favorite race is the Twilight 12K in Anchorage, lots of fun access to parts of town not normally easy to run, plus great entertainment and food afterward!

  98. I think half marathons are my favourite distance. But, I did a Santa 5K with my 13 year old son last year. Everyone was in Santa suits and we had so much fun!

  99. I heart half marathon distance! You have to train for it but you can still carry on with your life during the training. 🙂

  100. Run 4 Heavens Gate Half Marathon. Not an officially timed event but it was the last of 4 Half Marathons ran over a month time (the first three were timed events) done by a group of people to gather sponsors and raise money for Heavens Gate Orphanages in India. Everyone is so helpful positive and the race is a such a great way to end an amazing journey!

  101. My favorite so far is also my first, the rock n roll half in San Antonio, my family (husband, mom, and 2 boys 6 & 9 ) were there to cheer me on at mile 9. But my friend gave me the best advice, “just remember to enjoy yourself and absorb all your surroundings.” I did that so much all my pics are goofy smiles from the start line to the finish.

  102. So far, my favorite repeater is the Lifetime Turkey Day 5K in Phoenix. It’s such a fun, virtuous way to kick off the day, but doesn’t require tons of training or race-day nerves.

  103. My favorite race so far was my first half marathon this past October in Des Moines. I just started running two years ago and decided to go for a half marathon this year since I turned 40. It was such a great feeling to cross the finish line with my husband!

  104. Imogene Pass Run. 17 miles from Ouray to Telluride, CO up and over 13,100ft Imogene Pass. Amazing beautiful and hard. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

  105. Bloomsday, a 12K in Spokane, WA in May each year. It always amazes me how many people do this race each year! It is such a fun course and a wonderful atmosphere! I’m looking forward to running it for my 4th time this coming May.

  106. It is hard to pick one, but I would say Women Run the Cities 10 mile race. It is in Minneapolis in September and is a beautiful course with beautiful women!!!

  107. My favorite for now is the rock n roll half marathon in Va Beach, VA.
    I am currently training for a full marathon in march so I’m hoping 26.2 is misnew favorite distance:)

  108. My favorite run is doing portland’s shamrock run every year. A group of my bestie mother runners run every year and meet up at the finish for a cocktail nearby at the Irish pub! It is an odd distance (8k) but a nice change from 5 or 10k!

  109. This year it was the Ghost & Goblins 5k b/c it was my first run in a tutu! Seriously, tutu’s make everything better. So fun. 😉

  110. My first real race as a runner was the St Jude Marathon this past weekend in Memphis, TN. I was overwhelmed with the participation, and incredible excitement over helping the kids at St. Jude. Finishing my first marathon was a challenge, but nothing compared to the obstacles the kids have to overcome! It was humbling and intensely rewarding!

  111. Last April our small rural town started its 1st Annual Tank Day 5k. We started at our VFW Armory Tank sponsored by our Local Vets. My 9 year old son wanted to run it with me. This was our first race together. I had planned on running slow to stay with him. The race started he took off yelling for me to hurry, I had told him earlier not to burn himself out and pace himself. As he watched the runners speed away, I told him to just leave me, thinking I would catch up to him soon. As I ran this race I was a proud mom watching my son run his first 5k from behind.

    On my last mile I was picking up my pace thinking I could catch up to him…. No, even with my sprinting at the end of a 6:20 min mile pace, my son beat me by 36 seconds. I was so proud of him. And the funny thing was his bib was #4, mine was #5, he came in 4th and I came in 5th. Afterwards he told me “thanks mom for letting me win” and I told him that it was all him! I couldn’t keep his pace or catch up! He kicked my trash!

    I am looking forward to our next race together, hopefully I can keep up with him!

  112. 13.1. It’s the farthest race I’ve done. Accomplishing that gave me more confidence in myself than anything else ever has.

  113. Half marathons for sure!!! I can’t get enough of them…probably why my husband thinks I’m crazy. He just doesn’t understand:)

  114. Well I would say that half marathon is my favorite distance. And the Lincoln half marathon (both times I’ve ran it) has turned out to be the best halves of the 7 I’ve completed thus far. I’ve got 2 new ones on the horizon for next year though!

  115. My favorite race so far was the Susan G Komen 5k in Minneapolis. First it was Mother’s Day 2011, next it was just an amazing turnout of survivors, families and just moms. I don’t have anyone close to me with breast cancer (until last month) but it was still a very emotional, patriotic, beautiful Mother’s Day.

  116. I enjoy running with my best friend. I have 3 girls and she has two. I look forward to running us 7 ladies together someday! Running is my new love!

  117. My favorite race is the Monument 10k in Richmond, VA. It’s in my hometown, and I have trained with an awesome group of ladies each time I have run it (now 3 times).

  118. Favorite race is my most common race – a sprint triathlon. Short and sweet and to the point. You never get bored doing all three disciplines!

  119. My fave race is any one that i don’t run alone! Having my tribe of fellow BAMRs at my side has powered me through countless 5ks, 10ks,7 half marathons, my first full, and the current training for the Goofy Challenge.

  120. Each race I run is my favorite-I always enjoy the training, the experience, and knowing that part of my race fee is helping out a needy organization. I always see familiar faces or meet new people, and there’s always a great feeling of community among runners, RD’s, and volunteers.

  121. I just ran the Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in Vegas on Saturday. What an amazing experience! I loved the run and the atmosphere.

    PS- This Canadian is excited you opened up the giveaway to us too. Thank you!! 🙂

  122. My fav race is The Gregory E. Reeves Memorial Scholarship Run one town over from where I live. It’s a 4 miles walk or run with some pretty challenging hills but the most inspiring participants. One year the WPI ROTC students ran it in full military gear. This was my first year running the race and as I was struggling up the hills I saw a man near 70 in his wheelchair going forward and backward until he reached the crest, just amazing!My nephew was a scholarship recipeint from the run this year so despite my fear of the hills, (not the distance) I ran it. They also sercve the best veggie chili and sandwiches after. Such a wonderful small town event to celebrate the life of a wonderful young man/college student who was killed while running.

  123. My favorite race distance so far is the marathon. My favorite race event was the Coastal Trails half marathon in Forest Park, Oregon. I loved the small race feel and I just love trail running. It wa fun to hop over tree roots and rocks ;).

  124. My race out the door when I see I’ve got an hour and a half free to get in a solid run before my kid comes home from school 😉

    Distance-wise, 10K feels great, but I’m working towards my first half marathon.

  125. I’ve only done two 10Ks…the first wiped me out, but it was gorgeous scenery (even in terrible weather!)..the second was euphoric. I do love a local superhero 5k where I dress up like Mrs. Incredible. But I’m going to start my TLAM finish it half marathon plan soon. So the verdict is still out.

  126. The 10-miler is my favorite distance so far — enough of a stretch without a full-tumescent training regimen. I’ve enjoyed the Parkway Classic (VA) and the Army 10-miler (DC).

  127. No doubt about it….10k!! Far enough to require some dedicated running, but not so far that it dominates your life! I love running 6.2!!

  128. My town’s Defeat of Jesse James Days 15K was my favorite race this year. I really want to run the “Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run in International Falls, MN, someday!

  129. My favorite race is the Chosen Marathon (& Half) in New Braunfels, TX. It’s beautiful, and benefits families who are adopting. Win, win!

  130. St Jude Marathon/Half Marathon in Memphis. Pick your distance (there’s also a 5K) and all of them run through St Jude campus where you get the most heartfelt cheers from the most appreciative kids ever. Raising money for an amazing organization, while running, what could be beat. Plus it will always be my 1st “big” race.

  131. I just started running in April so I’ve only done two 5ks…the Twin Cities in October and the Duluth Turkey Trot this past thanksgiving. They were both my favorite. The Twin Cities 5k since it was my first. The Duluth Gobble Gallop because my four-year-old ran the kids 1/4 mile before my 5k. He was so excited to run, and he did it all by himself.

  132. Fools Five Road Race in Lewiston, Minn., the weekend after April Fools Day. A small town of about 700 people hosts more than a thousand runners and walkers to raise money to support local cancer research and support organizations. This event is not only a very well-run race, but an incredible reminder of how thankful we should be for the ability to run.

  133. I’m running my first half marathon next month in Walt Disney World, but so far, my favorite has been a 4-mile mud run!

  134. My fav race distance thus far is the half marathon. I have completed 2. It makes me feel, well, like a runner. I don’t run 5k’s or 10k’s fast, well I don’t run anything fast, but I can run long. I am signing up for my first full in 4 days and today I was almost in tears day dreaming about the wonderful feeling I will have crossing my first 26.2 finish line. Dorky to most, but I know you guys understand me 🙂

  135. The Fargo half marathon is my favorite. It’s where I did my first half. I was so nervous, but the fantastic crowds and the flat course got me through. I’ve been hooked on half marathons ever since. Hooray for Fargo!

  136. My favorite race would have to be the Mt.Olivet Sunrise Cemetery Run in Detroit. It’s in a lovely cemetery that has been around for over 100 years. I love that it’s very quiet and serene and just an unusual place for a race. I have placed in my age group both times I have run it. (Something usually unheard of for me. Approx. 10 minute miler here.) Plus the added bonus is the pancake breakfast after that’s included in your race fee!!

  137. The Fearless 5k was my favorite race this year. Run in memory of a local soldier who died in Afghanistan, it was easy to PR while following a group of Marines who carried a flag and sang the whole way. Inspiring!

  138. My favorite race is the half marathon. I am not fast, so sprints are frustrating. I just finished my very first marathon, and I might do one more, but those are almost too long….. 20 miles = perfect. 26.2? Extremely difficult!

  139. 10 miler for sure. Long enough that you have to train, short enough that you can really enjoy it. My favorite is the Broad Street run.

  140. I love 5k’s w/ my BRF’s, whether we’re running our “own race” or running it together. Hope to do longer races with them next year!

  141. Plaza 10K Kansas City’s Signature 10K !!! Amazing 10K on the Beautiful Country Club Plaza. My First 10K 1:03 was my time !! then 2 weeks later My First Half Marathon.

  142. My favorite race is a local 50k that is just outside of Annapolis where I live. This yr was the 3rd yr. The race directors are super nice. It is held in Novemeber and the weather has been perfectly beautiful. And I get to run it with my best friend. It is my year end wrap up race!

  143. I’ve ran a few half-marathons now and I really like that distance. I don’t have any desire to run a full, but I will definitely continue running halfs.

  144. my city is home to the largest 25k in the country, the 5/3 Riverbank Run. It’s my favorite run purely because it is what inspired me to run. I was so envious of all the other people taking part in this tradition in our town. The excitement is enough to pull anyone in. It starts downtown, and between the 5k, 10k and 25k there are about 35000 participants all together, excited and eager to be part of something big. The weather is usually rainy and cold, but the excitement makes up for that!

  145. My favorite distance is the half marathon. It takes me a few miles to warm up and 13.1 miles only seems half crazy to me. My first and favorite half marathon is TinkerBell at Disneyland. Nothing beats running through Disneyland and California Adventure and enjoying the well organized,well supported,Disney magic.

  146. My favorite race is the one where I get to finish no matter what the weather, time or how I feel at the end. I am so proud and lucky to be able to run! And Boston by far!

  147. I love running about 6 miles when I “just go our for a run” ,but my favorite race so far was the women’s half in Nashville. It was my first half and I loved it! <3

  148. I’ve done two 1/2 in the past 6 months and found them both very satisfying. It’s a distance I can’t believe I can run continuously, but doesn’t kill my family time for training.

  149. My fav is the half marathon, but really, ANY race that I finish…I love! Had my first experience running a race w/ 3 of my 4 kids…loved it…a true treat!

  150. My favorite run is the Old Tucson 4 mile run, my kids love dressing up like cowboys and cheering me on! Also its the first race ever I placed in the top 3 in my age group so that helps 🙂

  151. My favorite distance is really the 10 miler, but my favorite event ever is really the Rails to Trails half in WI. I just love the small town community feel, the varied terrain and the the crazy, drippy, stone railroad tunnel on the course. 🙂

  152. I had a great time at the Color Me Rad 5k but I have to say I loved the whole vibe of the Zooma Cape Cod 10k. Maybe next year I will be able to do the half!

  153. The Minnetonka Half. Pretty course and an excuse to travel from Michigan to visit and run with my college roommate.

  154. 13.1! Enough of a distance to feel accomplished, but enough energy left to spend the afternoon on the beach with my kiddos!

  155. Bluff Point Twilight Trail Run in Groton, CT…It is not only a wonderful 3.6 mile OR 7.4 mile family friendly event it also benefited the Women’s Center of SE Connecticut in 2011 and New London Women’s Shelter in 2012. The 3.6 mile loop is where I taught myself to run many years ago. It’s hard to believe I ran my first marathon this year…but I will never forget where I started!

  156. My favorite distance is a 10k, not too long, but not too short! 1/2 marathons are fun too when I have more time to train!

  157. My favorite was my second half marathon. I did it by myself which I didnt think i could do and without walking, also something i didnt think i could do. Then at the end got to hang with great running friends.

  158. My favorite so far has been the 5K. However I have only done 1 10 K . While I was running the 10K my daughter had a severe asthma attack running the 5K so I was escorted via Gator to the waiting ambulance. I wouuld like to try another 10 K under better circumstnnces.

  159. My favorite race: Running the Marine Corp Marathon in 2011. At the age of 42 it was my first(and maybe only) marathon. The training was intense. The race was incredible. My mom flew up from Florida to see her baby girl run a marathon. The memories from that day will stay with me forever!

  160. Definitely the Covered Bridges Half Marathon…perfect distance, beautiful course, nice field size, awesome volunteers…always an awesome experience.

  161. i am torn because I had such an amazing experience at the Grand Rapids Marathon, but i still think my favorite race is my hometown race – Sunburst in South Bend, IN. There is no better finish line than the 50 yard line at Notre Dame Stadium.

  162. My favorite is 1/2 marathons. Just long enough to challenge, but not too far to be a killer. And I just got my hubby to sign up for one with me. 🙂

  163. My favorite race is any women’s race- triathlons, half-marathons, full-marathons, and of all the ones I’ve done you cannot beat the feeling of crossing the line at NWM in SF and getting that little blue box as I’m sure anyone who’s ever done it will attest.

  164. My favorite race so far has been the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam 5k and Half-Marathon. It was a destination race for me, my mom, and my sisters…so fun and great scenery!!

  165. I ran a 5 mile race in October. When I first heard about the race I could only run 3 miles and the race was in 2 weeks. The proceeds of the race went to Duke Cancer Center and a cousin, who had been treated at Duke, had just died from cancer the week before. I decided to run in his honor. I set up a website and raised $600. There was no room for failure and I was proud to run with his name pinned across me. Best race ever! I got to tell the story of his amazing courage and life as I raised money for a great cause. I did the only thing in my power to do…run.

  166. My favorite race distance is a half marathon. My favorite race is any race one of my kids decides they want to run with me!

  167. My favorite run is my town half marathon, so many people cheer you on you feel like a Rock star! I also Love our Charity 3K I do every year with a team, if you beat the challenge team you earn more $ for your Charity!

  168. I loved running in the Indy 500 mini marathon. It was a great experience! Not sure about doing it again next year though,as I turn 55 on December 23rd.But maybe if I win some head to toe gear I could be persuaded to go for it once again.Lol!

  169. The half marathon is my new favourite distance…in particularly the WAWA ONTARIO Black Fly half marathon. Training wise it is very do-able and I can walk the next day:)

  170. I think I’d have to say my favorite is the 70.3 distance tri. Not that I’ve done it…yet. Instead achieving that distance is driving my motivation to train and push hard these days!

  171. I like uncommon races, 15K, 8K, fun and different. However, I can’t get past the accomplishment of finishing the big 26.2. 🙂

  172. I think my favorite race will always be my 1st half that I did the week of my 40th birthday. Now I’m looking forward to being older, wiser, & faster at it every year! 🙂

  173. I’d have to say half marathons, especially those geared toward women such as Girlfriends half in Vancouver & See Jane Run in Seattle.

  174. 5ks are fabulous now that my tribe, DDs ages 8,9 and 10 all run them as well. They run by themselves and after I finish racing I circle back ad run them in!n

  175. I love half marathons. It’s challenging, but not as challenging as a full. If you skip a training day, then you’ll survive the half, unlike the full. My favorite would be the Diva Half Marathon in North Myrtle Beach. I ran with my sister and sister-in-law and it was just soooo much fun. Lots of women in pinks and so much girl power all around. We just had a blast along the way, every step of that half…no pressure.

  176. The Chicago Marathon was probably the one I have the longest high from. It was the strongest race Ive run. But I also really enjoyed the Hot Chocolate 15k where I ran as a Race Guard and got to help people finish the race.

  177. My Favorite race is probably the Seattle RNR Half. I love all the blogger/mother runner ladies that run that every year, and it is such a fun course. I have yet to have a good race there, so hopefully this year will be the year for redemption!

  178. I have competed in (3) 5k’s, (1) 10k, and (1) half. My favorite by far is definitely the half. The strength and determination required to finish is such a HUGE accomplishment (no matter how fast..or run).

  179. My all time favorite race is the Bolder Boulder. The people watching while running is awesome. People dress in all kinds of crazy costumes, and the neighborhoods surrounding the race totally get involved. From a beer bong, to the marshmallow mile, and the slip and slide….there is never a dull moment on the course. And finishing inside of Folsom Field is pretty awesome as well.

  180. My favorite was The Girls On the Run 5k I ran in June with the team I had coach, which my daughter was a part of. Those young girls put so much into those practices and the race. Nothing like completing your first 5k with your 10 year old daughter by your side!

  181. My favorite race is the 10k. It’s enough to challenge me and yet feel doable. I also love running through Boston and we found one last May that was perfect that will definitely be a yearly tradition.

  182. 5k and 10k…this year I ran in our local Girls on the Run 5k. It was awesome to see so many young girls out running!!

  183. The Stockadeathon. A 15k that goes through the city I live and work in. Great route, fun kids race after and awesome post run food!

  184. I have the most fun running 5k’s with my BRF — we get to chat all along the way, have a Sunday funday morning, and usually finish up with Bloody Mary’s somewhere!

  185. I ran my first half this year and that is my new favorite! I have four scheduled for 2013, including The Lake Effect Half in Syracuse, NY on 2/24/13! The distance is a challenge, but it’s do-able. Thank you for the chance to win!

  186. I love the half marathon race, specifically the 26.2 w/Donna in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The training for a half is long enough to be physically and mentally challenging but not so long that it breaks you down completely or takes you totally away from your family. When I finish a half marathon I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

  187. My favorite race is the Women Rock. It is women and champagne. What could be better? Last year I ran the 10k. I am already signed up for the 1/2 in 2013!

  188. I love the half marathon distance. I have run 5K, 10K, and marathons. My favorite race was the New Year’s Double where we ran on December 31 and January 1. My entire family ran both days!

  189. I am relatively new at this and so far have not met a race I did not like. That being said so far I have had the most fun at half marathon we ran with family this year. So much fun with loved ones!

  190. My favorite distance is the half. It’s a challenging distance without being all consuming. My favorite race is anything I run with my BRB. We ran the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day and it was awesome. I loved the company and the beautiful course.

  191. My favorite distance is the half. It’s challenging but not all consuming. My favorite race is anything I run with my BRR. The Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half was a beautiful course and the comapny could not be beat.

  192. My favorite, even though it was the toughest, was my first half marathon. I convinced my sister to do it with me and we started together, stayed together, and finished together. It wasn’t about the time…just accomplishing it together. We are not runners but we did it. That was last year exactly one year and one day after I had my 3rd and last child.

  193. My favorite race is my town’s Turkey Trot 5k for sentimental reasons, it was the first race I ever ran. I’m hoping to do a half next year!

  194. I love our local St Patrick’s Day race here. It is called Run to the Pub, and you can do a 10k or Half Marathon on a nice downhill course. There is always a huge turnout, and the start is a huge sea of green. It ends with a big street party and free beer. Nothing like a Guinness before noon!

  195. Half marathon for sure! Still need to train but not as demanding or time consuming as a marathon. I think I may be addicted to that distance. Can’t wait for my next one!

  196. My favorite race is the race against time in the morning during the week. I get up at 5am, grab a cup of coffee, check out my email and the morning local news, then get running by 5:30. I usually run about 6 miles and get done by 6:30 in order to get showered then take one kid to the bus stop. Then back home, finish getting dressed, get a bite to eat then gather the other two kids and get them to the bus stop by 7:15, then off to work for me. It is a true race with constant checking of the watch to make sure that I stay on pace.

  197. I’ve only been running since July so at this point I’m still rockin’ the 5K’s. I have a 10K scheduled soon though! I just love running period!

  198. This November I was able to run a 10k again, first time in over 10 years, it felt great and I feel inspired to try a half marathon next year!

  199. My favorite race is actual a series – Winter Series with our local running club. Each week Dec – Feb there is a race with a theme and a distance in a local state park that is HILLY and you get points throughout. Every race finished is an accomplishment – at some point during each race I start chanting in my head “you are almost to the hot chocolate. . . “

  200. My favorite race is the Richmond, VA Half Marathon. It was my first half. It’s local. And the weather is perfect!

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  201. Just started 10K’s this year and they are my new fave. Did the Medtronic Twin Cities 10K and hit a PR. Great weekend of fun!

  202. I’m currently training for my 2nd marathon but I think the half marathon is my favorite. I really loved the RunGirl half marathon in Houston (Humble), Texas.

  203. The half marathon. It’s just long enough to give me a tour of my chosen city, but not long enough to require massive weekend training with the double-bob stroller. And if I’m lucky, the half gets me back just in time for an awesome brunch. 🙂

  204. My favorite race so far is the Suting for Fitness 5K run that I completed asa “spur of the moment” entrant, just 9 months after a Grade 3 Hamstring tear. I may have finished dead last, but I had a happy smile on my face just to be able to run again. XC races have always been my favorite ;o)

  205. My favorite race is probably the half marathon. Only a short time ago I would have never have thought I could. It was one of my proudest moments.

  206. I have come to love the 8K! That distance is a bit more challenging than a 5K but not quite as grueling as the longer races. Several of my age group places have happened in 8ks, since I guess they are usually smaller races as well. We have a fabulous Midnight 8K in Pigeon Forge, TN every August, and it is as close as I’ll probably ever come to running in Vegas.

  207. My favorite race is the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon. there is something so awesome to be surrounded by 8,000 women running , walking, jogging, trotting, and some times frolicking together.

  208. So far my favorite races has been the Martian Invasion of Races (5k, 10k, 1/2 and full) in my hometown of Dearborn, MI. I ran the 10k last year, hoping for the 1/2 this year!!

  209. Ive only ever run two 5k’s and they were both awesome because I got to run them with my daughter. I started running when she asked me to be her girls on the run running buddy.

  210. I have not done many races yet, but I had so much fun at the Turkey Trot 5K I did this year. I entered with my running partner and I PR’d and won my age group! It got me very excited for more races.

  211. my favorite race is the chicago police memorial 5k every april in chicago. its a great run along the lakefront and honors those who have given their life for the safety of others. its meaningful to me because my husband is on the job and the CPD is there for one another, thru thick and thin.

  212. The “Beat Coach Pete” race with my husband and daughter. It’s a 5k, and if you beat Coach Peterson (Boise State football coach), he donates money to the scholarship fund. You run along the river and end on the blue turf. My 7YO was thrilled to beat him last year!

  213. I LOVED my first 13.1, but I find having a 5k a month helps keep me on track with training and working on speed. I also LOVED my first sprint tri.

  214. My favorite that I have done is the kzoo half marathon…becasue it is my hometown race. I plan on doing the full in 2014.
    I dream of doing the hippie Chick half!!! Now to get airfare etc and hubby to agree

  215. My favourite race was my first 30km Around the Bay Race – within 1 year of starting running, it was an incredible feeling to realize that I had completed it!

    Thrilled that Canadian Mother Runners can participate in these great giveaways!!

  216. A couple months ago my mom and I ran a 5k Mudd Run together and I think it will always now be my favorite running memory. Nothing like crawling under barbed wire in the mud, all the training runs, and blisters to show the commitment and love that can bond two stubborn mother runners.

  217. I love half-marathons BUT just ran the Troy Turkey Trot 10k (my first 10k) and thought that was an AWESOME distance. OH and have to give a shout out to the BOILERMAKER (Utica, NY in July)!! Loudest, most energetic, fun, exciting, 15k race ever!!

  218. As a beginner runner, my only official races have been 5K’s. But I love them – the excitement of a race, but over in a half hour, so you can do other things in your day! 🙂

  219. My first race when I started running almost 2 years ago was the Cowtown 5K in Fort Worth and now I am training for the Cowtown half marathon in February. My favorite for now and we’ll see if a take the leap to 26.2 in 2014!

  220. I went to 5ks and trained for my first half marathon..Just completed on Sunday-The Reindeer Run through Ft Clinch on Amelia Island. I would have to say doing the half marathon is my favorite to date. The bonding with my running peer and sharing my experience while training with my family is truly unforgettable!!

  221. I like 5 milers, 10Ks & 10 milers. My favorite races are the McGuire Mud Run (10K), the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, and the Broad Street Run (10 miler).

  222. I LOVE half marathons! They are the perfect distance, totally feasible but doesn’t take up all your spare time for training! The most unique race I have done to date was a 10k in Ireland through a golf course!

  223. My most favorite recent run was the Tough Mudder…11.5 miles with dear friends and lots of mud, sweat laughs and memories!

  224. My favorite racing distance is the half marathon and my favorite one to date is the Run Crazy Horse 13.1 in the Black Hills of SD. Simply gorgeous!!

  225. My favorite race is the Ogden Marathon! Beautiful, fast course, perfectly organized, and fun as hell! Can’t wait to do it again in 2013!!

  226. I have only run one half and that was the Princess last Feb. I loved it so much that I am running it again this year. I am kind of new to running, but I love it!

  227. My favorite race (and only, so far!) is the Great American Mud Run. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun in my life! I felt amazing for days afterwards just thinking about it. 🙂

  228. I love, Love, LOVE marathons. I love the training and I love the challenge. I also loved the Marine Corps Marathon. It was a wonderful experience start to finish. From the time I stepped off the plane in DC to the time I got off the plane again back home it was positive and the local support was amazing.

  229. My favorite race is called Not Since Moses. You run on the ocean floor during low tide in Five Islands Nova Scotia Canada. It is awesome.

  230. 10K…just like for Goldilocks, it’s “just right” 🙂 But I dig half marathons too, 10Ks are easier to train for when life gets busy.

  231. My favorite race is the Grandma’s (gary bjorklund) half marathon in duluth, MN in June. The route is great, so many people and duluth is just a beautiful place all around. Half marathons are such a challenge to find that perfect pace but such a sense of accomplishment when you are done.

  232. I think my favorite race is the Crescent City Classic, held the Saturday before Easter in New Orleans. Start in the Quarter by Jackson Square, finish 10k later in City Park. From the strollers to the serious runners to the group passing out Jell-O shots while wearing 80s Lycra workout gear, it doesn’t get much more Big Easy than that.

  233. My favorite race is any race I run. 🙂 I’ve never done 26.2 (although I hope to remedy that next fall). If I had to choose, I’d pick the half marathon. I’ve done 3 of them, the Indy Mini (2x) and the Ludington, MI half. Indy mini is a GREAT race unless you want a PR –it’s WICKED crowded.

  234. Hands down, my favorite annual tradition is the Seattle Jingle Bell Run. It’s a mere 5K, but it is such a fun, festive event and renews my love of running in the middle of winter like no other thing on this planet.

  235. My favorite race would have to be a 5k. It was my first race and it was something the kids could easily sit through and cheer on mommy!

  236. My favorite kind of race has always been 10Ks, with an all-time favorite being Bridge-to-Brews 10K in Portland. Just enough time to feel fantastic the whole way and push myself to a strong sprint in the end.

  237. My favorite race is actually a triathlon! Specifically, the WIN for KC Triathlon. It’s a women-only triathlon, and it is absolutely amazing how supportive women are in that setting. I loved the run portion, especially, because it was an out and back and everyone said encouraging words to each other along the way. Crossing that finish line surrounded by other incredible women is my favorite race moment!!

  238. Right now my favorite race is the 10k distance. The last 10k I ran was my first and I had a great time! I am scheduled to run my first half in May. Can’t wait!

  239. I really enjoyed Tacoma’s Sound to Narrows (12k) that I ran for the first time last spring (even though I had lived there for many years). I’m planning to run it every year I can.

  240. My favorite run is my dream half marathon! I’ve just started running and have just had 1 5K timed race. My ulltimate race is the Disney half marathon. I’ll be there 2014! By Hook or by crook!

  241. Sacramento, CA’s Urban Cow Half Marathon is lots of fun and the finishing medal is a cow bell! My kids love wearing the bells. Plus, I always know where they are when my legs are sore and I don’t want to get off the couch the next day!

  242. i really liked everything about running the Portland Marathon (my first!) this year. as for distance, i think the half marathon is my favorite.

  243. Most often, I do 5ks (if I race at all) but I really enjoyed the one 10K race (have done the length plenty of times) I’ve done. It’s long enough that you don’t have to go full-out the whole time and short enough that I don’t feel the need to have lots of fuel on me.

  244. I think half-marathons are the perfect distance! Oddly enough, I’ve ran more fulls than halfs, but I <3 halfs! And I super-<3 the half at Heartbreak Ridge (Camp Pendleton).

  245. My favorite race is the non-race. It’s starting running when I wanna start, not when someone else gives the signal. It’s running the distance I feel like running, not some predetermined distance set by running society. It’s running with no where else to go afterwards, so I can run until it just doesn’t feel great any more. It’s running MY own pace, without being worried about catching up with that person 20 yards in front of me.

  246. Since I’ve only ever done a 5K… I’d have to say that’s my favorite. I entertain thoughts of maybe doing a longer distance, but we’ll see…

  247. I love any and all 10Ks. I feel I can do this race “on a whim” and not suffer, but feel like it was a big deal!

  248. I ran the Staten Island half marathon a few years ago. It was my longest race to date. And I can’t even describe how miraculous the bagels they handed out afterwards tasted.

  249. My favorite races are my town 1/2 marathon, we have so many people cheering I feel like a rock star and a Charity group run 3K that I do every year, if our team beats the challenging team we earn more money for our Charity. Running, teamwork and money for Charity = great race!

  250. Freedom’s Run in Shepherdstown, WV, any distance. Small town, beautiful but challenging course, wonderful volunteers, encouraging fans. Distances from 1 mile to 26.2 so there’s something for everyone.

  251. I am recovering from two back to back injuries. I have been given clearance to run every other day for only 30 minutes (VERY slow). It’s been a bit depressing….some new items sure would bring up this girls spirits!

  252. The Big Sur Half Marathon – stunning course with great entertainment, excellent organization, and nice perks including long sleeve tech shirt and warm soup and beer at the finish line.

  253. Running my first half marathon on Sunday but have run 5Ks, 10Ks, mud runs, etc. I usually enjoy the ones that allow me to run with my kids to make it a family event.

  254. While I love running the Pittsburgh 1/2 in May, my favorite yet was the Decker’s Creek trail 1/2 along a beautiful, scenic, shaded trail in West Virginia. 🙂

  255. I loved the Nike Virtual Half Marathon only because I was able to run at my pace and wherever I wanted, all for a good cause.

  256. Come on, Baby!! Mamma needs a new pair of shoes! (and bra and skirt won’t hurt!!!)
    Thanks for this opportunity!!

    Pick me! Pick me! Please!!??!!

  257. My favorite race so far was my first which I just did a couple weeks ago, it was a 5k Turkey Trot, looking forward to a 1/2 marathon in Feb.

  258. My favorite distance is 5K…I have quite a few of them under my belt! My favorite race this year was the Dirty 30 Zombie Edition! It was my first mud/challenge run & I had a great time & got REALLY muddy! =)

  259. I ran a 5k a couple of years ago that let you run with your dog and had wine samples at the end with a nice wine glass favor to take home! Otherwise, I’d love to do more 1/2 marathons, great training and just long enough.

  260. My favorite distance is definitely the half. It is challenging enough but does not require those extra long runs that training for the full does.

  261. I haven’t done that many races yet, but my favorite was the 10K portion of the Traverse City Bayshore Marathon/Half Marathon/10k race along the grand traverse bay. It’s so beautiful, flat, and well organized.

  262. My favorite distance of a race is 13.1. My favorite race so far is the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon. I love the atmosphere, the support and running in a beautiful city over the many bridges.

  263. My favorite race is the Half Marathon! It’s long enough for me to feel like a rockstar but not so long that my training takes over my life.

  264. My favorite race is the DRC Half marathon. I’ve ran this one twice, and earned my 13.1 PR on this course, so it’s special to me!

  265. My favorite race right now is the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon in Thatcher Park near Albany, NY. It is a beautiful setting for a challenging and fun trail race. I smiled through the entire race and afterwards there was great food!!

  266. I love the half marathon distance. It is long enough to make me feel like I got a great workout, but short enough that if my training has been subpar, I can still complete it without injuring myself.

  267. My bucket list is to do all the Rock n Roll half marathons! To date: 2! LOL! My fave run was The Nashville country Half, I was 4 months pregnant and felt my little one kick (though it may be gas) at mile 5!!!

  268. I love 5Ks…especially if they are for a good cause. I ran in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in September. It was super special since I was running in celebration of my cousin, a breast cancer survivor!

  269. I loved the Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon in Dundee, Oregon. I heard it was grueling which sounded like a challenge. I used this race as my goal race for all the other ones I did leading up to it. It did not disappoint. It was hilly with hardly any paved roads. Sometimes there was a trail, other times the grass was mowed down the day prior. It’s been the only race I stopped and took pictures (there was no way I was running for time). Absolutely gorgeous running through Oregon’s finest vineyards. I felt so awesome afterwards knowing that I finished an extremely difficult course…and did I mention the 21 vineyards that showed up for the wine tasting afterwards?!

  270. My favorite race is our local spring race Bloomsday. It takes place each May and is just under 7 1/2 miles and usually has over 50,000 people. SO fun!

  271. LOVE Half Marathons! I have ran two and would run one a month if money and time were both free flowing! Though I have started focusing on making my 5k time faster, which is fun too. Love 5k’s for a purpose!

  272. I love half marathons! It seems to be my milestone race, each one I’ve run has had special significance. My 1st was, well my 1st! And also the key to keeping me sane and happy while my husband was deployed. The 2nd half I ran was the first race my husband and I ran together, and was a celebration of him coming home from Afghanistan. My 3rd half I ran after having our first baby. It was a way to give me some me time, and I set my PR! My goal for my next half, sub 2:00!

  273. I actually like races on Mother’s Day. There’s nothing better than it being YOUR day AND your family cheers you on!

  274. Loved the RunGirl 13.1 last year- all girls half marathon. I’m not sure how they get away with that- but I don’t reallly care- it rocks!

  275. I have not run for very long but my favorite race has to be the Tuna 200 relay race I did this fall with 11 other fabulous ladies! We ran 200 miles from Raleigh, NC to the NC coast. I had never done anything like this and was definitely the most inexperienced runner in the group. I had some serious bouts of self-doubt as the race approached, but my teammates were so encouraging. I finished my 3 legs and felt great!

  276. My favorite race is a local one – the Saguaro National Park Labor Day 8 mi run. There is a 1 mile hill in this race that kills everyone but I love that thing! And I love getting up and watching the sun rise on the desert as I run through a National Park. I already con’t wait for next year!

  277. My favorite race (although I have only run it twice) is the Emerald Across the Bay 12K. It starts in Sausalito and ends near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. My 14 year old daugher ran it with me last year (well actually she ran waaaaaaaay ahead of me) and wants to do it again this year. And her brother wants to as well! Great fun for all three of us.

  278. I live on an island in the middle of the ocean so I’ve never partaken in any official races but I really love the half marathon unofficial races I make up for myself 🙂

  279. My company participates in the kansas city corporate challenge. I have participated in the du-athalon (or related tri-althalon) since I started working here with the exception of two maternity leaves. It has two 2.4 mile runs bookcasing a 13.5 mile bike ride. It is hard enough that you have to train, but not as time consuming as half marathon training. In the 7 times I have competed, my times have fluctuated between 1:32 (silver AG medal…yeah) and 2:45 (ok, so maybe I was a bit out of shape that year). I really like the consistency of comparing my year to year results, and it kind of makes me feel like a bamr to say that I did the Du!

  280. Wow! Love the love you’re showing us this week. My favorite race is our local Run for Women which raises money for breast cancer. It’s such a good cause and the ladies really get into it.

  281. My favorite race so far was my first 5K – it was a Shamrock Shuffle and the first time I’d every felt athletic and powerful. It made me want to race more and farther.

  282. The Happy Girls Races in Bend Oregon have been my go-to these last 2 years (5k in 2011, 13.1 + 13.1 trail in 2012). The atmosphere is great, the shwag bags are amazing, and their silver finishers necklaces are all the bling bling this Mama needs! Next year I might branch out a bit but I’m looking for another women-specific race in Oregon, complete with shwag bags + silver finishers bling?! I hear the Eugene Women’s Half is a good one?!

  283. I’m new to the racing scene this year, so 13.1 is my distance. The one race I really really want to run in the next 2-3 years is one of the Disney Races so I can finally get my kids to visit Disney World or Land! Looks so fun.

  284. The marathon is my true love but my favorite race is the McGuire’s Halloween 5/10 in Destin, Fl. They have the best post race party, costume contest, and live music. So much fun!

  285. My favorite is the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon…I PR’d by 6 minutes and felt great the entire race! It was the first half where I didn’t crash at mile 11 and the first half my family came to cheer me on…pure love!

  286. My favorite race of all is the Holiday Half Marathon every year in December in Portland, OR. I love the Holiday and Festivus vibe! I love the costumes! I love the fact that I get to wear one and am considered cool for doing so (and people want their picture with me!) I love having egg nog to drink, although I never do because by the end of the race egg nog does not sound good at all (ever). I love the Carolers along the course and medals are always my new favorites! And finally, I love that I have so many friends who run it too and I get tons of hugs, loven, and ‘Hey Maryalicia’ all through out the 13.1 miles! This is a must race for me every year! (I’d post a picture of my Mrs Claus Costume if I could!)

  287. So far on this running journey, my favorite distance is the marathon. It’s impossible for me to not get choked up upon crossing the finish line. I’m addicted to the sense of accomplishment and completion of a goal. I haven’t done any fulls since having my babies (nearly three-year-old and an 18 month-old) and I’ve registered to do the Eugene full and Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle full in 2013. I know I’ll feel even more emotional after finishing these now that I’ve got my own personal cheering section/motivational coaches.

  288. I would say half marathons…specifically the Gulf Beach Half in Milford CT. It was my first half and when I ran it again I PRed by more than 20 minutes. :). It’s a beautiful course with much of it Ali g the water. Just great!

  289. My favorite race is actually a local one here in Richmond, VA: the Monument Ave 10K. Such a fun race each year that it has become my annual tradition!

  290. I like running 10k the best, but I always seem to choose the half if I have the option… so maybe they are secretly my favorite! My favorite race to run is the Tacoma Narrows Half. Small, but not too small. Hills, but not too many hills. Running across the Narrows Bridge. Friendly, happy runners. Can’t beat it!

  291. My favorite race is the Big Lake Half – Marathon, which one of the few races right near my house. The route takes us around gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee and finishes at a bandstand. I love it because it has great food at the end, ice cream!

  292. My favorite distance is the half. My favorite race was the Tacoma City Half this past May. I was training with a local running store and PR’ed by 7 minutes!

  293. I absolutely love the Twin Cities 10 Mile hosted by Medtronic. It is also called the run to the Capitol. It is one of the most beautiful 10 Miles – river run, Summit Avenue and a long gorgeous hill down to the Capitol building. It is a great ending to the summer here in Minnesota.

  294. 10ks because they can be tough, but still low enough in miles that I can convince my not-really-runner friends to join me!

  295. I just did the Bear Chase Half Marathon in Denver this fall. I’d have to say, that one was a favorite. It wasn’t my fastest but it was super fun to run trails, have a great race staff and run with with a friend!

  296. My favorite race that I have ever run was the Jingle Bell run. There was probably three inches of snow and it was to benefit the Humane Society (I love dogs and they were able to join in the race too). I got to dress up and that’s the race that I met my amazing running partner. That running partner helped me train through the winter months for my first marathon.

  297. My favorite distance is the half Marathon… that is why I have run 13 in the past 9 yrs in between having 3 children.

  298. My favorite race is the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon. The course was wonderfully designed. It was one of the first truly fall-like days here in Nashville. Spectators were sparse, but that made it super easy to find mine! I used great control in the front half of the race and felt strong enough at the end to negative split and PR!

  299. When I think about races, I can’t help but think about my time in the Marine Corps where I first learned to run. I hated running, I was an athlete but never ran. I learned to run. I learned to love running. I learned to run in formation. I learned to run to clear my head. I learned to run to see how far I could push myself. I learned to run to keep up with the guys.

    The first race I ran was a 10k.

    I was in Texas. I was a Marine. I ran in formation with a group of guys. It felt great to be out supporting a cause and raising support for my Marine Corps.

    I ran faster then (18 years ago) then I can imagine running now. But, when I run I often go back to the feeling I had when running that first race strong, confident, proud.

    I am looking forward to running a few races in the new year. I want to find the perfect distance/effort for me now in this moment in my life. I have several mud runs picked out and I want to try on a few 5 and 10k’s with the goal of running a half this year.

  300. I loved running the Turkey Trot this year with my family. But I will be doing my first half in a few months… Maybe I’ll love that!

  301. My favorite race so far has been the Disney Princess 1/2. It was my first race after having children and it was so much fun.

  302. Apparently, my favorite race is a 5K, because I’ve run those the most. But I ran my first half marathon and a 14k this year. We’ll see what next year brings. Maybe another half? Thats a big maybe.

  303. My favorite run is the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in Washington, DC…Gorgeous blossoms and monuments, not to mention fairly flat :-)!

  304. Half Marathons are great! They are a big deal to train for (well, for me at least) but it’s not as overwhelming or as much of a time suck as training for a full marathon. I’ve run in only 1 so far, but hope to do them throughout my life. In that race, I ran with my BRF and we laughed through so much of it. It was kind of a small race and we were towards the back of the pack so when it got quiet, we would hoot and holler for ourselves.

  305. I loved my full Marathon (rock and roll San diego) because of the accomplishment, but the Disneyland 1/2 was my favorite race!

  306. Can I say marathon even though I have only run one and presently I can barely run 2mi? Working through some aches and pains, but I know I have another (several?) more fulls in my future!

  307. Mine is the sprint triathlon that is down the street from my house! This past year I helped 7 newbie triathletes/new mommies train for it, and we had a blast. I love this race!

  308. The half marathon is my favorite distance (long enough to feel like a big deal to train for and fun to run) but my favorite race that I’ve actually run is Indy’s Monumental Marathon! What a great race and course that was! And then my cheesy answer is that every run is my favorite race with myself because I’m finding new joy in running without paying for races.

  309. My favorite race to date has been the Color Run in the St. Paul this past July. Though a short race, and not timed, I was with my 3 best girlfriends, and we were colored from head to toe! We had an amazing day and some awesome pictures!

  310. My favorite run ever was Hood to Coast in 2007 at 2am. I had an amazing experience where the run what effortless. My favorite family tradition is the turkey trot!

  311. My favorite race was my first marathon this past June. My goal was to finish it, and that I did. Feeling like I can do anything has carried over to this day – I am making changes and taking chances where the pre-marathon me would have just settled.

  312. My favorite race is The St. Pats 5K in downtown Providence RI. It was the first race where I felt like I actually could be counted as a runner. It is part of a trio of St. Pats races I hope to do in 2014 because our current schedule won’t accommodate this goal this year.

  313. My favorite race is the Palisades Will Rogers 5k/10k Race. My father and his running group (The Ridge Runners) started this race 35 years ago. So the story goes, or at least what I have been told, is that three of them mapped out the course with a wagon, chalk, and a cooler of beer! It has since been certified and the course is legitimate! Ha!! It is annual event on the Fourth of July in Pacific Palisades, CA. I have run it more times than I can count and now my kids are enjoying Papa’s Race too!!

  314. Wow some of these posts are amazing!
    My favorite run so far is the “Run for Marge”, a 5k race held in my town. It’s nice to see many familiar faces. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  315. My favorite race is the Stonebridge Ranch Half Marathon. This was my very first half, on the first year they had this half marathon. It was a learning experience for all of us. LOL! I’ve ran it every year since then. I love half’s!

  316. I love love love 10Ks! Long enough to feel like a really good workout, but not so long that you can’t run them FAST!

  317. My favorite race I’ve done has got to be the Boise 70.3. I pushed my body farther than I’ve ever thought possible, and that my friends was AMAZING!!

  318. My favorite race is the race I just raced (lol). The St. Jude Half marathon. There is nothing like running through the St. Jude campus with families and patients cheering you on!

  319. I would have to say my first race as an adult – the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K. It is so well organized and women’s only. There is such a great feeling from everyone present – inspiring and energizing!

  320. My favorite race is the half marathon. It’s challenging, but it is not too far that it still allows me to have time to train with my busy schedule.

  321. My favourite race is the 10K, short enough that you can bang one off without too much training, long enough to feel like you have done something.

  322. There’s a 5K in town for women only – the Women’s Fitness Festival – it’s in early June. Last year it was the only 5k I ran (others were trail races, half’s, and my first full). I just love the all women vibe – there’s a lot of first time 5k’ers at this race and it is just so energizing to be running (for me, a short distance) with all these women who are just pushing themselves farther than they thought possible. It just gives me a pick me up every year.

  323. I LOVE half marathons…my favorite distance by far…but my favorite run ever was the WARROIR DASH—in Colorado up Copper mountain…lots of obstacles to overcome and mud to wade through! covered head to toe! The best part was jumping over fire at the end! And I did it with my man! <3

  324. I’m torn between just about any 1/2 marathon(perfect distance) and a mud run my husband and I did- the Squaw Creek Army Challenge. Felt AWESOME after that race!

  325. As a new runner, I’ve only done 4 races: 2 5K, 1 10K, and 1 1/2 marathon. Not really sure which is my favorite, but after just running my first 1/2, the 5k is WAY easier. I loved the challenge of the 1/2, though!

  326. 10Ks are my favorite– not so short I have to be a speed demon to place well, not so long I can’t sign up for one at the last minute!

  327. I’ve done 5ks, 8ks, 10ks and half marathons and I have to say that my favorite distance was the 10k. I felt like the 6.2 miles was a perfect amount for me to race and it didn’t hurt that I LOVED the course (it was a bridge run). I’ve only done one 10k and they’re sort of elusive as far as a race distance is concerned, but I love it.

    I’m really TRYING to enjoy half marathons more. I want them to be my favorite. 😉

  328. I’m in love with the half! When I first got your book, I never thought I’d run one, but I’ve found it’s just long enough to be a challenge but not too long that training still fits in my schedule. The one run that stands out was the color me rad 5k I ran with my family. It was so cool to have the 4 of us running together!

  329. One of my favorite races was the last half marathon I did. It was the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon. The scenery was amazing and the weather was perfect! (And the wine tasting after the run was much deserved!)

  330. My favorite race so far has been the half marathon relay I did with my friend locally. I had never run that far before, since I just started running in June, and I had my doubts about my readiness for it. But I crushed it, and more than the first 5K I ever did, that race made me feel like a real runner.

  331. A nearby town just did a Holiday Hustle 5K that was a blast. It was my 5th 5K but the first one in which I ran the entire distance! No walking, yay!

  332. In terms of distance, my favorite distance to race is the half-marathon. My favorite race I have ever run would be either the Chicago Marathon or the Boston Marathon.

  333. Toss up between two races…I love the Womens Running Magazine Half Marathon in Tempe, AZ. I love that it is just about all women and the 1st Half I ever ran.

    I also love the Pat Tillman race. 4.2 miles that lead you to the 42 yard line at Sun Devil stadium in Tempe, AZ. This race is emotional and amazing.

  334. Love the half marathon. It’s a distance I can “race” but still have a family life. I can get uncomfortable for the distance without trying to kill myself like a 5K. However…I still want to conquer the marathon. A BQ is in my future, but I may have to wait until I “age up” again. Hopefully next time I age up, they won’t roll back the times like they did last time!!!

  335. My FAVORITE race was a 10k on Labor Day weekend 2011! My whole family ran that weekend…….my Hubby and our 2 daughters and son. I was beaming that day!

  336. I love the half marathon. My favorite so far, has been the Wineglass Half in Corning, NY…beautiful fall foliage, super nice people, well organized, and, of course, a well deserved bottle of wine at the end!

  337. Oh boy, this is EASY, my favorite race was the Disneyland Half Marathon this year September 2012. I had the AWESOME opportunity to meet you two and give you a giant hug, which was a challenge as I am only 5′ 3″.
    I got to give you some of my homemade hand painted Cookies that had Mickey Mouse Ears on them and the date of the Disney race. I also purchased a Bad Ass Mother Runner shirt, and proudly wore it around the Disney Expo. I had to get talked into buying it by my friends , because of the words on it, but YOU two were AWESOME and you encouraged me saying since was turning 50 and running my second ever half marathon, I really was a BADD ASS MOTHER RUNNER and should wear it with PRIDE!

  338. My favorite race is Thunder Road Half or Full marathon in Charlotte NC. I ran the half last year and the full this year. I really love the route and all the hills that come with it. I felt like I ran up one hill after another this year. It’s small enough that my family was able to really see me and get to 8 different spots to cheer me on while I ran. I love that it is local and save travel and expenses. I’m already looking forward to it again next year. I just need to decide if I will do the half or the full. I am hooked on both distances.

  339. Favorite distance has got to be the half marathon…I think I was made for it! I’ve only got four under my belt, but I think my favorite was the most recent one: the Run Like Hell Portland. Call me crazy but I loved those hills!

  340. My favorite run is the Girl’s on the Run 5k! It was my first official run with my daughter and immediately we we’re hooked! It’s so great to see all the girls dressed in their shirts and excited to be part of something BIG! plus there is a lot of girl power with all the great curriculum from GOTR and the great confidence building activities and good vibes all around!

  341. My favorite race? I think it would be anything with “RunDisney” in the title. I’ve done two RunDisney half marathons (Tinkerbell and Wine & Dine) and both were by far the most fun I’ve ever had running a race. Those Disney people make the miles magical 🙂

  342. My favorite raced was the Honolulu Marathon. It takes place every December and the first 8 miles take place in Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. Everything is decorated for Christmas and all of the businesses turn their Christmas lights on just for the early morning hours of the race. Then when you get to Waikiki, all of the tourists come from their hotels and cheer you on. There are several breathtaking views of the ocean and the weather in December in Hawaii is beyond perfect. It was my first full marathon and will not be my last! Being 2 months postpartum and unable to run the marathon next week, I’ll still be going to cheer on some of my amazing BAMR friends!

  343. My most recent favorite race was a trail 5k. It was my first race back after taking 8 weeks to follow the Natural Running program to rebuild my form. I was pretty fast for me on a trail, had negative splits, and sprinted at the end! I still got beat by a woman over 70, but that’s just fine because I am proud of what I have accomplished.

  344. My favorite race distance is 10, I like that it’s a little longer then just a 5K! My favorite actual race is the Portsmouth Market Square Day 10K in Portsmouth NH. It’s such a beautiful town and I love that my family and I spend the rest of the day taking advantage of the awesome festivities :o)

  345. I would say I haven’t done enough to know! I did really enjoy the Sage Rat Race 10K, it was nice and flat with inspirational signs along the way.

  346. That’s a hard one! I love half marathons for the training they take, knowing how hard I’ve worked to finish it. I love 5ks for how fast they are over. I especially loved my first half, but my last one was equally as good.

  347. My favorite race was the Napa Valley Marathon. It was an excellent getaway weekend with girlfriends. We rode bikes to wineries, indulged in fine wine, enjoyed excellent meals and ran a GREAT race. It was a PR for me. It is a beautiful course!