7 Unexpected Places To Stash Your Layers on a Run


Last month, we posted a “What Would You Do?” featuring what turned out to be a very common issue. After a fellow #MotherRunner’s sweatshirt disappeared after she tied it to a pole, Dimity asked, “Do you leave layers along your route or tie them around your waist?”

Almost 90 comments later, we it's clearly a hot topic. About half of you don’t stash at all and tie tops and layers around your waist. Of those who do stash, most get a little help from their friends, mainly friends' mailboxes, front porches, and yards, as runners toss ‘em mid-run and come back for them later.

A few useful, unusual (and funny) answers came from the Tribe, so we’re sharing them here for all. Your call whether you try them out or hang on to them. Here’s to transitional running weather!

Use the guard rails
I used to leave stuff on an electrical box or around trees, until my arm warmers disappeared. Now I stash stuff between guard rails and the posts. Out of sight and safe thus far. —Liz Vollmer-Buhl

Wave down a friend
I have my route designed so that I pass by houses of people I know. I've often thrown jackets/water belts in people's backyards or in my parents' mailbox. The best was when I saw a friend driving and waved her down to take my jacket (and she very kindly dropped it off to my rather shocked husband). —Laural Adams

Wear sleeves
I wear sleeves. Arms are protected and they come off easy and stash easy. —Wendy Ravinski

Go for an unappealing location
A week and a half ago, I ditched my gloves in the grass behind a portapotty at the park (dangerous spot, maybe, but i washed them when i got home) during my 9 miler at about mile 4. I haven't ever ditched anything before... —Lauren Haramic

I park at a good "looping" spot, then stash stuff in the trunk! —Trisha Muro

Disguise it in poop bags
I live in a super small town and run along county back roads so I toss them in poo bags and pick them up on my way back. —Candice Johann

Use cheap knee socks
I buy cheap knee high socks and cut the toes off and use them for arm warmers. When I get hot I toss them in a trash can or to the side of a curb and pick them up on my way back through. —Ashley Pryor

While the below aren’t tips or tricks, we had to share . . .

Sometimes it doesn't work out
I always stash my water bottle in a subdivision's community mailbox about 4 miles from my home. I usually run early, so I never have problems with the mailman. Well, one Saturday it was cool enough to go in the afternoon, and when I came back, the mailman locked my water bottle up in the mailbox! I was so sad! (And thirsty!) —Crissi Damelio Brandhuber

Or sometimes, you see the culprit!
I shed a pair of gloves and put them in a tree I would be passing again. On the way back, met a very nasty looking man wearing my gloves. I didn't try to fight him for them. —Jennifer Pope Edwards

I always leave LS tops on fences or trees to be picked up on the way back on a well trafficked trail. Once I was running with 2 friends, and we noticed her water pack & shirt were gone. Just then, 3 (non threatening) pre-teens on bikes came towards us wearing her things! I went into Teacher Mode, stopped them, and scolded them for taking the items, and got them back. Needless to say I was packing a set that day for sure! —Jennifer Wally Blystone

And sometimes you end up with a nice surprise
I've also been known to stash water bottles in the yards of friends, imagine our surprise and laughter when my running friend and I found 2 cold bottles of beer and a bottle opener next to our 2 water bottles in a friends yard! —Jane Collins

Tribe: Any other tricks or spots we're not thinking of?


2 responses to “7 Unexpected Places To Stash Your Layers on a Run

  1. I’ve lost many a good pair of gloves by removing them and tucking them in the belt of my spi belt. I started buying the cheapies so that it’s not so bad if I lose them. As for long sleeve layers, I usually don’t wear them if I think there is a chance I’ll be too warm. i don’t want to be bothered so i am just really cold until I warm up…. brrrrrr…..

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