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AMR Answers #58: Acclimating to the Cold; When to Undertake Your First Marathon

Sarah and Dimity share:
-advice about acclimating to the cold for chilly Stacy;
-suggestions for Jenna on when to step up to the marathon distance; and,
-trying-to-conceive empathy and exercise recommendations.

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2 responses to “AMR Answers #58: Acclimating to the Cold; When to Undertake Your First Marathon

  1. When I was little my mother would always tell me to “tuck in my shirt”. That was the decade in the 80’s and I refused. Now as a frequent cold weather runner – tucking in my shirt is THE BEST ADVICE , and I always tuck. It prevents my base layer from riding up and keeps the cold air out. I also have started this year layering my socks, going for 2 thin socks instead of one heavier and it has prevented what I call lead foot (basically my feet get so cold that I can’t feel them). One last tip – get warm fast when upon returning inside, get dry, remove layers it’s so important to prevent the chill that will haunt for the rest of the day.

  2. As a decades-long outdoor runner in Wisconsin and Michigan, I have loads of experience with cold weather running (I have been out in -25F weather!!!). This is what works for me: 1. LAYERS!! they should not be too close to your body so you can generate some heat between the layers. Outer most layer should be wind resistant – no lining is necessary. Layer everything – tights with wind pants over, undershirt (if really cold), shirt and jacket, mittens with wind covers; 2. Wear a balaclava that you can pull up over your mouth and tuck into your jacket. Your breath will heal keep you warm until you get your body hear going; 3. a warm hat is vital! Who cares what you look like?? 4. Tuck everything in! Undershirt into tights, shirt over tights tucked into wind pants. You want to have an over/under system so the cold air can’t find a way in. Dress about 5 minutes before you go out and wear your clothes around the house so you can build up some starting warmth. Then once you are out, by the time it starts to dissipate, you are already starting to warm up!! No need for drinking ice water!!! That makes me cold just to think of it!!

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