AMR Trains: Race Pacer



If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like playing the pacer role in a marathon or a half-marathon, we’ve got two awesome guests to fill you in. Dimity and Sarah WF chat with two mother runners who have been pacers in races multiple times. Meg and Jaime dish the nitty-gritty details about being a pacer, and offer insight on topics including:

  • Prepping to be a pacer, from knowing the course to dialing in the goal pace;
  • How do decide which pace group to lead;
  • Keeping up the banter and spirit from start to finish;
  • How pacing has enhanced their own running journeys. 

Follow Meg and Jaime  on Instagram! And be sure to tune into the Friday episode of Another Mother Runner, where host Sarah Bowen Shea will talk to runners who share their experience with racing with a pace group.  


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