What a Decade!: Badass Accomplishments from the AMR Community

At the end of November, we put out a call for your badass accomplishments of the decade. You all have packed the past ten years with SO many victories, finish lines, and triumphant moments, we wanted to share a few of them. (We aimed for 19, but spilled over just a bit...)

If you're feeling inspired after scrolling through these ladies, there are plenty more: head over to this post and add your own accomplishments.  

Biggest: Recovering from an emergency complicated hysterectomy to go on and run my first MARATHON!!!
But also: Running my first mile!!
The past decade brought more than I could’ve ever expected!
Can’t wait for the next one!! —Crystal

This last decade was huge for me!
Quite honestly, I became a whole new version of me.

This decade I ran my first marathon! Not sure if I'm more proud of my accomplishment, or of my daughter for coming up with this sign. —Caitlin

Went from a newly married, unhealthy woman to a divorced single mother, to a gorgeous daughter. I qualified and ran the Boston Marathon and continue to kick butt. Figuring out still who this “new me” is but loving life with my sidekick! —Chelsea

I ran two marathons, two 50ks, and a 50 miler.
Who am I?
Do you know what was harder than all of that?
Teaching 3 humans how to drive in the last few years.—Cathy

Badass Accomplishments

We survived. I don't want to go into all of it, but there is nothing I am more grateful for, or proud of, from this decade than that we made it. I sincerely hope to not have be this particular level of badassy ever again.

I don't know if you remember a mom completely bawling in a book signing you did in Indianapolis for your third book [ed note: we do, Emily!], but you'll never know how much that moment challenged me to find my way back to me. My son had just gone through his second major surgery and you had a book signing less than 2 miles away from the hospital. My best friend convinced me I needed a break from all of this and to go. It took me 4 more years after that moment to find my way back to healthy running, but showing up that evening was a start. —Emily

I put myself into awkward situations in order to make friends and now I have a wonderful [run] community to lean on. —Carla

Badass Accomplishments

I have gotten married, had two children, lost 40 pounds, run 2 half marathons, 2 10Ks, countless 5Ks and found my place in multiple communities (including this one, so thank you)! —Torri

 In the past 10 years, my loved one was battling alcohol addiction and I hid away all my suffering. I trained for and completed three half marathons to prove to myself and others that everything was fine.

Before the decade ended my loved one found sobriety and I found recovery in Al Anon.

I learned to run to find peace, joy and empowerment instead of running from hurt, self-loathing and fear.—Stacey

Badass AccomplishmentsI became a runner this decade! My mid 40s were messing with my head (and other bits!), and this woman who "could never be a runner" did just that! I've since done 5 ultras, including 2 at Burning Man! I've captained 2 Ragnar teams, run countless races 5k-1/2 marathon.

I've done several volunteer stints teaching midwifery in Haiti and the Philippines. I presided over my step-daughter's wedding, then caught her son and 2 subsequent surrogate babies. I'm currently tapering for CIM in 2 weeks, HOPING to break 4 hours....—Suzi (ed note: Suzi: did you do it? Inquiring minds want to know!)

Badass Accomplishments

I started running consistently (thanks to Many Happy Miles!) and realized just how much I need it for myself. I also completed my first 10K. —Tracy

I ran 3 marathons, 12 half marathons and birthed a human.

Tell that to 32-year-old me and I would’ve laughed you out of the room!—Lora

I gave birth to not one, not two but three babies this decade. And I’ve come back better, faster and stronger after each one. Here’s to resurrection number three in 2020! —Anne

Badass Accomplishments

Ending the decade saying yes after saying NEVER to doing a triathlon. I learned to really swim—after just being the kind of swimmer that could barely save myself!

I completed my first triathlon in July 2019, then went onto doing a duathlon where I placed in my age group.

I am now going into my new decade ready to do open water triathlons which scare me, but I’m doing it!—Brandi

I gave up running for a year after failing at mile 17 of Big Sur and losing my running buddy.

I put on 50lbs during my hiatus, then had my thyroid removed due to a tumor (January 2019), only to kick my ass back into gear.

I got back into training and started keto. So far, I'm down 35 pounds, running 3-5 days a week and hitting the gym Monday through Friday. —Jessica

Badass Accomplishments

I beat breast cancer, lost 100 lbs., became a runner, ran two half marathons, and, became a grandma! —Mary Beth

Badass Accomplishments

I love this positive way of looking at this!
Oh boy in the past decade I got married, had two gorgeous babies, completely changed my career...twice. I’ve gone back to school, launched a little side business, ran my first quarter, then half, and another quarter. So many amazing memories. —Jose

Came out of infertility, fertility treatment, IVF, and a multiples pregnancy that went to only 28 weeks on top: three healthy, thriving babies who are now six months away from entering kindergarten —Marcella

Badass Accomplishments

🚙 Moved across the country after graduating college.
👩🏻‍🔬Got to be part of some pretty cool new cancer treatments.
👰🏼Met my husband and married him.
🤰🤱🏻Had some babies.
👼🏼Learned how to carry some pain around.
🚐Moved back across the country.
🤰🤱🏻🌈 Had another baby.
👩🏻‍💻Started a new career and got my certification.
✈️Moved to another country.
🌚Learned how to carry more pain.
🏅Became a marathon runner. —Christina

Badass Accomplishments

I am 57 years old and took up running seriously in the last 5+ years. It started out as a way to challenge myself. I trained for a bunch of races, but then something clicked. I didn’t want to stop running after the event was over.

So instead my mind shifted to what can I run next. This culminated in my 2019 finale. I ran Trailfest with two of my brothers. This is a multi day, 1/2 marathon each day, trail race near three different national parks. It was fun to see how far I have come both in running and in setting and achieving hard goals and really pushing myself.—Laura

[I don't have any] major goals right now, but looking back, I see this was my decade of discovery.
I can’t wait to see what the next decade is like.—Jessica

4 responses to “What a Decade!: Badass Accomplishments from the AMR Community

  1. Note to editors: yes, after years of running trails, I completed CIM with a BQ time of 3:52!! I trained hard, followed my race day plan to a T, struggled with cramping in miles 15-18, but still pushed to a strong finish. I’m a huge fan of AMR, and hope to meet some of you in person some day!

  2. Late to the party….but in my 4th decade of running, third+ decade of swimming and cycling and continue to put in the miles. It’s a lifestyle that I wouldn’t give up for anything, so there is plenty of “pre-hab” fort his 66 year old body. My most recent accomplishment has been retiring form a 41 year teaching career and seeing my daughter get her Master’s degree in behavioral health and make a difference in children’s lives, as I tried to do. Sports-wise, I completed the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (and made it to the podium!) and then came back the next weekend to swim the Sharkfest and got first in my Age group. The prize? I bottle of “bloody red” wine! Keep on rocking your goals ladies, life is SHORT!

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