We are devoting an entire week to sports bras, the piece of running gear that, we’d argue, is more critical than your shoes.

Because, as we hope you haven’t experienced first-hand, if your chest is not feeling supported and comfortable as your feet bounce along, you are, at the very least, going to be irritated, both mentally and physically.

What’s more, there’s a good chance you will be self-conscious, your delicate skin will be chafed and you will either cut your run short or just stop running altogether. No bueno.

Yesterday, on Another Mother Runner Gears Up, we hit six of best sports bras currently available for smaller chests (A-C). Today, we’re tomorrow, we’re focusing both on those for larger chests (D and beyond) and bras for nursing and prosthetics.

Tester Rating: 4

Review: While this style was a bit challenging for one tester to get on, the struggle was worth it. Testers raved about the support, saying it kept tatas comfortably secure for both runs and gym workouts. Nicely padded cups prevented nippage; straps that can be worn straight or crossed-over; and the back clasp-closure (read: no double-jointed overhead moves necessary) were popular features. Our D tester had just a touch of side boob. “Not enough that it was uncomfortable, but enough that I would rather it wasn’t showing at the gym.”

Best for: C and D+ cups

Sizes: 32B-38DD

Price: $55

Grab it here: underarmour.com

Tester Rating: 5

Review: “There was literally no movement at all, I even did jumping jacks, and the girls stayed put,” said one tester, whose husband seconded the enthusiastic assessment. Encapsulated support cradled breasts with separate but equal support, and the generous overall coverage prevented side and back spillage. Wide, padded straps, that can be converted to a racer back, didn’t budge. This was the first time our testers tried an underwire sports bra; it felt different than what they were accustomed to, but not in a bad way—and the support was worth it.

Best for: D and beyond

Sizes: 28B-40J

Price: $70

Grab it here: barenecessities.com

Tester Rating: 5

Review: “This bra fits GREAT! I love how the straps are padded for comfort without being bulky, and cups fit smoothly under my running tank,” raved one thrilled tester. “The bottom band was snug to keep things in place, but still felt comfortable and supportive.” Other features that make this a top choice for full-busted runners include the front, “on-the-go” adjustability of the straps, and the fact that it’s made from lighter fabric that is breathable and comfortable in hot, humid weather) but doesn’t sacrifice support.

Best for: C to E cups

Sizes: 30B-44DD

Price: $58

Grab it here: brooksrunning.com

Tester Rating: 3

Review: “The most comfortable underwire bra that I have ever worn,” praised one tester, who loved the softness of the fabric and added it required no uncomfortable digging or adjusting on the go. Our DDD tester would have liked more compression in addition to the encapsulation, while the DD tester felt supported on the run. Straps convert to a T-back to provide even more support, however, the bra was more challenging to get on when using that feature. The shoulder straps are not as wide as some fuller support bras; one tester did experience irritated shoulders after wearing it for a day of running and teaching yoga.

Best for: DD cup and fuller

Sizes: 28D-40H

Price: $69

Grab it here: barenecessities.com

Tester Rating: 4

Review: This front-hook bra is unique in that it has no adjustability and requires some time–and nimble fingers—to get things locked and loaded, which threw our testers at first. However, one on, as a DDD tester proclaimed, “It held everything in place wonderfully!” It also tamed her boob bounce, had a great overall fit, and fun color options. The main complaint from testers, besides not being able to adjust the shoulder straps, was the overall amount of fabric and not feeling comfortable wearing it under a tank top. (Editor’s note: This bra uses a different sizing system, so be sure you’re measured properly for a good fit.)

Best for: DD cups and beyond

Sizes: 00-8 (This bra uses a different sizing system, so be sure you’re measured properly for a good fit.)

Price: $66

Grab it here: enell.com


Tester Rating: 5

Review: Our tester, a nursing mom, loved that this bra was “comfortable and supportive with being cute as an extra bonus.” It’s marketed as having low-impact support, yet she found the double layer of supportive fabric in the front supportive enough to prevent bouncing, shoulder digging and nipple exposure whether she was running, in a group fitness class or doing strength training. Although the bra is designed for pumping, she also found it worked as a nursing bra for her son, who is an advanced nurser.

Best for: Pregnant and nursing mamas on the go

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $50

Grab it here: cakematernity.com

Tester Rating: 4

Review: Not only did one nursing #motherrunner appreciate this style’s smooth, flattering fit, she would also appreciate that it goes all the way up to a G Cup. It was also blissfully breathable on everything from a three-miler to intense hot yoga, making it a practical and easy-to-wear. The sole complaint? She felt like she had somewhat of a uniboob.

Best for: Nursing runner baby mamas

Sizes: 32C-38G

Price: $65

Grab it here: wacoal-america.com

Tester Rating: 5!!!!!

Review: “I LOVED this bra. I have used it on several training runs and then ran it in for the Bolder Boulder 10K and I have never been so comfortable during a race. I had breast reconstruction surgery 2 months ago, so my implants don’t move at all but sometimes there are random pains from nerve damage, and I didn’t feel those at all during the run.” Ruching at the front keeps the uniboob away, the Y-back design delivers support without digging, and it has pad pockets to remove or add as you desire.

Best for: A to D cups and those who have had reconstructive surgery

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $56

Grab it here: handful.com

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