AMR Gears Up: Best Sports Bras for Running (A-C Cups)


Welcome to Sports Bra Week at Another Mother Runner!

We are devoting an entire week to sports bras, the piece of running gear that, we'd argue, is more critical than your shoes.

Because, as we hope you haven't experienced first-hand, if your chest is not feeling supported and comfortable as your feet bounce along, you are, at the very least, going to be irritated, both mentally and physically.

What's more, there's a good chance you will be self-conscious, your delicate skin will be chafed and you will either cut your run short or just stop running altogether. No bueno.

Today and tomorrow on Another Mother Runner Gears Up, we're going to review six of best sports bras currently available; today, we're focusing on smaller chests (A-C), while tomorrow, we're hitting both larger chests (D and beyond) and bras for nursing and prosthetics.

best sports bras for running

Our tester loved, loved, loved the soft and comfy material of this style. She also adored the snug, but not too snug fit, including shoulder straps and a chest band that didn't budge. Best of all? No chafing for miles and miles. 

Best for: A and B cups

Sizes: XS-XXL

Price: $32

Grab it here:

best sports bras for running"This bra is marathon-worthy!" raved our tester, who said held her tight and was very supportive, without being boa-constrictor restrictive. As she sweated it up during runs and gym workouts, she appreciated the higher coverage; no worries of spilling cleavage.

Best for: A and B cups

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $30

Grab it here:

best sports bras for running

Although this looks like the sports bra equivalent of a little black dress, don't be fooled: the double straps provide a substantial dose of support (and, nicely, a little style interest if that's important to you). Buttery soft, compressive fabric nicely completes the package, which is perfect for everything from long runs to recovery yoga.

Best for: A and B Cups

Sizes: 2-12

Price: $52

Grab it here:

best sports bras for runningFeatures abound on this beauty: it comes with removable pads and can also accommodate mastectomy bra inserts. Mesh inserts helped to dump the sweat, while fun color options (as well as black and white) put a spring in your step. Although a nursing-mom tester could comfortably crank out intervals in this bra, the straps felt a little narrow for two testers.

Best for: A to C cups

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $54

Grab it here:

best sports bras for running

“This bra was a bit like having a boob lift," raved one tester, "Mine haven’t been this perky since before kids!” That said, because of the encapsulated cups, it requires the “bend over and shimmy” maneuver to get everything situated. Once things are set, though, expect bomber support. Padded shoulder straps; a rear clasp; and straps that can be worn standard or crossed were other winning features.

Best for: B and C cups

Sizes: 32A-38F

Price: $65 

Grab it here:

best sports bras for running"An absolute dream!" according to our 38C-sized tester. The front zip, with a handy clasp to help secure the girls prior to zipping, makes it easy to put on and take off. Meanwhile, the fabric, which is substantial, creates a smooth appearance and manages not to feel clammy when things get sweaty. Generously wide shoulder straps stay put without digging, while the combination of compression and encapsulation successfully tamed boob bounce.

Best for: B and C+ cups

Sizes: XS A/B-XL C/D

Price: $75

Grab it here:

Did we miss your favorite sports bra?
Let us know in the comments below!

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12 responses to “AMR Gears Up: Best Sports Bras for Running (A-C Cups)

  1. This is a great article! I’m so glad you included a sports bra with a front zipper. Try as I might, I cannot wear a sports bra without it. While trying one without a zipper on in Target one day, I nearly had to get a pair of scissors to cut it off! It seems to be the only thing that makes me feel claustrophobic!

  2. Thanks for starting the conversation. Great suggestions and the ladies comments are helpful too. Something for everyone’s price range.

  3. I love C9 seamless bras from Target and the Sarah bra from Senita Athletics. No bouncing & no chafing & I can wear them all day long… 36A (I have a big rib cage with itty bitty titties though)

  4. You missed the Uplift Crossback by Brooks/Moving Comfort. Easy J clasp in the back and zero chafing issues. I’m a solid 34B.

  5. It used to be that the basic pullover t-back bra would work fine for me. Now, if the straps are not adjustable a good fit is almost impossible.

  6. I have had 2 strappy bras from Oiselle and both caused chafing in front due to the seam if I ran 6 miles or more 🙁

  7. Can somebody explain to me why we need removable boobie pads in all of our sports bras? It’s extra material to soak up and hold sweat. If it wasn’t a bad idea, they wouldn’t be removable! I’d like to find a running bra without the double layer of material that removable boobie pads require!

  8. I am an enormous fan of Oiselle running clothes and my drawers are testament to this! The Strappy running bra is at the top of my list. It is incredibly comfy, soft and secure. The hot, humid weather has settled into the east coast and I am finding myself shedding my shirt on runs. The Strappy bra covers me up enough so I don’t feel risqué but I at least have the illusion of feeling cooler! 5 stars to the Oiselle team for this bra!

  9. The Patagonia Women’s Barely Bra is a must for small chested women like me. It’s got removable cups to help if you don’t have much there like me, and the best part is NO CHAFING ever! I wear mine every day, but also gave it a true test in the Kettle 100 miler over the weekend and still had no chafing. Most comfortable bra ever!

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