Dry Martini: Going viral

This January is kicking my tail.

Before the calendar changed to 2017, I had a firm grasp on one of my core character traits: I stick to my promises. It’s a conscious choice that I made when I had my first baby. I know how hard it is on a kid when the adult-in-charge routinely flakes out on something he or she says is going to happen.

(And, yes, this does tell you a little bit about my childhood. No parent is perfect, including my own. My inner child has built a bridge and gotten over it. Mostly.)

Anyhoo, I’ve long been of the under-promise-and-over-deliver school. I’ve learned to not commit unless I have a pretty good sense that I can deliver. I say “no” early and often, which has got to irritate those I say it to. But if I promise, I will do it, even if I have to drag an oxygen tent along for the ride.

Apologies for the blurry picture but the NYC marathon finisher's book came in the mail! I had no idea I'd even get such a thing.

The past few weeks have been such a blow to my self-concept. First, I had to back out of running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in D.C. in April, which I’d committed months before. Family schedules changed around me and, well, the only way I could see to make it work involved more late-night driving and physical punishment than a sane adult should plan to do.

Fine, I thought after all of those who would care were informed. It’s a hiccup. Bound to happen every now and again. This is just a sign of maturity, not laziness. Forgive yourself. Go for a run. Yada, yada, yada.

And then I caught a cold.

Yes, I did spend six days on the couch watching America's Next Top Model with the dog. Don't judge.

Which makes all of the coughing and sneezing and aching sound so inconsequential. This particular cold knocked me directly onto my behind for a full week. I didn’t leave my house, save for two aborted attempts to go to work and for a trip to the doctor because I was convinced I had pneumonia. She, bless her heart, informed me that chicken soup is good for colds like mine, as is rest and hydration.

Reader, I almost punched her but was too weak to make a fist.

I spent a lot of the last week on the couch thinking about the NYC marathon. I had the strength to run 26.2 miles without stopping to sit for a minute or take a nice nap. Yet, now, I couldn’t pull it together enough to get off of the couch and make toast without a rest afterwards. While I’m a lousy sick person to begin with, it turns out that I’m an even lousier sick person after having run through all five boroughs.

By Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I was finally feeling less ill. Not well, mind you, just less sick. Then my daughter started sniffling. And I remembered that I hadn’t been to my actual job-job for a week, which means I was so far behind on all of my ongoing projects that they were about to lap me. And then I realized that no sane person would travel to a race 2000 miles away in a few days, which is what I was supposed to do.

There were tears. Teeth were gnashed. I decided to be an adult and do the smart-but-galling thing: I bailed on the Austin 3M Half Marathon. I wouldn’t get to spend quality time hanging with my BAMRs. There would be no breakfast tacos in my near future. That sweet, spinning medal was not to be mine.

Plus, I’m be backing out of yet another commitment, which wouldn’t be good for my pride.

Once I’d made the decision and let all of the relevant parties know (who, of course, could not have been more supportive because I know some pretty amazing people), I decided to take my hacking, sniffly self out for an easy three miles. If nothing else, I’d just walk it — but I desperately needed to lace up my trainers and spend some time in fresh air. Any running I managed would be a bonus.

What you can't see are all of the tissues in my pockets.

As runs go, it did not cover itself in glory. But it was exactly what I needed, I think, to start to feel OK with how the first two dozen days of 2017 have gone so far. Now to build from here.

How is your 2017 going so far?

14 responses to “Dry Martini: Going viral

  1. So about that cold…my husband gave it to me on Tuesday. By Friday I was feeling better, even went for a short run before going to visit my son and his GF in Rochester, a 4 hour trip.I was feeling smug that my running outdoors and healthy diet allowed me to recover quickly. I started to feel feverish that night, but took ibuprofen and continued on to the Seneca Falls March. It was amazing to march in the birthplace of women’s rights. The drive home was a blur and I spent the next day in bed. I am feeling better but taking a day of work and a few days off running. And despite my best efforts, I was not as invincible as I thought
    Wishing every one a happy and healthy February.

  2. I’m totally going to be there for Pittsburgh! And, yes, I’ll be in Rhode Island in April!

    Still have the cough and generally no energy but did manage a four mile run this morning. So there’s something. May we all be well by February.

  3. My 2017 has been busy with work and I don’t know how many times I have have spittle hit me in the face from some kid sneezing or coughing on me…but so far so good and I haven’t missed any of my 4:30 a.m. workouts! (Knock on wood!) I really think plowing through my workouts and getting my core temp up to snuff actually keeps those germs at bay!

  4. I had a bad chest cold during the same time frame- and I’m out in California… how did that happen??? Getting back to it slow- my only insight? Let your dr give you an inhaler, even if you ‘never had asthma’…. kept my chest crud duration under 7 days… I see others struggling with same for two and three weeks at a time

  5. I had a terrible cold a few weeks ago and the doc suggested ibuprofen for the headaches and sore throat. Also punch-worthy!!

  6. Let’s see……cleared to run again starting January 16th. California is bouncing from storm to storm and I am bouncing from cold to cold. So, um, not so great. What I’m not spending on races I’m spending on tissues and cold medicine!

  7. I feel your pain! I started the year with a sinus infection, pink eye, pertussis, and a viral rash. It has really put a damper on my marathon training (my first) for L.A. in March. Luckily, Coach Christine is supportive and will, I believe, get me back on track! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I think you know how my 2017 is going so far. I’m feeling guilty because I feel like I gave you The Cold virtually. I will miss you in Austin and will do my best to eat all the tacos because stuffing my feelings is where I’m at. I say we do a reboot beginning February 1st and pretend that’s the beginning of the new year. Are you with me? Feel better and I hope your kids are weathering The Cold like kids do. Strong! Hugs!

  9. This has not been my year either. I’ve got to get a 12 mile run in this weekend or else. Allergies and head stopped up the last two weeks and legs like concrete so I feel you

  10. Oh Adrienne I am feeling for you! That is a tough start to 2017 – but you’re right about building from here, it’s gotta go up!!

  11. We are in the same boat. I think I’ve had 2 colds since Christmas and I’m currently feeling the 3 rd one coming on. Yesterday I managed a run without tissues and now I’m sneezing AGAIN! I am so sorry that you had to cancel Austin. I hope you get well and stay well the rest of this winter!

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