Wisdom from the Tribe: Looking Back, What’s Easier Now?

We posed a question to the Tribe over the weekend on Facebook:

"If you've been running for at least a year, what's easier now than it was when you first started?"

And we got SO MANY good responses. The many answer buckets were "breathing," mental strength," "stress over times/PRs," and that dreaded "first mile."

Hear what your fellow BAMRs had to say, and newbies: Take note. It gets easier. (In fact, it gets glorious.)

Marianne's Progress

It is abso-friggin-lutely easier now than when I first started - have completely fallen in love with it along the way. —Audrey

It probably is easier... but your easy gets harder as you grow as a runner. —Kirsten

Bad runs no longer mean I can't run and good runs remind me that I can. —Alisha

Absolutely! I used to go out for a 2.5 mile run with a water bottle & two gu's. #rookie —Maria

Much easier, but never easy. You learn how to convince yourself to get out the door and get going. You learn that bad runs are going to happen and they pave the way for great ones. —Ariel

It's easier because I am mentally stronger to get through each run. The long run, the crappy run, and the treadmill run are all easier to do when you have the mental strength. —Kristy

I know now that the first 1-3 miles feel like work and that the miles 4-26+ feel glorious! —Heather

So many things. Doing it anyway (tired, time, weather, audience). Knowing what the hell I'm doing (thank you, TLAM). Choosing the right gear for the run/weather vs. how comfortable I feel in said gear. Inviting my ass to the leg party. Choosing this me time. Telling people I run without adding disclaimers. Being fully active in life after a long run (instead of needing to go back to bed!) —Megan

I remember struggling with my breathing...over and over I'd stop because I "couldn't breath" always being discouraged, thinking I just sucked. Then one day, it just happened...I had my first blissful "good run" and I never thought about my breathing again. —Bonnie

Running solo, sans earbuds, in the pre-dawn hours before work. —Samantha

It's easier to get back at it. I've had two years of injuries. I could have easily said that's enough and not trained again but I love the way a good run feels. —Katie

I have been running since April. This is my third stunt with running Never got past 5.5 miles. This time I have made 6.5 but most of my runs are about 5 but today I hardly made 3.66. When I started in April I could not manage my breathing. Had to walk/run to make 3. I have not had to walk for at least 5 months now. —Beth

It is easier because I keep expanding my mental toolbox through experience, reading blogs, podcasts, other BAMRS. I can bring up the tools I need to get through the training, bad runs, races etc to reach my goals or walk away from a bad run being a smarter runner from reflecting on what went wrong. Running is still challenging, but not harder. —Jeanette

Getting out the door even when I don't feel like it. I know I will hit my groove before the first half mile is gone. —Barb

No it's a love hate relationship. Some days I look forward to it and can't wait. Most days I hate it and look for excuses but do it anyway and it usually turns out to be best run ever, either way I appreciate and love my runners high - true statement - bad run is better than no run! —Jolene

It is easier because I learned that I am worth the time I steal from my husband/kids/job to run. I don't feel (as) guilty anymore. It makes it easier for me to get out the door and lose myself in the run. —MyckelBridget

Don't trust the first mile. It's a liar. 😉 —Joan

The worry that I won't be good, and the understanding that came when I realized that was completely not the point. —Shauna

Anything else to add? Share below!

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