#79: Weight, Weight…: Running and Weight Management

Sarah is traveling this week for work, so we’re re-airing an episode from August 18, 2013. The first approximately 100 episodes of AMR podcast are typically only available for members of Acast+; if you want to binge-listen to back episodes, subscribe to Acast+ by downloading the free Acast app and clicking on the Acast+ symbol.

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Sarah and Dimity have heard from countless frustrated mother runners who have seen the number on the scale creep up instead of down while training for a half- or full marathon. So the gals talk to two guests about running and weight management. First up: sports dietician (and mother of two) Jackie Dikos, who talks about how to find a better balance that’ll make you feel satisfied, not deprived. Jackie also emphasizes the importance of “redefining rewards” for effort. Then the gals gab with Christy Zuzelo, another mother runner of two, but she’s cycled through 60-pound weight loss (and gain) three times. Training for her third marathon, Christy shares her tips for keeping excess weight off for good. (E.g. “If you bite it, you write it.”) Sarah and Christy bond over a shared love of Greek yogurt, and Dimity rants about yet another, “handful of frickin’ almonds.” Warning: Be prepared to drool while Jackie talks about cocoa-laced oatmeal, and when Christy shares her recipe for Lentil Chard Soup.

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