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Eight Ways to Be an Earth-Friendly Runner

Going easy: on the environment and on their bodies

Sunday is Earth Day, yet we all should go easy on this beautiful, bountiful planet every day.

Just like in training, the little choices you make on a daily basis add up to big changes very quickly. Maybe you aren’t ready to carry re-usable cutlery in your purse like Sarah does (for realz!), but here are eight ways to be an Earth-friendly runner. (Mother Earth; mother runner)

Be Kind. If you see something, do something. If you see garbage on the ground, pick it up and put it in a nearby trash just like you likely, ahem, strongly encourage your kids to do in your house.

Start Plogging Along. It’s a thing now. If you already run with a Camelbak, push a jogging stroller, or keep a water bottle/doggy bag in one hand, why not keep a small trash bag in the other?

Consider using a menstrual cup. These have been popular among distance runners forever, and Coach MK is a huge fan. They reduce landfill waste.

Hydrating with friends, post-run (with an Another Mother Runner bottle, natch)

Use reusable water bottles. This one is a given. Run with a (reusable) water carrier designed to be strapped to your hand rather than stashing and tossing bottled water on your long runs. SBS likes the Hydra Fuel.  You can go one step further by taking Nuun’s Clean Planet Pledge and forego single-use bottles for 30 days.

BRF? Check. Hand-held water bottle: grab and go!

Donate your underused, unloved running shoes and clothing. Heart Strides redistributes gently used running gear to mothers of children with special needs. Older items can be bagged and given to Goodwill or other nonprofits.

Terracycle. Our friends at Ragnar have partnered with GU to launch a free recycling program for nutrition packaging. Check this link to see if Terracycle is available at your next race.

Race green. Opt to run races that treat waste responsibly, everything from virtual swag bags to the cups at aid stations.

Strategizing the next day's workout (BAMRbassador Susan, in sweatshirt, is training for an ultra; SBS, in black jacket, is not!)

Run places! Everywhere else drive a Chrysler Pacifica: The 31 percent reduction in its environmental impact compared with the outgoing Town & Country should grab the attention of minivan moms everywhere. Go greener still with a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid like Dimity + Sarah: This first-ever-in-the-U.S. hybrid minivan has an amazing 84 MPGe.

EPA estimated miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe).  Actual mileage may vary.  Chrysler is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

How do you try to minimize your (environmental-impact) footprint while running? Tell us in the Comments below or, better yet, take a “runfie,” then tag us on Instagram + use the hashtag #EarthDayBAMR 

3 responses to “Eight Ways to Be an Earth-Friendly Runner

  1. I use biodegradeable poop bags for my BRD. Also, recycle or reuse Nuun tubes! We use them for Scout first aid kits and other small things that need to be kept waterproof on hikes and for geocaching containers!
    My current focus is replacing disposable straws.

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