Get To Know Three More Role Mothers

The week of AMR's global domination continues with more Role Mothers! The introduced more team members on Monday, the first three Role Mothers yesterday, and we present the final three below. They round out a wide-ranging group of female runners you'll get to know over the following year as they offer advice, motivation, and inspiration. They're excited. We're excited. How about you?


nicole_bladesThe Regular Runner
Nicole Blades; 43; West Hartford, Connecticut
My Story: I run five days a week—sometimes I’ll roll it back to four days and add a Barre/Pilates class on the fifth day to keep things fresh and fun. For my morning runs, I’ll do  4-5 miles during the week and 7-10 miles on the weekend (before the deep freeze set in, that is!). I run outdoors year round, so the New England weather this time of year is always, uh, an interesting challenge. But no matter what, I just make time for it. Trying to “find time” isn’t going to happen for me, so I have to carve it out and set it in stone. My family knows it’s an important part of what’s makes me me, so they respect my dedication to it, as well.

My most memorable race: Was actually one of my worst races. It was a fun run sponsored by Nike called Run Hit Wonder. It was a choice of 5K or 10K and it should have been fairly easy, but I had just started experiencing plantar fasciitis and it was super painful. It was memorable because my then boyfriend (now husband) signed up to do the run with me and he—being a sweetheart—kept me company and walked-ran while I limped-hobbled all the way to the finish line, listening to the musical stylings of the Goo Goo Dolls and MC Hammer play live along the course. We still have our matching red tech shirts!

I use running to: Think about stories and ideas—kind of let my mind shake loose and go where it wants. Daydreaming while in motion. I also use the time to listen to podcasts!

When I don't want to get out and run, I tell myself: The first mile is always the toughest. So I tell myself, “Just get through Mile One and done.” The “catch” is that after the first mile you’ve found your groove and will just keep going. If it’s truly, truly horrible, you have to run back home, so at least you’ll have TWO miles under your belt.

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tania_lambThe Sputterer
Tania Lamb; 37; Frisco, Texas
My Story: I started running after I had my fifth child, a little over three years ago. I decided to start running to lose weight and get healthier. As an added bonus, I wanted to be an example to my girls.

My training was going well and then I injured my ITB. I would take intermittent breaks of not running. This past year was my breaking point when I basically quit running for eight months, because I was so frustrated. My times were just getting worse and worse, basically shattering my confidence.

I want to start running for the love of running again and being consistent instead of just trying to get from one race to the next. I need that love again. The love that got me started in the first place, the one that connected me to my best running friends, the one that made my girls proud of their mama.

Favorite race I've ever run: The most fun I've ever had at a race is at the Avengers Super Heroes 10K at Disneyland. The course and theme are awesome! Anytime I get to see my boyfriend, Captain America, is always a plus. The Disney Princess Half Marathon holds a special place in my heart, because it was my first race.

Best pre-run breakfast: I always eat half a bagel with cream cheese, a banana, and drink Nuun before a morning run.

Every time I finish a race I feel: Awesome. Accomplished. Proud. Amazing. Like a rock star. And hungry.

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Sarah_wassner2 The Triathlete
Sarah Wassner Flynn; 36; Rockville, Maryland
My Story: I'm a runner at heart, which, I think, plays heavily in my passion for triathlon. I truly enjoy training for all three sports, and the variety helps me avoid injury and burnout. Not to mention that I'm at a huge advantage because the third leg of a tri is often the most brutal, but my background as a runner gives me a boost--and the confidence to chase people down.

Also, in triathlon, there's a larger margin for error (you can have a bad swim, but make up for it with a decent bike and good run), and there seems to be more room for growth and improvement. I'm not sure how much faster I'll get as a runner, but I can get stronger as a cyclist and a swimmer, which may continue to propel me in the sport. So there's excitement in knowing that.

When working out starts to feel like work, I: Call a BRF (or, in my case, a BTF--Best Training Friend) and meet up for a run, bike, or swim. Surrounding myself with strong, ambitious athletes is all the motivation I need!

The pros of a freelance work schedule: The ability to train at various times, to take advantage of daylight and sun (as opposed to working out in the wee hours of the morning or later at night), to be able to manage a bad day or an upsetting email or frustrating project by stepping away from my computer blowing all of those bad feelings off with a run pretty much whenever I need to.

The cons: Without a routine work schedule, time management can be challenging. When I'm extra busy and absorbed with work, I'll tell myself, "I'll have time to work out later," but then later comes and I find myself busy with the kids or unable to get out.

My "push-through" songs: “Dog Days are Over” by Florence + the Machine or “Kick Drum Heart” by The Avett Brothers

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  1. How did I miss you were looking for a triathlete? I am training for my 126th tri and have been doing them for 34 years… but congrats and have a great training/racing year!

  2. Awesome! Welcome new team members… I can definitely relate to Tania but I look forward to reading all your stories 🙂

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