#195: Striving for Big Running Goals

Podcast collage 500x350Sarah welcomes co-host Coach Christine Hinton to talk about setting—and reaching—major running goals. They are “joined” by nearly a dozen mother runners (through voice memos) who share their ambitions, everything from running a half-marathon in under two hours to taking on a 100-mile race for the first time, and everything in between. Coach Christine uses a wonderful mountain analogy for reaching a lofty aspiration, then talks about the importance of chipping away at it. Christine points out the difference in changes a newer runner can achieve in a race versus a more seasoned racer, and she touches on how nutrition can facilitate some changes. The mother runners ruminate on the importance of being mindful of your inner voice—and how to “be your own mom” when it comes to responding to that voice. Sarah coins a new phrase when the conversation turns to ultramarathons, and she drops in the phrase, “flip-turning like a mofo!” at one point. And, as promised, here is the link to dynamic flexibility drills demo’d be Dathan Ritzenhein (and Ryan Sutter).

A trio of calls to action from podcast:

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*Train Like a Mother this spring and have your best training experience—and strongest race—ever. Registrations for 10K, half-marathon, and marathon programs in Train Like a Mother Club are on-going; 5K registration opens in February.

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