Meet #Motherrunner Jamie Richard: ER Nurse + Ultra Runner + All Around BAMR

Jamie Richard, 39, is a mom of two boys in Tacoma, Washington, a pediatric ER nurse, Marathon Maniac (27 and counting with a PR of 3:19), three-time Boston marathoner, ultra runner, NUUN athlete, popular InstaGrammer and blogger. Whew. I’m tired just typing all that.

She’s seriously, dangerously, contagiously enthusiastic, even over the wires. If you were to read her Nurse Runner blog about, say, the 30-day Burpee Challenge, which requires doing 50—FIFTY!—burpees a day for 30 days straight, you might be inspired to try the 30-Day Burpee Challenge yourself. Even if you have studiously avoided doing burpees … ever.

And then you might modify the challenge from 50 burpees down to 30 burpees, because really, 50 burpees is a lot, and probably not even safe. And NO WAY you are doing a pushup in a burpee, even though she does, because that’s just insane. (Plus, can you even DO more than one or two pushups? I can’t.) And after one day of doing 30 burpees, you might abandon the whole enterprise, because really, you don’t want to do any burpees at all. Ever. You just want her abs. And the wine.

Jamie is a featured guest on next week's live Podcast at Nuun HQ in Seattle (RSVP here: there's still room for you!), and in advance of the show, we thought it’d be fun to get to know her a little.

I didn’t tell her how much everything still hurts thanks to my Nurse Runner-inspired one-day 30-burpee challenge. Ouch.

Jamie with her husband and sons Owen, 9, and Aiden, 12

How did you get into running?

My sister in law asked me to run a 5K on Thanksgiving about 8 years ago. I said, “Sure, why not!” I wore yoga pants that looked like pajama bottoms. I had no idea what I was doing! I remember it rained the whole time. I loved every minute of it! I was hooked after that! I signed up for my first half marathon about a week after my first 5K!

And how did that lead to ultras?

I had always been a road runner. My friend had asked me to sign up for a 30K trail race near our house. I am always up for a new challenge, so I said yes. But there was a 50K option. And I chose that one instead. This was about 3 years ago. And again, it rained—no, poured—the whole time! It was so muddy! I loved it!

As far as the 50 milers go, my friend Jason asked me to run a 50-mile trail race with him. We were on the track doing a training run. I said, “Sure, why not!!” Oh man, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I would love to do a 100-mile race some day.

You’re a mom, a nurse, AND an ultra runner! How does that work, schedule-wise?

I work 12-hour shifts. So I mostly do several in a row and then get around 5 days off. My husband is a nurse too. We pretty much work opposite schedules so we don't have to do childcare for the boys. So far, we have made it work. We have never had to send the boys to daycare. My boys are 9 and 12 now. They are finally at the age where I can go on an hour run and leave them at home. I have trails one mile from my house.

I do most of my runs and long runs while the boys are in school. Summers are a bit harder. Soccer starts soon for the boys, so I will use their practice time to run as well. I have to just run when I can fit it in. So I run at any time during the day. Even if that means the hottest part of the day.

Sometimes, people in the professional medical world can be unhealthy. Does that make you “stand out” at work, as the one who IS healthy?

Yes! It totally does. People at work know I run a lot. I also eat really healthy. We have a lot of potlucks. I usually have enough will power to say no to the bad stuff. Coworkers who know me have gotten used to this. But new coworkers just look at me like I am crazy! I think I am known as “the runner” at work. Everyone knows if we have a work meeting on my day off, I am either running before or after the meeting! There are also trails near the hospital.

And why are medical people sometimes unhealthy anyway—is it because of the hours?

I think people in medical field, especially ER nurses, are so busy, we eat what and when we can. The medical field is also known for potlucks. And if you are busy and don’t have time for a lunch break, you just go grab something from the potluck, shove it in your mouth and go back to work.

What's your favorite (run) workout? And your least favorite?

My favorite is probably a tempo run. Not too fast and not too slow. It’s perfect! My least favorite is a speed workout on the track. I avoid that place like the plague! I hate sprinting.

What’s your favorite race and why?

Oh man, this is a hard one! I would say the Boston Marathon. I love the whole weekend and experience. I love that you have to earn a spot at this race. I have run Boston three times now and each time is amazing! I love the town, the race, the volunteers. It's the best!

Tell us about your hardest race:

This one is easy! White River 50 Mile trail race! I ran it last August and it was my third time running it. I am pretty sure I block out all the hard parts before I sign up for this race every year! It's usually 80-90 degrees, and the course is rugged trail with over 10,000 feet elevation gain. It's literally the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

And of course, all important: Favorite Flavor of Nuun?

I have favorite flavors for each kind of Nuun! Watermelon is my favorite electrolyte flavor. Blackberry Citrus for the vitamins, Blueberry Tangerine for the immunity. And Orange Mango for the performance!

Join Jamie, Sarah and co-host + BRF Molly at Nuun HQ
Tuesday, May 28 (next week!) at 7 pm
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  1. Love Jamie ! I follow her on instagram, I had no idea she has just been running for 8 years that’s a little depressing actually lol. But she is inspirational thanks!

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