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And now on to our post…

A few weeks back, we asked the Tribe to share what their proudest running moment has been — and, if they’ve a mind, to send a picture of what a Mother Runner looks like. The Tribe responded — and is a strong, good-looking crew! 

The first part of this series is right here. The second part is here. More parts will follow! You guys sent a lot of photos!

I was afraid to participate last year, but this year I’m doing it. Not much has changed with me in the last year or two, but a lot has changed since I started running again in 2012. I ran track and cross country in high school and then stopped, because of, well, life. When I decided to make a change in my lifestyle to try and get healthy I was over 300 pounds and I couldn’t keep up with my 2 boys — and that was a wake up call for me. So with the help and support of many friends and family, I found running again.

My first year back at running only netted 42 miles and I had big plans for 2013 but then I unexpectedly got pregnant with our daughter, so that put a hiatus on most of my running. I suffered from terrible morning sickness, which lasted all day long for 7 months. I did keep up with walking and such so that when I was cleared for exercising again in December of 2013, I could bounce back. I found MRTT in early 2014, and with their encouragement I ran my first half marathon for my 33rd birthday. I finished in 2:32:38. I ran the whole thing! I wanted to quit, and at moments I thought I might just pass out but my legs kept going. It was, easily, my greatest accomplishment. I’ve made new goals to run a half under 2:30, and I PR’d the RnR D.C. Half the next March, but I’m still working on that goal.

— Heather, 35. Mom to three who has “learned that my weight is just a number, it doens’t define me, and the 25 pounds I’ve put back on since my lowest weight (176 while training for that first half) is not a bad thing, because I’m happy, and I know that these legs can carry me through anything.” Her legs are her favorite body part because she’s run 8 half marathons on them since 2014.

I’ve been a runner for 15 years and my proudest running moment was finishing my second half marathon in November after a very long hiatus. I almost didn’t send a picture in, but I felt particularly badass after today’s run so I thought “what the heck!?”

— April, 39. Mom to two. Her favorite body part is her legs because, she says, they always work.

I feel like I have been running since I came out of my mother’s womb, but, officially, it was junior high track so I guess that is over 25 years of running.
My proudest moments in running are finishing an Ironman in 2015 and finishing my first trail marathon in 2016 – 16 days after a minor surgery to remove a lump behind my ear  and 10 days after finding out the lump was salivary cancer.
I am not the stealthiest runner or really any -est of any anything. I still have my baby carrying pouch, but also strong arms and legs that helped carry and hold all my babies.

— Jeanette, 38. Mom to three. Her favorite body parts are “the laugh lines that are multiplying around my eyes. They are reminders of all the joy, laughter, and wonderful memories that running adventures have given me along the way with my family and friends. I look forward to earning more in the future!”

I’ve really been running consistently since 2005, which coincided with when both my boys were in school. My proudest running moment was last year when I coached and ran with my 75-year-old mom at her first half marathon. Last year, I ran my first 50-mile ultra and my first sprint triathlon — and my proudest moment was seeing my mom accomplish something she thought was impossible!

And, yes, that’s our grapefruit tree.

— Audra, 49. Mom to two teenage boys. Her favorite body part is her butt because according to her running group, she has the best a$$. Without their feedback, she’d say she’d love her legs the most.

I’ve been running for about 3 years. My proudest running moment was getting my 1:48:10 PR in the half at the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedics Half Marathon this past October. I was proud to have been able to do it just over a year after having had my daughter.

— Kelsey, 32. Mom to a one-year old girl. Her favourite (Kelsey is Canadian) body parts are her legs because they feel strong and she likes to dance.

So what is your proudest running moment, BAMR? 

Your favorite body part? 

What do you look like after a run?