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Mother Runner of the Month: Kim Frick


Herzliche Glückwünsche to Mother Runner of the Month this month: Kim Frick, a 50-year-old, Southern California native whose journalism career took her to Zurich, Switzerland about 20 years ago. Kim radiates BAMR enthusiasm and inclusion from across the Atlantic.

Lucy, Debra, Kim and Amy: BAMRS who run together become best of buddies—and inspirations to each other.

Debra Helfand, a fellow BAMR, nominated Kim. Check Debra's testimonial to Kim's contagiousness:

I first met Kim when she was visiting New York City in the fall of 2018; we met up for a humid run in Central Park. I ran NYC in 2017 and had no plans to ever run another marathon, but Kim talked me into running the 2019 Chicago Marathon, which was incredible.  For 2020, Kim and Lucy and I are going to run the Bayshore Marathon together in May, and in September, Kim and I are running Berlin. It's been so much fun training alongside her, even though we're thousands of miles apart.

So yeah, I went from one-and-done to two marathons in a single year. That’s how infectious Kim’s enthusiasm is. The real miracle, though, is how she has inspired me to come out of my introvert’s shell to put myself out there in the BAMR community and take on these adventures.

If you’d told me 8 years ago when I first started running that I would be traveling the world to run, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Kim and her boys, now ages 10 and 14.

I started running: about eight years ago. It was a combination of factors. I wanted to get back in shape after my second son was born so I started taking walks up to the forest and running slowly back downhill. Then I learned my aunt was dying of cancer and I flew to Germany to say goodbye but she was already in a coma and passed later that night. That made me realize that I really had no excuses not to exercise. I was healthy and could wake up early before my husband left for work and get a run in.

The deciding factor: Later I had dinner with some friends, had too much wine and found myself signing up for my first 5K race.

Busting a move in Berlin.

I heart: the marathon. I know it’s a cliche but it’s such a metaphor for life. It’s grueling, you can’t fake it and anything can happen on race day. I love that you train hard for 18 weeks, mostly alone and on race day you’re surrounded by people who have done the same thing and everyone is running for someone or something and for one day we all come together to do the impossible and to prove to ourselves and others that the impossible is possible.

Rock star BAMR: I've run the Berlin Marathon three times, the Hamburg Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and London Marathon. The London Marathon was amazing. I will never have so many people cheering for me ever again.

Beautiful + Badass: "The Aletsch Half Marathon starts 1,950M and then climbs to 2,650M. My best time is 3:29 which is crazy for a half marathon but it’s so steep at the end. They have a water station at 20K which is only 1.1K from the finish line and before I ran it I thought that was so crazy but now I get it!" (BRF Debra is right behind Kim.)

Running in Switzerland: Can be tough because everyone is so super serious about it. I don’t see a lot of runners like me out there. The Zurich marathon has a 5:30 cutoff and there’s only one half marathon I know of that has a 2:30 pacer. Most of them only go up to 2:15. But when I started running I had no understanding of pacers or how fast the Swiss are. Ignorance is bliss!

Case in point: beginning running class, Swiss-style: The first night of the class we ran 10K, in the dark and up a mountain. I was so glad I had been running for a while before taking the “beginner” class. I actually took that class TWICE.

Kim: the BAMR Connector: "In Chicago, Becky and Sarah joined Debra, Lucy and myself for lunch and to hit the expo. After the race I was lucky to have coffee with BAMR Amanda from Colorado (pictured) and I finally got to meet Leslie from Illinois who held a “Go BAMRs!” sign at mile 26. I turned the corner and saw her clear as day in the crowd. It was like out of a movie!"

Can't live without: My prescription Addidas sunglasses

Favorite post-run nosh: I’d love tacos but they’re hard to get here and I’d have to make them myself so I’ll say chocolate milk. It’s fast and easy.

If you’re going to be in Switzerland, try to run: the Aletsch Half. It sells out every year and they only take 2,500 runners but running along the Aletsch Glacier is amazing.

My mantra: Keep showing up.

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4 responses to “Mother Runner of the Month: Kim Frick

  1. Well done Kim. You sound like a true BRF. I’m running Berlin in the fall too! My first out of country race. I hope to meet you and Debra.

  2. She’s absolutely THE best running friend ever. ALWAYS inspiring each of us to do our best and be the best…every day❤️

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