Mother Runner of the Month Award

mother runner of the month

Introducing the #MotherRunner of the Month Award!

Another Mother Runner wouldn't be where it is today without the people that make this tribe unique: YOU.

You inspire, share tips and training advice, cheer and empathize, and motivate your BRF—and plenty of other women—when it seems like nothing else will get her out the door.

To celebrate your beautiful + b*d*ss spirits, AMR is launching a new award: #MotherRunner of the Month.

Every month, we will ask the tribe to nominate either themselves or another #MotherRunner who is deserving of this award. We’ll accept submissions all year long and will announce the winner via a blog post, and on social media. They'll also be a guest on the AMR podcast. 

Perhaps the best part?
Besides being famous on the AMR podcast, blog and social channels, each monthly winner will be entered into a random drawing to win free admission to a 2020 AMR retreat of their choosing.* Yep, you're looking at an 1-in-11 chance to win—or better odds than in Vegas!

*US destinations only. Lo siento but this does not apply to our Mexico retreat!

mother runner of the month

mother runner of the month

What are some of the qualities—and accompanying stories—are we looking for in a #motherrunner of the month?

INSPIRATION: She sparks others to lace up.

CONNECTION: Her nickname might be #motherrunner Pied Piper.

DILIGENCE: She's the type that

GRACE: Her running isn't always lovely, but her attitude is.

B*D*ASSERY: She launches herself out of her comfort zone.

FLEXIBILITY: Her life meanders but her home is always on the road.

CONSISTENCY: Streaks are easy; rest days are torture.

Those are just a few examples of potential #motherrunners of the month. Don't be shy: We're looking for everybody from beginners to BQ'ers to coming-back-from-baby'ers—and feel free to nominate yourself!

Any questions? Happy to help; just email us. We can't wait to read all of the submissions!

Dimity + Sarah

Meet our Mother Runner of the Month February: Gina Halvorson!

We’re thrilled today to announce our first winner of the Mother Runner of the Month: Gina Halvorson of Lockport, Illinois. Gina, a 35-year-old mother of two who works in recruiting, started running in January of 2018, truly fell in love with the sport, and is about to take on her first half-marathon.

When we told her about her award, she wrote back, “Running has honestly been such a game changer for me, so the more I can talk about it and network with other runners, I am happy to do so!”

Read more about her story here!

Meet our Mother Runner of the Month March: Julia Miller!

Congrats to our second Mother Runner of the Month: Julia Miller of Madison, Wisconsin. Julia, an (almost) 43-year-old mother of three has run 21 half-marathons and six marathons and is also an AMR BAMRbassador.

But that's not why her running + karate friend, Danielle, nominated her: "Why I feel she is truly deserving and such a rare breed is her vulnerability. She talks about her sucky choices and acknowledges her impressive milestones and wins. When I hear or read about her rough weeks, it normalizes my tough weeks and encourages me to accept my past and move forward. It happens to all of us, but she is real about it. She is a badass, and a mother, and a runner, and a martial artist, and a role model of mine."

Read more about her story here!



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