I often mull over inane scenarios on my runs. “Which actor would I want to be stranded on a desert island with?” Or, “If I could only vacation in one location for the rest of my life, where would it be?” 

As my weekly mileage steadily creeps up (I’m now in low double digits most weeks!), I have more time to think. The other day it was, “If I could only listen to one album while I ran, what would it be?” 

Post-workout, I posed this question to Team AMR, and here are some of their ride-or-die (run-or-die?) albums. 

Homecoming Live by Beyoncé 

“I’m in the top 1% of Beyoncé listeners on Spotify so this just feels right. Her music makes me want to move!”

—Britany Williams, podcast co-host

Purple Rain by Prince

“This reminds me of some great times as a young adult, and it’s an album I’ve played 1,000 times over and over. Every time Prince comes on, it lights me up.”

—Jennifer Harrison, Heart + Sole and Triathlon Programs Coach

The Greatest Showman soundtrack

“The songs are powerful, meaningful, and I just love their voices.”

—Amy Skorich, Traditional TLAM Club Programs Coach

Folklore by Taylor Swift

“It might not seem like ‘running music’ to some, but it’s a perfect album to get lost in. Released during the
crazy stuck-at-home days of July 2020, this album feels like a warm blanket and has just enough bops to
keep me going for miles.”

—April Hopkins, Train Like a Mother Club customer service

Live by James Taylor 

“I grew up listening to James Taylor’s folk-vibes, and the music is familiar and reassuring. Knowing all the words and being able to sing along is comforting—it feels like an old friend.”

—Melissa Gilley, Retreats Coordinator

running music

Grosse Point Blank soundtrack

“I’m picking this album for two reasons: 1. John Cusack is my celebrity crush, and I love anything he’s involved with. 2. Such a great mix of classic 80s music, with a nice punk flair.” 

—Michelle San Antonio, Community Supporter

Into the Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder

“The sparse guitar notes; the gravely, sexy-AF voice of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder; the lyrical storytelling; and the heartbreaking true backstory give this folksy album a richness that never grows old for me. For several years, whenever I went trail running, this really was the only album I’d listen to!” 

—Sarah Bowen Shea, Chief Brand Director + Podcast Host

“Just listen to only one person’s voice for the rest of my runs? Not for me!  I could probably settle on a single running playlist of 18 songs, but I like variety too much to land on one artist.”

—Erin Pavon, CFO

Your turn: What’s your favorite soundtrack for running?