While snow seems to be as persistent as our kids pleas for sugar, fall races—and all miles of physical work you put into the training—are right around the corner.

As you focus on your goals for the rest of 2018, we encourage you to heavily recruit the most influential organ in your body: Your brain. The Perform Like a Mother Series, three sessions of mental fitness training with sports psychologist Dr. Justin Ross, will help you make your mind as strong as your quads are.

The first session in the series, Setting a High-Performance Foundation, is happening this Tuesday, April 24 at 7-8:30 pm ET/4-5:30 pm PT. 

The 90-minute session is limited to 20 registrants, and the cost is just $20—but the advice you’ll learn will help you with every mile you run from here on out.

You’ve seen the scenario play out before: You start something running-related—a training program, a tempo session on the track, a self-care practice like foam rolling, your target race—and you are gung ho.

You are confident you will NAIL IT this time, despite your history telling you otherwise.

Then the flu invades your house, and three weeks of missed workouts fly by.

Or, demoralized by your splits, you quit the workout halfway through.

Or dinner prep + gymnastics carpool duties + endless emails derail your evening foam rolling plans. (And you were going to plank during every commercial, too!)

Or you get to mile 11 of your half-marathon, totally on goal pace, but your legs are pissed and your mind has WTF on repeat, so you let yourself off the hook.

Here’s the thing: Your intentions aren’t bad. You’re not weak or wishy-washy or wrong.

You just need an assist from the complex organ that lives in your head—a.k.a your brain. It happens to play the starring role in how the rest of your organs and muscles function.

In order to optimize your running, you eat well, you do your push-ups and planks and squats, you foam roll (occasionally, at least).

In order to thrive, you also need to address your mental skills: things like learning how to channel thoughts, deal with anxieties, set appropriate goals, and manage your internal dialogue. When you do that, you can execute the training cycle, race or season—or all three!— that you desire.

Setting a High-Performance Foundation, the first in the Perform Like a Mother series, is on Tuesday, April 24 at 7-8:30 pm ET/4-5:30 pm PT. It is limited to the first 20 registrants. The cost is just $20—but the advice you’ll learn will help you with every mile you run from here on out.

In the 90-minute session, Dr. Justin Ross and your group of #motherrunners will:
★ Find your motivation and learn strategies to minimize road blocks.
★ Set appropriate goals for different chapters of your athletic journey and stage of life.
★ Explore commitment and its challenges and learn to remove intimidation from it.
★ Delineate success for you, a definition that impacts your running—and life.