A quilted sports bra: more supportive than some out there today?

Numero uno gear beef? Bras. Built-in bras that assume we’re uniform from shoulder-to-chest-to-belly. Bras for larger chests that only come in black and white. Bras that chafe. Bras that don’t support. Bras that don’t, as one comment says, “lift, separate, and keep the ladies in place.”

As a 6’3.75” woman, I think I had some karma coming to me. What I got in height, I lack in chestage. Not always a plus, but a definite bonus when it comes to running. What? You don’t think chestage is a word? I’m taking a cue from a DD-runner who writes, “No matter what manufacturers claim, there does not exist a sports bra that will keep DD’s from moving. So. I have to wear two bras to run. In the heat. In Florida. Suckage.” Suckage? Definitely. Got it, Webster?

Ear buds that bop out of your ears also rose to the top of the charts, as did pockets (too small, not enough of ‘em). Tops that aren’t long enough gets an honorable mention; makes me wonder if the long shirt styles, engineered to hide the TMI that low-cut jeans show, has crept into our fashion subconscious. That’s not a bad thing: nobody’s upper crack, no matter how fit, taut, toned the body surrounding it is, is fit for public consumption. And shorts that ride up—and skirts whose hidden shorts don’t stay put—also were common complaints.

Other notable things that popped up and made me smile:

My number one issue is all the freaking pink. I hate it. And I won’t buy it. I’m a woman, not a 7-year-old princess.”
Editor’s note: I used to be a huge light pink fan, until my daughter’s closet has been overrun with pink (who knew there were so many variations in shades?). Now I’ve seen/folded/bought enough pink to be officially pinked out.

“It’s the never-to-be-washed-away stink that some of my favorite running clothes seem to hold that bothers me. And when I say STINK, I mean so totally offensive you want to blame the baby’s diaper….”
Editor’s note: I hear you. The way I’m sure Jessie, our blind lab, knows to hang a left to get into our bedroom? The stench emanating from my workout clothes drawer. SBS penned a fake commercial for Win in RLAM, which works apparently. I believe her, but ordering detergent off the Internet is about number 435 on my to-do list.

Another commented on getting a snag in a new tank with super thin fabric that she’s only worn twice.
Editor’s note: It’s probably front and center, right? Although I know I’d never get around to doing it myself, I’d recommend returning it, if possible. I think manufacturers need to know when their product doesn’t stand up to what it’s made for.

Another rant: “GPS gadgets that never click in. I have just stopped using mine, but still get annoyed sometimes when I run with my friend and she spends the first 10 minutes trying to get her Garmin to work and fretting when it doesn’t because she won’t get the entire run recorded.”
Editor’s note: Guilty as charged both ways: being the annoying friend, and being annoyed.

The random winner is Big Dog Mom, who might be a mother with big feet (me too!) or a mother of Huskies: not sure. Her first entry was the one random.org picked, but then, as I was scrolling through, I realized she has quite a bit of useful information to share.

Some snippets from her multiple comments:

I am a 36D and cannot find a bra I like… scratch that…I did find one that I loved that was made by underArmour but they have discontinued it! I loved that it had padding on the straps over my shoulders. Nice that it did not rub my shoulder raw. It had no hooks or zipper, which require a VAT of Glide to fix. It was padded so that no one knew when the ‘lights were on’! It did not give uniboob; there separate compartments for each of the girls.

The one I still have is so worn and nasty that my husband offered to buy me more. He said I looked like I was going to get a black eye soon from all the bouncing (it was really worn out of shape!), but now it is gone. They no longer make it and an internet search mission turned up empty. Well, none in my size.

She also recommends these as no-slip headphones; even though her husband couldn’t replace her fave bra, she bought him a pair so he wouldn’t steal hers.

Finally, she writes, “I wish companies would ask for feedback from the ‘real people’ that purchaseand use their products. I wish companies would let folks know when they are going to discontinue items so that ‘real people’ can buy all that there is left! Perhaps companies could have reps at races/expos and ask runners they see in their clothing and shoes what they like and don’t like about the products. Just a thought…..

Big Dog Mom, rest easy: I’ve actually sent the links to this blog and the facebook question about it (fyi: you have to post here to win, but feel free to comment on FB as well) to a bunch of peeps in the manufacturing world I know.

Here’s hoping for a built-in sports bra that fits all, doesn’t ride up, has lots of pockets, keeps your buds in your ears, your shorts down and your feet happy. A girl can dream, right?