Doing what you gotta do to get it done.

Can’t-live-without tools used to get in runs: jogging strollers; day care at the gym; gym nannys (love that one: one runner bought a gym membership for a friend who couldn’t afford it, so the friend watches her two boys while the mom works out, then the friend gets to use the gym); in-laws; treadmills in the basement; babysitting swaps; the inner circle of the track, where your kids play and you run; bikes for kids…and on and on. So far, 137 very helpful, smart comments, so if you need some suggestions on how to fit in a run if you’re single, divorced, or have a military husband or is always on the road, be sure to check them out.

Cool that Amanda was our random winner of a very cute, functional BornFit Run Mommy Run outfit, because she represents the resourcefulness of this crowd, who knows that taking time to take care of yourself, no matter how challenging it can be to squeeze in a run, trumps maternal guilt any day. Despite her husband being away, she’s got an ambitious race calender that includes Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half and the Portland Marathon.

Amanda writes:
I’m a military wife, so singledom is the norm. I used to feel guilty for leaving my son at preschool/daycare a little longer so I could get a run in either before or after work. Now I know I have to take care of me in order to be able to care for him and maintain my own sanity during the long months of deployments. I usually take my son to preschool dressed in my running clothes and that way I am certain to get my run in! I also leave weekend runs for races only so I don’t over-use my awesome friend who watches my son during races. I have to get my long runs in on Mondays or Fridays which can be a challenge. And if all else fails I can always take him to the childcare at the YMCA and hit up the treadmill and weight room. But more than anything I rely on my friends. I have one friend in particular who can tell when I am at my wits end and she will come and hang out with my son so I can run! When you are thousands of miles away from any blood-relatives you have to learn to make friends quick. I am so thankful I found the ones I did or I would not be able to run. Period. I can’t afford to pay a sitter for four hours so I can run, so friends are the closest things to grandparents around here.

Glorious long weekend ahead–happy summer!–so there’s 72 hours out there to get in a run. How are you going to make it work?