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BEST FOR: Beginner to intermediate runners who have their sights set on a 50 Mile race, likely on trails.
PREREQS: Have completed a 50K within 12 months of starting program; no injuries, or are on your way to being injury-free—and willing to do the PT work you need to do to stay that way; have a nearby trail you can train on at least 1x/week (more is better); a nearby physical therapist who knows your body + your goals and who you can see regularly, especially in the thick of training; a foam rolling routine you will complete regularly (at least 3x a week); enough time to train and recovery properly (time to prepare food + eat well, foam roll, get adequate sleep)


This 22-week 50 Mile program is designed for beginner to intermediate runners who have their sights set on a 50 Mile race, likely on trails. There are five to six weekly runs and two weekly strength circuits that build a strong, capable body + mind so you can go the distance, feeling solid and happy, on race day.

If you don’t meet them but are drooling at the thought of a 50 Miler, please email us at tlamclub@anothermotherrunner.com and we’ll chat.

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  • *Race Date

    Step One: Select your race date:

    If you don’t know your race date yet, please select a date that you estimate will be close to your race date. When you solidify it, let us know and we can change it.

    Training Date

    Step Two: Your training will begin on:

    Mark this date in your calendar as your official start date! (If your program has already started, no worries; email us and we’ll help you jump in.)

The Details

This 22-week, hands-on program is designed for beginner to intermediate triathletes who have their sights set on a 50 mile run, likely on trails. During the week, runs will be in the 60-70 min. range for distance runs, and 40-50 min for recovery runs. You’ll strength train twice a week, cross-train most weeks once a week, and have one rest day weekly . The longest run in the cycle will be between 5 and 6 hours, with back-to-back weekend runs being a key for success. Time on your feet is MUCH more important than miles for ultra preparation.

Hear Coach Christy talk about her background + the program on AMR Trains: Train Like a Mother Ultra Programs: a Chat with New Coach Christy Scott (find it by searching for Another Mother Runner podcast on major pod channels).

Week 16 includes 3 hours of running on the weekdays; two strength circuits; one yoga session; a training race between 26.2–31 miles; a 30-minute easy run or 60–75 minute walk on Sunday; and a rest day.

You’ll complete a training race of 26.2–31 miles; you also have a split day session, where you run 11 miles, and then 10–12 hours later, run 13 miles. Ideally, you can do this on terrain similar to your race course.

FIRST AND PEAK WEEKS: (explained fully in the program)

All your workouts are accessible via a Training Peaks Account. This free training tool will help you chart the nearly daily growth of your endurance base. It also sends you a daily email with your workouts for today and tomorrow so you can plan accordingly.

Coach Christy is there to help you over speed bumps and answer your questions—and we promise, she’ll never blow a whistle in your face. Not only has Coach Christy designed every facet of your program from your first step through your finish line, she’s also written a weekly newsletter filled with advice and tips that corresponds to your training program.

What’s more, Coach Christy also posts a weekly Ask the Coach column on the private Facebook page, where you can comment with anything that’s on your mind. (If you’re not a Facebooker, you can email us with your question.) We host occasional podcasts with Coach Christy to talk through pacing, injuries, and plenty of other helpful + entertaining topics. Coach Christy also provides regular 1:1 office hours if you’d like have an individual conversation with her.

Additionally, you’ll have access to an ultra-full library of Coach Christy’s yoga classes to guide you through a range of poses that stretch your body in all the right places.

In addition to Train Like a Mother Club, you’ll also be invited to join a private Ultra Challenge club on Strava, where you can track your miles, and a private Ultra Program Facebook page, where you’ll quickly find an army of (funny, empathetic, inspiring) #motherrunner teammates.* You’ll share training tips, stories of good runs and bad, cheer each other on, and push each other out the door. Momentum comes from teamwork, and these Challenges roll on some serious #motherrunner momentum.

*Please note that your membership in both our Strava and Facebook groups and access to the training program coaches are limited to the duration of your training program, plus a few weeks for you to bask in the glow of your race and work with the coaches to help plan your next athletic goal and corresponding training program. Your access to the Facebook group begins when your training program does. You are welcome to request entry up to one month before your starting date.

Upon registration, you will receive a package stocked with training essentials, including GU Roctane Drink Mix, two GU Energy items (an Energy Gel and GU Chews); a pair of blister-banishing Wrightsock running socks; a 2-oz. bottle of Sweat X Odor Eliminator spray; and an AMR sticker for your water bottle or laptop. Over $25 worth of swag!

(Domestic shipping is FREE for all merchandise and training swag packages. International shipping is not currently available but we invite you to participate in any of our online programs! Just email us at tlamclub@anothermotherrunner.com and we will help you bypass the shipping at checkout.)


This 22-week plan will most likely fit your needs, if you are a beginning to intermediate-level ultra runner who is taking on a 50K (31 miles).

In order to thrive in the program, we ask that you have these prereqs:

  • Run at least 50K (road or trail) in the last year;
  • Been running consistently for at least one year;
  • Have a current mileage base of 20-25 miles/week for at least 8-10 weeks. In addition, your weekly long run should be in the 12 mile range;
  • No injuries, or are on your way to being injury-free—and willing to do the work you need to do to stay that way);
  • A nearby trail you can train on at least 1x/week (more is better);
  • The time to commit to not only the running program, but also the recommended strength circuits and weekly yoga.

If you don’t meet them but are drooling at the thought of a 50 Mile, please email us at tlamclub@anothermotherrunner.com and we’ll chat.

TRAINING BASICS: Most weekday runs are 60 minutes or less. Starting in Week 9, the easy endurance weekday run is 75-90 minutes. The weekends have one day for running long (up to 23 miles), and one day for an easy run or walk recovery.

You will strength train two days a week, 20-30 minutes and do a yoga session weekly to get you ready for both the trails and the distance.

LONGEST WORKOUT DISTANCES: You’ll complete one 21-23 miler during Week 15, do a training race (26-31 miles) so you can practice your nutrition plans, try out your gear, and check your fitness in Week 16; and then do one split day session, where you run 11 miles, and then 10-12 hours later, run 13 miles during Week 17. Ideally, you can do all of these runs on terrain similar to your race courrse.

An 8-time 100-mile finisher and personal trainer for over 20 years, Coach Christy is a badass in the best way possible: She doesn’t only push herself, she also loves helping other athletes find their inner badass. A Huntsville, Alabama resident with two grown kids and one dog, she holds a BA in Exercise Science, and certified to coach almost everything from obstacle course training to yoga to TRX.

Hear Coach Christy talk about her background + the program on AMR Trains: Train Like a Mother Ultra Programs: a Chat with New Coach Christy Scott (find it by searching for Another Mother Runner podcast on major pod channels).

No. The fee is for the comprehensive, 22-week training program, unlimited support, miles of resources, exclusive podcasts, and swag package, which will help you achieve a strong 50 miler. At the end of the training cycle, you will participate in the organized 50 miler of your choice; you can also choose to run a 50 miler on your own, if that works better for you.

Yep—and we’ve heard again and again it’s worth it. Staying committed and motivated during the days, weeks, and, yes, months of training can be ridiculously hard. If you can do that—and these programs are all about accountability and inspiration—race day becomes a celebratory victory lap, not a slog full of self-doubt.

Within a few weeks of registration, every participant in a Train Like a Mother program receives a stocked swag package with some of our favorite training essentials. Domestic shipping is now FREE for all merchandise and training swag packages.

We are no longer able to ship internationally, including to Canada. That said, we invite all international runners to participate in any of our online programs! Just email us at tlamclub@anothermotherrunner.com and we will help you bypass the shipping at checkout.

We definitely want this to work into your life and your running lifestyle. You can email us within 2 weeks of starting the program and we will set you up with another plan or a partial credit for an upcoming challenge. We will not be able to issue a straight-up refund.

Yes! With her Ph.D. in nutrition and exercise science, she’s focusing on the nutrition side of things. You can take two on-demand courses with her: (highly recommended) Nutrition for Ultras: On and Off the Trail and Nutrition for Running: Half Marathon and Marathon.

With a smart training plan, doable strength training, and advice on foam rolling and other self-care, we’re going to do our best to keep you injury-free. That said, if you have an injury or illness that totally slays your training, let us know within two weeks. We’ll work with you to get you a partial credit for an upcoming program.


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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for 50 MILE ULTRA

  1. Cecilie (verified owner)

    This program will get you to that 50 mile finish line. The strength and yoga components will help you stay strong and injury free. Coach Christy is always available to answer questions and modify schedule if needed. This program is serious! It has a built in 50k race and high mileage, you will push yourself to new levels and toe the 50 mile line confident in your training.

  2. Marit Fischer (verified owner)

    This program is marketed for beginner and intermediate runners and that’s true. What this also is is a comprehensive, affordable, professional, and adaptable plan for any busy mother-worker with experience to know how to complement and adapt with what she needs to achieve her goals, but who would like a packaged base plan for the necessary building of miles, endurance, and strength. That’s me. I didn’t run a 50-mile race. For my 50th birthday celebration, I ran what was, by the map, a 50-mile self-supported traverse with one friend through the Olympic Mountain Range. It ended up being 57 miles due to washouts, windfall, and some need for trail-finding along the way. Once we started, we were committed. There was no place to bail along the way. My friend and I carried our own fast packs with all we’d need, and filtered our water along the way. Thanks to this plan-as-base, I was well trained for the day and had no doubts ever that I was in great shape to do what I was doing. A few things of note. I liked the strength workouts, though having only two to choose from for the entire training program was a bit less variety than I prefer. I often did my own strength workouts or swapped out with Pilates. I did Coach Christy’s yoga only when I was stuck and didn’t have another option locally or didn’t feel like guiding myself through a session. I love her coaching versatility and the fact that there are so many yoga sessions to choose from (one added each month), but her sessions did, at times, feel a bit more like the team captain leading us through some pre-game stretches. I’ve learned over the years that finding the right yoga instructor for you can be a quest unto itself, so I appreciate that this would be a match for lots of people, it just wasn’t for me. I’m not on Facebook anymore so didn’t use that part of the offering, and I never once contacted Coach Christy for guidance. I had enough experience to adapt the plan if ever I needed to. I did join the Strava group and really liked that way of tracking progress and seeing what others were up to (since I did all my training with only my dog as partner). I did try to connect with other mother runners by giving kudos and commenting on their efforts, but only one woman, halfway across the country and at a similar place in her training, responded and engaged. We’re still Strava friends and I’m psyched. Even just one new friend is awesome! I like the effort AMR made to promote ways to connect and I would guess that maybe other training plan groups are more actively communicative and supportive of each other. Who knows? Maybe this group was all about Facebook, and I just didn’t know because I wasn’t there. In all, this plan worked really well for me and I recommend it. In fact, I’ve already referred other women to AMR for the training plans that are right for their own worthy adventure, whatever the distance.

  3. Jorie Gelnett (verified owner)

    I just finished my 5th 50mile race. This was the 3rd or 4th time I have used this training plan. It is very straightforward and not overwhelming at all. The FB group was helpful if I needed to make an adjustment to my training and Coach Christy answered quickly with advice. I like that it is affordable and the swag is great too. I sometimes wonder what other training plans are out there as I’m very familiar with this one but then I come back to reality and ask myself “why fix something that isn’t broken.” Highly recommend AMR, TLAM and the 50mile training program!

  4. Elisa Sundahl (verified owner)

    I loved this program! This was my third 50 miler and I have followed other programs, but this was by far more versatile. It was the very first time I have hired a coach to guide me and it didn’t disappoint. The structure was exactly what I wanted and needed. After the first three weeks of the strength workouts, I ended up switching it up and working out on my own as I was getting kind of bored with them. I did yoga on my own as well, so can’t comment on that part of it. Overall, I loved this and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to conquer an ultra. Thank you for getting me to the finish line and giving me the plan to reach my goal time 😊

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