Welcome to AMR Trains, a new podcast under the Another Mother Runner pod umbrella and based on the Train Like a Mother Club.

In this podcast that comes out every other Tuesday, we’re going to focus on topics related to training: everything from the best cross-training for runners to how to mentally stay in a race and how to optimally nourish your body. Our guests will include Train Like a Mother Coaches, a variety of #motherrunners talking about their athletic feats (because we love vicarious racing and training!), and other engaging experts.

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#18: Running Through Grief

The first part of a double feature, this podcast and the weekly Another Mother Runner podcast (out on Friday) share a theme: grief and running. Today, Dimity chats with therapist Kate Kneifel, the host of the Full of Shift podcast, about the nature of grief—and how exercise can be a magic drug.

Kate explains:
—why loss often makes us do the “discomfort dance,” but ultimately needs to be recognized;—how the pattern of emotions from loss to grief is similar, whether you’ve lost a school event (an 8th grade graduation, for instance) or a spouse;
—why running—or any exercise—brings on transformative physical and mental benefits;
—how to hold space for and help a friend who is grieving without trying to fix it.

Here's the program Dimity recommends for Kate, who's returning to running after an injury.

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#17: Random Training Accidents

Inspired by a true story, this episode is all about random training accidents: Not IT Band Syndrome or stress fractures, but unexpected issues that pop up when you least expect them.

Listen (and wince!) as Megan Lang, an Ohio mother runner, explains how she sustained a hematoma on her vagina (OUCH!) while on a spin bike. She explains:

  • how this was her first—and likely last—time on the bike;
  • the doctors’ reactions to her unusual injury; and,
  • how she handled the healing process.


#16: Adrienne Martini Runs a Naked 5K

Taking one for the vicarious living team, Adrienne Martini bared her buns—and most everything else—in the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K. On this entertaining podcast, she bares, among other things:

  • the impetus behind getting out of her comfort zone;
  • why she opted to wear a sports bra. (Hint: It wasn’t all for support!); and,
  • whether or not she’d do it again.

Here's Adrienne's race account, which interweaves the story of dropping her oldest at college for the first time.

#15: Train Like a Mother Ultra Programs: a Chat with New Coach Christy Scott

The Train Like a Mother Club welcomes Christy Scott, an ultra runner, personal trainer, and running coach who has designed new 50K (20 weeks) and 50-mile (22 weeks) programs. The two discuss:

  • the allure of the ultra—and how it is doable for nearly every runner;
  • how Christy ran 133 miles once—and plans to go longer next year;
  • specifics of the two new programs, including why Sundays are always easy days; and,
  • why pacing or volunteering at an aid station can help with your own ultra goals.


#14: Run to the Finish with Amanda Brooks

Today Dimity chats with Amanda Brooks, a running coach who goes by Run to the Finish on social media—and in book stores. Her book Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner’s Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run was released this spring.

In addition to talking about such important topics as the best pizza in Denver, the duo discuss:
-why making one change at a time is a helpful, doable philosophy;
-the biggest thing that makes a difference in Amanda’s running;
-how to work gratitude miles into your everyday runs; and,
-why Amanda (mostly) gave up dairy.


#13: Running through the Pandemic: Pro Runner Neely Gracey Shares Her Secrets

Pro runner Neely Gracey, an eight-time collegiate national champion and three-time Olympic qualifier, had big plans for 2020. But the pandemic threw her—and us—a big bend in the road, and she’s actually grateful for the interruption.

Tune in to find out:
-the three ways Neely tracks her current fitness gains;
-what she learned from her series of recent virtual 5Ks;
-why simple process goals ("I will take 10 deep breaths today") are key to her positive mindset;
-how her dog, Sprinter, became a Runner's World cover model.


Learn to Love the Run You’re With

Dimity and Sarah chat with Coaches Jen and Liz in a special ad-free episode to discuss AMR’s exciting new virtual running event series—and also to explore themes this program fosters, such as teamwork, camaraderie, consistency, and so on. As Coach Jen reminds us: “You never regret putting miles in the bank. People need to stay fit and have a purpose.”


#12: Warm Weather Running Gear

In this first of a multi-part series, Dimity chats with Cynthia Vissers, a #motherrunner and running gear guru who has answered countless questions during her four-year stint at a running specialty store. The duo focus on warm-weather running gear, including tips and recommendations for hydration packs and vests, sunscreens, lightweight tops, chafing solutions, and running masks.

Hydration Vests
Nathan Vaporhowe
Camelback Women’s Circuit Vest

Chafing Creams
Squirrel’s Nut Butter
Megababe Thigh Rescue
Hooha Ride Glide

Lightweight Tanks
Nike Breathe Tank
Oiselle Flyte Tank

Fotowater Isdin Fusion Water SPF 50+
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch

Hats for Smaller Heads
Nike Aerobill Tailwind
Oiselle Foldable Roga Hat
AMR Hats + Visors

Face Masks
Buff Original
Oiselle Flyout Gaiter
UnderArmour Sports Mask
Adidas Face Mask
Athleta Face Masks


#11: How to Raise a Runner

Dimity talks to three generations of runners—a 74-year-old grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter—to get the family's perspective on how to help kids start and enjoy running. The trio let us in on:

  • why a 5K is a great place to get youngsters started;
  • what to say—or not to say—when a kid is complaining on a run;
  • why a parent's mantra should be, "no pressure"; and,
  • how modeling healthy behavior is the best influence of all.


#10: Running in the Heat

According to our Weather Girl sources, humidity is rising—and so are temperatures. Don’t head for the treadmill just yet; listen in as Dimity chats with Train Like a Mother Club coaches Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat to get their tips and tricks on how to handle summer running. Their advice includes:

  • how long it takes your body to acclimate to warmer weather;
  • what workouts are best done super early—or on the treadmill;
  • best hydration practices before and during a run; and,
  • the shorts Coach Jen can’t live without.


#9: The Athlete’s Gut

Getting in line for the Port-a-Potties at every race start, Dimity talks to Dr. Patrick Wilson, Ph.D., R.D., author of the newly released book The Athlete’s Gut: The Inside Science of Digestion, Nutrition and Stomach Distress.

Among other things, Patrick explains:

  • common causes of cramps and diarrhea;
  • the science behind your body burning fats v. carbs;
  • the only scientifically proven way to stop side stitches; and,
  • why mindfulness can help your intestines calm down.

Interested in being a potential future Athlete’s Gut research participant? Follow Patrick on Twitter.


#8: DIY Ultras: How Two Women Ran Virtual 50Ks

Dimity talks to two women who each recently ran 50K on their own because of COVID-19: Kelli Anderson, a stay-at-home mom of two in the Yukon Territory, and Lora Morgan, a veterinarian and stepmother of one in Georgia.

Tune in to learn:

  • how Lora got through the miles going back and forth on her long, dirt driveway;
  • why Kelli set up her aid station in the garage, not in her house;
  • the helpful beauty of doing the exact same lap again and again; and,
  • how both women got through the rough spots of a long, long day.


#7: How to Happily Run in the Rain

Helping you lean into—not curse—April’s showers, Dimity chats with Sarah, a proud Pacific Northwester, about how to embrace the wet—and refreshing—runs in the rain. The duo covers:

  • Best attire to keep you comfortable;
  • How to minimize chafe + phone damage;
  • How to mentally embrace—and enjoy—the challenge;
  • And why a rainy day trumps a hot or windy day for running.


#6: a DIY Marathon: What to Do with Cancelled Races

Dimity (remotely) cozies up with Meghan Vanasek, a mother of four in Durham, N.C., whose  first marathon, mere days away, was cancelled because of the coronavirus situation. On race day, Meghan ran her own solo marathon. Meghan divulges:

  • the conflicting emotions she experienced when her race was canceled;
  • the alternatives she considered before plotting her own race;
  • how she set up her route and aid stations;
  • what helped her get through the tough miles; and,
  • why this race, “was not at all what [she] envisioned but, in some ways, was better.”


#5: Strength Training + Running: Solving the Equation

Dimity chats with Dr. Ellie Sommers, a USATF Level 1 Certified Run coach, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Weightlifting Coach, and owner of SISU Sports Performance and Physical Therapy in Seattle about:

  • if runners truly need to strength train for performance (it’s not the answer you expect!);
  • why it’s especially important for women to lift weights;
  • vow varied strength training fits with the race training cycle;
  • what her favorite moves for female runners are; and,
  • why you should challenge yourself in the gym. “Pick something heavier than you usually do,” she says, “You might surprise yourself.”


#4: Talking Olympic Marathon Trials with Qualifier Ashley Paulson

Ashley Paulson, a mom of four and former pro triathlete, will be running in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 29.


  • how she almost missed her qualifying time—and squeaked in by 10 seconds;
  • her mantra for her qualifying marathon (file under: #goodenough);
  • the treadmill workout she thrashes (hint: it involves 70 reps); and,
  • how she’s approaching the most competitive marathon of her career.


Episode #3: Training for + Running the 2019 Chicago Marathon

Host Dimity McDowell talks with Julie Masson, a Kansas City mother of three who took on her first marathon after only a year of running.


  • How her GPS misled her on race day;
  • How she realized her hydration needed a tune-up;
  • How her phone factored into a TMI incident; and,
  • How she’ll never look at a finisher’s medal the same way again.

Find the right Train Like a Mother Club Marathon Training program for you.


Episode #2: Setting—and Achieving—Seasonal Goals
Host Dimity McDowell talks with Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat, Chicago-area triathlon and running coaches who oversee the Heart + Sole and Triathlon programs in the Train Like a Mother Club.

Find out:

  • the best guidelines for setting a goal;
  • why goals don’t necessarily need to be PR- or time-related;
  • the single most important thing achieving goals (it’s easier than you think!); and,
  • what BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) Coach Liz is aiming for in 2020.


Episode #1: How to Stop Sugar Cravings
Before host Dimity McDowell dives into fartleks and finish lines, she tackles a subject that affects our training—and our moods, metabolism, and pretty much everything else: sugar—and how to minimize its effect on us.

In this first episode, Dimity talks to dietician Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, the expert behind Simply Nourished Like a Mother and Metabolic Reset, who helps us back away from the Ben + Jerry’s.
Simply Nourished Like a Mother, an 8-week foundational program, runs from January 13 to March 9.
Metabolic Reset, a 12-week program focused on weight loss and metabolic makeover, runs from January 13 to April 5.



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