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In this podcast that comes out every other Tuesday, we’re going to focus on topics related to training: everything from the best cross-training for runners to how to mentally stay in a race and how to optimally nourish your body. Our guests will include Train Like a Mother Coaches, a variety of #motherrunners talking about their athletic feats (because we love vicarious racing and training!), and other engaging experts.

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#11: How to Raise a Runner

Dimity talks to three generations of runners—a 74-year-old grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter—to get the family's perspective on how to help kids start and enjoy running. The trio let us in on:

  • why a 5K is a great place to get youngsters started;
  • what to say—or not to say—when a kid is complaining on a run;
  • why a parent's mantra should be, "no pressure"; and,
  • how modeling healthy behavior is the best influence of all.


#10: Running in the Heat

According to our Weather Girl sources, humidity is rising—and so are temperatures. Don’t head for the treadmill just yet; listen in as Dimity chats with Train Like a Mother Club coaches Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat to get their tips and tricks on how to handle summer running. Their advice includes:

  • how long it takes your body to acclimate to warmer weather;
  • what workouts are best done super early—or on the treadmill;
  • best hydration practices before and during a run; and,
  • the shorts Coach Jen can’t live without.


#9: The Athlete’s Gut

Getting in line for the Port-a-Potties at every race start, Dimity talks to Dr. Patrick Wilson, Ph.D., R.D., author of the newly released book The Athlete’s Gut: The Inside Science of Digestion, Nutrition and Stomach Distress.

Among other things, Patrick explains:

  • common causes of cramps and diarrhea;
  • the science behind your body burning fats v. carbs;
  • the only scientifically proven way to stop side stitches; and,
  • why mindfulness can help your intestines calm down.

Interested in being a potential future Athlete’s Gut research participant? Follow Patrick on Twitter.


#8: DIY Ultras: How Two Women Ran Virtual 50Ks

Dimity talks to two women who each recently ran 50K on their own because of COVID-19: Kelli Anderson, a stay-at-home mom of two in the Yukon Territory, and Lora Morgan, a veterinarian and stepmother of one in Georgia.

Tune in to learn:

  • how Lora got through the miles going back and forth on her long, dirt driveway;
  • why Kelli set up her aid station in the garage, not in her house;
  • the helpful beauty of doing the exact same lap again and again; and,
  • how both women got through the rough spots of a long, long day.


#7: How to Happily Run in the Rain

Helping you lean into—not curse—April’s showers, Dimity chats with Sarah, a proud Pacific Northwester, about how to embrace the wet—and refreshing—runs in the rain. The duo covers:

  • Best attire to keep you comfortable;
  • How to minimize chafe + phone damage;
  • How to mentally embrace—and enjoy—the challenge;
  • And why a rainy day trumps a hot or windy day for running.


#6: a DIY Marathon: What to Do with Cancelled Races

Dimity (remotely) cozies up with Meghan Vanasek, a mother of four in Durham, N.C., whose  first marathon, mere days away, was cancelled because of the coronavirus situation. On race day, Meghan ran her own solo marathon. Meghan divulges:

  • the conflicting emotions she experienced when her race was canceled;
  • the alternatives she considered before plotting her own race;
  • how she set up her route and aid stations;
  • what helped her get through the tough miles; and,
  • why this race, “was not at all what [she] envisioned but, in some ways, was better.”


#5: Strength Training + Running: Solving the Equation

Dimity chats with Dr. Ellie Sommers, a USATF Level 1 Certified Run coach, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Weightlifting Coach, and owner of SISU Sports Performance and Physical Therapy in Seattle about:

  • if runners truly need to strength train for performance (it’s not the answer you expect!);
  • why it’s especially important for women to lift weights;
  • vow varied strength training fits with the race training cycle;
  • what her favorite moves for female runners are; and,
  • why you should challenge yourself in the gym. “Pick something heavier than you usually do,” she says, “You might surprise yourself.”


#4: Talking Olympic Marathon Trials with Qualifier Ashley Paulson

Ashley Paulson, a mom of four and former pro triathlete, will be running in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 29.


  • how she almost missed her qualifying time—and squeaked in by 10 seconds;
  • her mantra for her qualifying marathon (file under: #goodenough);
  • the treadmill workout she thrashes (hint: it involves 70 reps); and,
  • how she’s approaching the most competitive marathon of her career.


Episode #3: Training for + Running the 2019 Chicago Marathon

Host Dimity McDowell talks with Julie Masson, a Kansas City mother of three who took on her first marathon after only a year of running.


  • How her GPS misled her on race day;
  • How she realized her hydration needed a tune-up;
  • How her phone factored into a TMI incident; and,
  • How she’ll never look at a finisher’s medal the same way again.

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Episode #2: Setting—and Achieving—Seasonal Goals
Host Dimity McDowell talks with Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat, Chicago-area triathlon and running coaches who oversee the Heart + Sole and Triathlon programs in the Train Like a Mother Club.

Find out:

  • the best guidelines for setting a goal;
  • why goals don’t necessarily need to be PR- or time-related;
  • the single most important thing achieving goals (it’s easier than you think!); and,
  • what BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) Coach Liz is aiming for in 2020.


Episode #1: How to Stop Sugar Cravings
Before host Dimity McDowell dives into fartleks and finish lines, she tackles a subject that affects our training—and our moods, metabolism, and pretty much everything else: sugar—and how to minimize its effect on us.

In this first episode, Dimity talks to dietician Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, the expert behind Simply Nourished Like a Mother and Metabolic Reset, who helps us back away from the Ben + Jerry’s.
Simply Nourished Like a Mother, an 8-week foundational program, runs from January 13 to March 9.
Metabolic Reset, a 12-week program focused on weight loss and metabolic makeover, runs from January 13 to April 5.



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