You first heard about Sarah’s new-found restorative sleep last month when she told you about her secret weapon: ZzzQuil PURE Zzzs Restoative Herbal Sleep tablets. Since then she’s been snoozing along peacefully and has inspired other BAMRs to jump on the Pure Zzzs train! Check out their experiences with Pure Zzzs—if you’re in a sleepless rut or if the shift to Daylight Saving Time is hitting you hard, maybe it’s time to give these melatonin-free sleep aids a try!

“Pure Zzzs Restorative Herbal Sleep tabs are worth EVERY cent!  I am a 56-year-old post menopausal woman, and my hubby is a prostate cancer patient going through hormonal and radiation therapies. Both of us struggled greatly with getting a solid sleep despite trying many sleep tactics and products. Enter Pure Zzzzs! After using this product for a week, we both relaxed quicker and stayed asleep longer. We are sold on this product.  And since it’s melatonin-free and herbal based, we feel comfortable taking it long term.” Lorinda D, MN

“Some nights, I have a hard time turning off my brain and falling asleep quickly. Thankfully, I’ve been introduced to Pure Zzzs Restorative Herbal Sleep. It’s a melatonin-free sleep supplement made with a botanical blend that contains clinically studied plant-based ingredients valerian root, hops, and Passion flower.” April H.; CA


“Currently on my nightstand: Charging cords, ceiling fan remote, sound machine, some fine jewelry from one of my kids … and ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Restorative Herbal Sleep supplement. We all know rest is key for moms, so I was grateful to try this product. I’ve been taking it for more than week now (because you should use nightly for 7 days for best results), and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep! I don’t know about you, but I’m such a different person when I wake up well rested.” Tami B.; OH

I’m generally a light sleeper, and I typically wake frequently during the night and have trouble falling back to sleep (thank you, perimenopause). Although I’ve resisted taking any drug or hormone-based sleep aids, I felt good about trying a plant-based, non-addictive supplement. After the first couple of nights of taking ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs, I was a little annoyed that I was waking up before my alarm went off, but then I realized that I was no longer waking in the middle of the night and having trouble falling back to sleep. Instead, I was waking in the morning when my body was well-rested and ready to conquer the day—and waking up before my alarm meant that I got to have my first cup of coffee in peace all by myself! I’m a fan of this product because I’m definitely sleeping better and waking up well rested.” – Kristen G.; MN

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Some people may need to take the product longer to achieve optimal sleep benefits. Use nightly for 7 days for best results.