Let’s be honest: We all love a little TMI. It means we’re all human; it means we all push ourselves because we love running. You may recall Melissa’s special moment, which involved a Disney marathon and a heavy flow (“Day TWO, people!”). She can’t really top that one, so she’s off today’s TMI list, but the rest of AMR’s Role Mothers are bravely revealing the TMIs of their running careers. Props to them to opening up and telling it like it is! Read below and, should you feel so forthcoming, add your own in the comments section.

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Sarah, the triathlete
In college–no thanks to a crummy diet–I developed a chronic case of “runner’s trots” (google it for the graphic definition). While there were days when my stomach, it seemed like the longer–and harder–I went, the worse off I was. Pretty soon, I began carrying a roll of toilet paper with me on longer runs, just in case I had to dip into the woods to “relieve” myself. While annoying and painful, there was one good thing to come of it all. My sensitive stomach forced me, for the first time ever, to really look at my diet and pay attention to how I fueled before and after running. It took me a few years to figure out, but I was able to pinpoint the type of foods that irritated my stomach, and in turn, I started to eat a more balanced, proper diet and became much more in tune with my body and digestive system. Though I’m not immune to the occasional sour stomach, those panic-induced sprints into the woods are a thing of the past.


Beneath that polish lies…the black toenail

Ashley, the beginner
Once my mileage started increasing, my feet started to take a turn for the worse: I got black toenails! I tried all different remedies, from tying my shoes differently to new socks, but they’re here to stay. I’ve upped my pedicure game to them up.

Nicole, the regular runner
I sweat. A lot. If I could create a TMI-solving product, I would make some ultra-magical wicking running underwear and bra set. The damp, sweaty feeling once the run is over is so not my favorite.

Pam, the grandmother
What I’ve learned about my body since running is that I sweat a lot, pee a lot, and the hemorrhoid you developed when giving birth some 30 years ago doesn’t like running long distances, it started bleeding on long runs. And if you mention this to your doctor he will advise you have a colonoscopy even if you just had one when you turned 50 and weren’t due to have another for 5 years or so. And the really fun thing they found on said colonoscopy was that I had a small anal fissure. So now I have a “special prescription” that I use to heal said fissure and I am now that person who adds flavorless fiber powder to her morning coffee and her evening cup of tea.


Tania role mother

Tania reacting to her own post-run scent

Tania, the sputterer
I really stink after a run. I mean, I know people smell some after sweating and working out,  but it’s kind of ridiculous how bad I smell. I think it’s gotten worse the older I get. I’m not sure if it’s because I sweat more or old lady hormones or what. But it’s embarrassing when I have to pick up the kids from the bus stop after a run.

What’s your TMI?