Running Resolutions: This Year I Will…

Running resolutions from SarahAnnnnnd, we're back--raring to go for the New Year! On Monday, January 4, we unveil our brand new Challenge website, called Train Like a Mother Club. Whether you're signing up for your first 5K, doubling down for a 10K, have your eye on a half-marathon, or taking on the whole enchilada of a marathon, the new website has what you need to get to the starting line healthy and well trained--and across the finish line with a smile on your face. Not looking to race? The site has your back with a 5-week keep-moving plan.

But to keep your juices flowing between now and Monday, we have brought back our This Year I Will...badges. We're not much for resolutions around AMR: too formal and rigid. Instead, we like to put forth our best intentions. More of a warm hug than a bear hold. running resolutions from Dimity

Now you're up, friend.

We want you create your own intention(s) for 2016. Can be minor, can be major, can be a single item, can be a list. The most important thing thing is list whatever feels right and do-able to you right now as you contemplate the upcoming year. While we want you to take a few steps outside of your comfort zone (e.g. Dimity doing her first ultra!), keep one foot grounded in reality. We want you to stay healthy and motivated beyond, oh, the first two weeks of January.running resolutions for Jonna

Fill in the blank This Year I Will... (below) with your 2016 goal(s) in words. Decorate it if you want with photos, virtual stickers, whatnot. (Dimity uses, a free picture-editing/collage-making app. Its Overlay feature lets you put in your own pictures.)running resolutions blank

If pulling the above jpg onto your desktop isn't working for you, you can also access the template as a PDF through this link. 

Once you're happy with your creation, we'd love for you to share your creation with the world, to help keep you accountable. (For the sake of social media, we're calling them #AMRresolutions.) Here are a few options:

1. Share on our Facebook page with the hashtag #AMRresolutions.
2. Tweet it to us @TheMotherRunner with the hashtag #AMRresolutions.
3. Instragram it, giving us a head's up by using @themotherrunner and use the hashtag #AMRresolutions.

Next Tuesday, we'll be sharing a few more of these beauties from a few other gals on Team AMR.

Here's to many happy, healthy, strong miles to all in 2016!Running resolutions Denise

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