TikTok Space Cadet
Newbie runners, wannabe-marathoners, and lovers of sly, silly humor, this is your episode! Sarah and Coach Liz gab with TikTok sensation Mrs. Space Cadet (a.k.a. mom of three Erin Azar). Erin shares: 
-how filming videos keeps her company on rural runs; 
-that she has no clue why folks follow her on social media; 
-details of her first in-person race (at long last!), a recent 18-miler; 
-her fave running gear, including hydration vest, shorts, and GU flavors; and,
-the long, bumpy road leading her to this year’s New York City Marathon. 
Before Mrs. Space Cadet joins at 17:05, the hosting duo each confess to surreptitiously disposing of family belongings.

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