A must-listen if you wonder how running can impact your bladder, menstrual cycle, menopause, and lady bits. Guest expert Jennie Draper, M.D., an OB/GYN and Ironman triathlete, “goes there” with wisdom and wit, egged on by co-host Molly Williams (she of the BVE—“Big Vulva Energy”). Dr. Draper details:

-surprising ways to combat urinary incontinence on the run;
-the importance of vaginal lubrication—and how to maintain it;
-tips to optimize running performance based on your menstrual cycle;
-options for lightening, or even alleviating, a heavy period; and,
-how menopause is different for everyone.

In the intro, besties Sarah and Molly give injury-updates; the guest joins the duo at 12:38.

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