Whether you’re contemplating getting pregnant, currently have a bun in the oven, or are years out from being preggers, you’ll thoroughly enjoy learning and laughing from this episode! Co-host/guest Britany Williams is a personal trainer with certification in postpartum exercise—and she’s 23 weeks pregnant with her first child, so she overshares on a slew of practical and TMI topics, including:

-signs anyone (pregnant or not!) can watch for that might signal an injury;
-leakage while in motion—and how to stop it;
-abdominal wall separation and core work guidance;
-best practices for returning to running postpartum; and,
-itchy skin in the most surprising of spots!

In the intro, hear what “quirky” fitness goal Sarah is considering—and how Britany can help her achieve it. The convo switches to pregnancy around 9:08.


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