Why This Tribe Is 100% Awesome

We noticed a theme to our recent commentary flowing in from all of you mother runners. Maybe it's the questions we're asking or the carefree joy we're feeling now that school is back in session, but you're all part of a really supportive and caring group. We're sharing some highlights from the many, many comments we received on both the Retreat giveaway and the TMI Tuesday Facebook post. Check out all the lovely sentiment rolling in.

Amanda and her BRFs at last year’s PNW Spartan Team Wonder Woman event.
Everyone here is a bunch of Wonder Women...


From the giveaway comments, which asked who you'd bring if you won:

I would bring my childhood BFF Carly because we’ve been running through life for nearly 25 years and our best conversations happen on the trail. —Robyn

I would bring my Mom! [She] is the one person who has always motivated me to run and made me feel like I was always number one no matter how good or bad I really did!  —Sarah

I would bring my BRF Melissa because she truly understands the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits that running has brought to our mornings. —Taryn

I would bring my friend Rochelle, because she reminds me what is possible! #runningforabetterme —Maggie

I would bring my friend of over 28 years, Kelly, we are both runners and moms of 3 young children but she lives across the country from me and I miss her dearly! —Lacey

I want to bring my little sister, she doesn’t think she can be a runner and I want to show her she can! —Molly

I would bring my best running friend who has lost her love of running and needs to be reminded. —Tiffany

I would bring my BFF Amy, who was recently fitted with a prosthetic blade and is ready to gain some confidence running again. —Elizabeth

I would bring my dearest friend, Skye, who helped me believe I could be a runner by becoming one first. She’s working to take back her body after baby #2 and I’m constantly working to balance my life (busy wife, mom, and educator) with precious daily “me” time (running=my therapy=my happy, best self!). —Allison

I would bring my BRF, Beth! She is one badass mother runner…and the only other crazy mother runner to get up at 5am to run with me. I’m training for a half. She comes along just to support me. —Jody

And here's a round-up of awesome responses to our Facebook post:

I went on a missions trip and facetimed in to my BRF regular Tuesday run once!!! —Victoria

I miss my weekly runs with Kimberly Dupps Truesdell so much! Probably the worst part of my knee injury. —Tami

My BFF and I have been separated for long stretches all summer but now finally her son is in college. I'm thrilled for (me) him. Lol. —Denise

Cherish that BRF. After 10 years, I have yet to meet someone local, my speed, and crazy enough to run with me more than occasionally. Enjoy. —Dede

I don't know what I would do without my BRF, Lori Schumann Baldovin! Our running together is more therapy than anything else! If we miss just one week I feel lost. —Rhondi

My BRF Stacey and I couldn't line things up for almost 6 months! By the time we ran again, we had so much to tell each other, I think we got more exercise from talking than from running! —Erica

Anything you'd like to add about the AMR community?

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