Week 8, AMR Virtual 5K: Keeping Each Other Accountable & the Power of the Running Community

Mandi and Aimee, savoring some post-workout bliss together.
Mandi and Aimee, savoring some post-workout bliss together.

This week we check in with Aimee and Mandi, BRFs training alongside each other. The pair has realized just how much they need each other, as well as the amazing strength of the running community following the Boston Marathon explosions.

1.) In a nutshell, how would you describe your training at this point?

A: Slow. Full of excuses. Powerful and enlightening. All wrapped into one. When I was heavy I chose to work out alone. Now I cannot stand to be alone running. I need the motivation and competition of a workout partner.

M: Hard to find time. Busy semester at work. Looking forward to the end of the semester when I can focus on me again.

2.) The past couple of weeks have been tough for the running community. How are you both feeling following the events in Boston, and how has it affected your training.

A: Boston made me see how much of a family the running community is. Tuesday also marked the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings. The sadness I felt on Tuesday made me want to get out in the sunshine to reenergize and connect with Mandi and the great big moving world.

M: I’m feeling inspired…by the running community, by my friends and family. Yesterday, Aimee and I had one of the best and hardest workouts we’ve had in quite a while.

Aimee and friends after her recent Color Me Rad 5K.
Aimee and friends after her recent Color Me Rad 5K.

3.) Last update, you both expressed some frustration over training runs getting derailed by life. Has this been an issue lately, or have you found ways to feel like you're on track?

A: With the calendar counting down to my two big spring runs (this past Saturday's Color me Rad 5K and the Foam Fest 5K/BAMR5K in less than three weeks) I've had to stay focused on training and eating better. We are finally over our colds and bad schedules and I've made more time to focus on myself.

M: I’m starting to see the light at the end of the semester. Once I get through this, I can start refocusing on myself. Unfortunately, I ended up not participating in the Color Me Rad 5K this past weekend. But, I’m stoked about the 5K Foam Fest in about two weeks. It’s just Aimee and I running, so I know our competitive spirits will be in full force!

4.) What have you learned from your training so far?

A: That I have to have a support system to keep me focused and motivated. I cannot do this alone.

M: I completely agree with Aimee. I need a support system to keep me focused, motivated, and positive. I’ve also learned that my new running shoes have made the world of difference in how I run and how I have less aches and pains.

One response to “Week 8, AMR Virtual 5K: Keeping Each Other Accountable & the Power of the Running Community

  1. Way to go, girls! My training has been derailed by life too, these past few weeks. It’s hard to keep going. My goal at this point is to just run the entire 5K I’m signed up for on May 11th and 25th without walking….or without walking too much! Sounds like you two are doing great!

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