Let’s hear it for the birthday girl!

The written word is Dimity’s love language. So instead of flowers or even chocolate (!), the ideal 50th birthday present for Dimity should be a post in which our staffers and AMR community members share lessons they’ve learned from dear D. With no bow or gift wrapping, here’s a list of 50 nuggets—one for every trip she’s made around the planet. Many happy returns, Dimity!

She Inspires

Dimity taught me…

there is strength in community. —Kim D.

how to show myself grace. —Nicole A.

I can accept how life changes and focus on what I can still do. —Pat B.

seasons of “epic” are possible, but sometimes “good enough” is a win, too. —Jodi S.

it’s not taboo to talk about mental health and the need for anti-depressants. —Brooke T.

nothing is too small to matter when it comes to moving forward. One step leads to another, which leads to another. —Rebecca A.

when facing injuries that prevent me from running, my identity is not just wrapped up in running and motherhood. There is more to me than just running roads, trails, after kids, a household, a classroom…I am more. —Samantha H.

your body is wrinkled, so why wouldn’t your brain be as well? —Jamie T.

the power of honesty and speaking your truth. —Michelle S.

how to embrace every part of life with grace and humor. —Amy S.

Leading by example that epic adventures bring joy!

She is Vulnerable

Dimity taught me…

the power of vulnerability in publicly mourning loss, then continuing to cheer, inspire and encourage others. —Emily S.

how strong it is to be vulnerable. —SBS

vulnerability and humor. It’s okay to cry, then to follow up and laugh about something ridiculous! —Audra J.

vulnerability is strength—that it’s okay to ask for help, accept help, and if needed, take a step back. —Casii D.


Our fearless, birthday-gal leader

She Gives the Best Advice

Dimity taught me…

to not let someone else drive your pace in a race. You don’t know if that runner is having the time of her life or barely hanging on. Better run within yourself. —Courtney O.

sunscreen should be applied from the balls down (eyeballs that is). —Kelly K. C.

how to properly smack an a*s during a race! —Stacy I.

to respect that “stress on the body is stress on the body.” —Laurel S.

the importance of caring for and listening to my body. —Megan Y.

the importance of writing it down. —Liz W.

to be authentically yourself in leadership and coaching. —Mandy C.

it’s never too late to take up a new sport that pushes you both mentally and physically. —Katie S.

the BEST chocolate bar—which is the HU brand. —Maureen P.

how to write effectively about running. —Pam H.

with strength training, it isn’t about counting accurately, it is about doing what feels right. —Jodi E.

that miles are miles, whether you run, bike, swim, or walk. —Liz F.

the best dark chocolate peanut butter cups are at Trader Joe’s. —Brenda I.

not to take myself so seriously! —Jen H.

don’t think, just go. —Annette E.


Dimity encouraging all of us to not take ourselves too seriously.

She’s a Good Human

Dimity taught me…

to feel with my whole heart, to ask the best questions, and to listen completely. —Sarah W.F.

how to make everyone I interact with feel important. —Christy S.

how powerful it is to make women feel seen and heard every single day. —Ellie K.

genuine honesty, a sense of humor, and kindness never get old. —Jess H.

how to apologize and move on without taking it seriously. —Jen S.


Dimity’s strength in full view.

She is Full of Resilience + Strength

Dimity taught me…

to face every challenge with grit and strength. —Kerry C.

how to be resilient. —Karen O.

you don’t need to be a runner to be a serious badass athlete. —Linda C.

I am actually stronger than I thought. —Cynthia V.

plan B can be as fulfilling as plan A! —April H.

I can do hard things. —Kristen G.

to keep striving toward big goals. —Anne E.


Don’t think, just go! And don’t forget to have fun.

She’s a Cheerleader

Dimity taught me…

cheering for others is what makes this life so special. —Cathy E. 

once a BAMR, always a BAMR: whether you’re walking, swimming, biking, lifting, or just being an overall badass! —Tami B.

I am a runner—no matter my size, my pace, my injury status, my training schedule. —Danielle L.

celebrate every finish line, regardless of the distance. —Leah W.

big goals are definitely worth showing up for. —Jill M.

to say: “I am running the half marathon” in full confidence, rather than saying “I’m ‘just’ running the half.” I will never say “I’m just…” to any race distance ever again. —Sara M.

to believe in myself, trust my training, have fun with each and every run! —Stephanie G.

cheering and supporting each other make us better and stronger! —Brandi D.

how to meet yourself where you are, then push yourself to go further. —Cortney S.

Happy birthday, dear Dimity! Share in the comments below what you have learned from Dimity over the years.