Our 8th AMRiversary: 26.2 of The Tribe’s Favorite Moments

"Congratulations!" writes Dana, "I'd be lost without AMR!"
(Um, us too.)

"This tribe keeps my head in the right place," says Laura.
(Ditto to that.)

As our 8th AMRiversary week continues, we wanted to document (naturally) 26 of the tribe's favorite moments.

Of course, there's a little .2 at the end as well.

Enjoy—and get ready for so many more happy miles ahead for all of us!

Finishing my first half-marathon in September 2013. My husband was deployed during my training and race. My Running BFF and I followed the Train Like a Mother 13.1 Finish It plan—she in McMinnville, OR and me in Jacksonville, NC —and then she flew out to run the race. I encouraged her to run at her pace (ahead of me) because just knowing she was there was enough for me. I ran the entire thing and felt awesome.—LEAH
I ran my first marathon with Heart Rate Training and these two BAMRs (Meaghan + Sandra) carried me to the finish when things got HARD! We were the smiley and chatty caboose of the entire race field; we were literally circled by police bikes and chased through park roads by police. Unnerving but we had each other—and this selfie—to remember the achievement by! —MELISSA
I attended the AMR party in San Diego four years ago, right after I moved to California from Oregon. It was the best way to connect with new friends such as Smitha, who share the same running and momming lifestyle as I do. Thanks for helping foster these connections and lifelong friendships AMR. ❤❤❤—KAT
Getting to film the AMR video while running Pittsburgh last year was amazing! And I got a PR [using a Train Like a Mother 13.1 Traditional Plan]!—MEREDITH
I live in rural Northern California and run by myself except for my two BRFs jabbering in my ears. I was totally star stuck when I got to meet one of them, Sarah, at the Eugene Marathon a few years back.—STEPHANIE
Running Disney Princess Half, courtesy of AMR. I’ll always be grateful for this experience.—NORAH
Half-Marathon PR after Train Like a Mother Heart Rate Program!—KIRSTEN
Meeting up with another online friend, Alicia, when she was in my neck of the woods for a marathon. We hope to run an Ultra together someday.—FRANCINE ("Yes, we will!" says Alicia.)
So many moments! Being on Ragnar DC on Team Sarah (including the infamous shower incident), running Boston Marathon with Sarah and other fantastic mother runners in 2016, and just this year being selected as BAMRbassador. Still creating memories!—NICOLE
Following Dimity online while she ran her Ironman and then hearing about it later. I felt like it was my real life BRF doing that event and I knew she was crushing it and I was so proud of her! That episode is by far my favorite one in AMR history.—HKD
Running the 2012 Grand Rapids Marathon, my first. I used the “Own It”plan from the Train Like a Mother book and loved it! The marathon itself was that perfect race day we all hope for; I was 40 years old, ran 3:31.32, and qualified for Boston. This picture is at mile 13 and it’s exactly how I felt the entire time. The community of AMR was there each week through the training with questions I had and support through the “piles of miles.” I could not have done it without AMR!—CLEARY
Simply hanging with the best tribe of women I have in my of in my life. I found this group just after my daughter was born in 2012; it has been the best thing for me mentally+ physically. ❤❤ BAMRs!—LIZ
Absolutely has to be the first time I met you both before my first ever half-marathon at Princess 2013! That whole experience of earning my tiara was such a fairy tale for me + you guys brought the pixie dust! (I still remember Dimity saying she could literally feel my heart beating when she put her arm around me for this photo!)—JODI
I have a few favorite moments. Coach MK has forever changed my relationship with running—heck my relationship with my whole body. The Simply Nourished programs have forever changed my relationship with food! Riding bikes around Pittsburgh with Dimity and Coach Amanda was so much fun!—SARAH
Meeting Dimity (and SBS on a stick) in Minneapolis. I met up with a Nancy beforehand for supper; she introduced me to this amazing tribe.—HEIDI
I’ve been following AMR since the beginning; Run Like A Mother gave me the confidence to run my first marathon in 2011. I crossed the finish line wearing your Another Mother Runner pink tank. It’s also been amazing meeting other BAMRs just because we recognize the shirts. That happened at two different races over the years for me.—KALI
Winning a raffle at the last day of the AMR Retreat in Spokane! I joked with my fellow BAMRs that I would eventually win something—I finally did on the last day!—ALEXANDRA 
The first AMR Retreat in Little Rock with my sister!—HEIDI
The 2016 Philadelphia Marathon. The weather/wind was brutal and my BRF was struggling by my side. Every time we saw the BAMR cheering squad, it picked up our spirits.We were coming into the last mile and I had used up all my encouragement and motivation. We see Dimity. She not only cheers for us but runs about a quarter mile with us until we can literally see the finish line. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. That is what being a runner is all about, that is what being a BAMR is, carrying each other when we think we have nothing left to give. Cheering for complete strangers. Supporting everyone no matter the pace or the distance. I have a selfie we took with Dimity (much earlier along the course). It is in a frame that says “wake up and be awesome.” Thank you ladies for being so awesome! —LORI (right back at you, Lori!)
Has to be the ‘found change’ that SBS ran past at the 2017 Another Mother Runner retreat, but I saw and picked up! —KATIE
A favorite moment was the 2017 Philly Marathon BAMR Cheer Squad,. We told the Uber driver to drop us off at the closed off Girard Avenue exit off the Schuykill Expressway, walked up the ramp with our signs, and staked out our spot to cheer on our runners. “THIS IS HAPPENING.” —SUSAN
Another Mother Runner party in Maryland. It was a ton of fun and I won a pair of Knuckle Lights, which my husband still uses! —ERIKA
I listened to podcast episode #129 Napa Valley Ragnar Relay while running my first half marathon and laughed the whole way to the hilarious port-a-potty stories! —DIANE
Reuniting with a high school friend at the TLAM book party in San Antonio in 2013. It was so fun to meet SBS + Dimity. The swag bags were fabulous too. I have enjoyed the support and camaraderie of my fellow BAMRs. Thank you for creating the AMR tribe! —MIMI
Seeing SBS + Dimity in Carlsbad at Roadrunner on the book tour! What a super fun night, and I got to meet a bunch of other BAMRs that evening, too! —JANA
I have been an AMR listener (and reader) for many years, before I got married and became a #stepmotherrunner. I love that even though I wasn’t a “mother”, I never felt like an outsider in the AMR community. But my favorite moment of running with AMR came recently. I was running my longest run (a big 4 miles) after an 8-month injury induced hiatus. I started listening to the podcast where Dimity shared that she had to stop running. I ran those miles through tears, because I was celebrating my return from the same disc injury she was sharing about. I cried again listening to that on the “best of” podcast! I love the vulnerability, the passion, and the real life of AMR! —JESSICA
AND .2 WITH BRUCE! I posted how many steps I had on my Fitbit after dancing at a Bruce Springsteen concert on the Facebook page. A few days later I’m listening to the podcast, walking to the train after work and I hear Dimity say my name, read my post AND play a Bruce song. I went nuts: yelling and jumping around. People around me looked terrified. Then I laughed the rest of the way. —MAUREEN

Finally, LeAnn writes, "Can NOT wait to meet you all at the Flying Pig this year! Love the AMR tribe and am really looking forward to so much bad-assery in person!"

Before we fly like pigs, we've got a gathering in Washington DC on April around the Cherry Blossom; details and RSVP here.

Want to join LeAnn and us at the Flying Pig on May 4 + 5? Join this list and we'll share details!

2 responses to “Our 8th AMRiversary: 26.2 of The Tribe’s Favorite Moments

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my story as part of your post! My BRF didn’t know I had shared it and texted me this morning, “You need to go look at AMR!!!”

    She and I had both taken a break from running and she agreed she is inspired to return to running by the reminder of how awesome it was to train and run that race together.

    I’ve recently started running again and she is going to as well. We are already tossing ideas around for another race to meet up at.

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