One of the most enticing parts of a training plan is the certainty over what needs to be done each day. There’s a start date, an end date, and all the days in between have specific instructions so you never waste an ounce of mental energy thinking about what to do. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for dinnertime.

Turns out the other people in your home really like to eat (shocker!!) and feeding them is non-negotiable. Even if you split cooking duties with someone else, conjuring up another meal idea at 5 pm can fray those last remaning threads of sanity.

The team at AMR had a quick huddle, and we put together a few of our favorite go-to recipes to give you an assist. These are tried and true–meaning we’ve actually made these recipes and fed them to our families. With seven main dishes and two sides, that’s a week’s worth of meals, which is the equivalent of eleventy billion brain cells not having to make the agonizing decision about what’s for dinner. 

Grab the PDF here!
Vegetarian Florentine Burgers

Don’t let meat-free scare you off. These made-from-scratch burgers are filled with tasty, wholesome ingredients and will have your whole crew excited for meatless Monday.

“My mom has been a vegetarian for decades, and I pooh-poohed the Florentines for many years. But I’ve come around. These days, we grill them and I doctor them up with Dijon and pickles: my two fave burger toppings. Plus, the recipe doubles and freezes well; for me, the less time in the kitchen, the better!” Dimity McDowell

Green Curry Glazed Tofu

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect recipe to finally try tofu, look no further. Just a few ingredients but bursting with flavor, you will love the way this dish comes together for a quick and hearty meal.

I love how flexible it is in regards to what veggies you can use—great way to clean out the fridge crisper drawer.” Sarah Bowen Shea

Lettuce Wraps

No need to open your Uber Eats app when you can whip up a batch of these lettuce wraps. Bonus tip: Make the filling ahead of time and store in the fridge for busy weeknights.

“My kids gobble these up and they are so easy to make!” Katie Sznewajs


Slow-Cooker Turkey Meatballs

Always a crowd-pleaser, a batch of meatballs has endless options. If you’re lucky, you might have some leftovers for lunch the next day.

“These are so easy to throw on in the early afternoon if you work from home, or make a big batch on the weekend. We eat them on pasta, zoodles, and make meatball subs.” Mandy Cherry

Summer Pasta with Peas and Ricotta

Serving pasta one night a week is a great way to save money on the grocery budget. Even better, you can cook it all in one pot. This creamy pasta is a healthier alternative to alfredo sauce and is as satisfying as it is easy.

“This one pot dish, created by my sister, is easy to throw together for a stand-alone meal.” Sarah Wassner Flynn

Maple-Mustard Chicken Legs with Potatoes and Carrots

This chicken and potatoes recipe packs a flavorful punch with very few ingredients. Assemble everything on a sheet pan and let the oven do the rest. 

“The maple mustard chicken is such a treat, because it’s such a huge reward for so little work. The fact that it is literally just maple syrup and mustard – two things that most people have readily available – is brilliant. A great go-to when you don’t have a lot of time but want something that tastes gourmet.” Michelle San Antonio

Watermelon Salad

Take advantage of the produce that is in season right now. This fruit salad is a mix of sweet and savory and might just surprise you.

“This is my favorite summer salad. All of the fruit takes care of sugar cravings, plus it’s just so darn ripe in the summer!” Jen Steele

Crispy Rice and Egg Bowl with Ginger-Scallion Vinaigrette

If you haven’t discovered bowls for dinner, let us be the first to tell you they’re amazing. You’ll love the flavor, and making eggs for dinner has never been better.

“I love this because it’s so easy. Any veggies will do if carrots and cukes aren’t in your fridge.” Melissa Theberge

Jicama Slaw

One of Ellie’s many nutrient-packed recipes, this slaw is a great alternative to another salad of lettuce and tomatoes. Crisp and crunchy, it’s a fun way to throw some veggies together for big results. 

“Serve this with BBQ chicken wraps for a fun weeknight dinner.” Ellie Kempton

Have a go-to recipe you love to use? Share yours in the comments below.