The Best Runner Mother Moments (Part 2)

Did you see the first half of our Best Mother Runner Moments yesterday? We blazed through January through June, and today we're taking a look back at the second half of the year. Scroll down to check out our favorites and to learn how you can add your own.




BAMRs on the Road
We love that thoughtful husbands really get their badass wives (and gift them the right presents).




Simple Image, Powerful Message
We posted this on Facebook, and it was shared more than 2,000 times.




Can You Say "Retreat"?
BAMRs from all over U.S. and Canada convene in Spokane for 2nd annual AMR Run + Refresh Retreat. (Be part of the action in 2017!!)




Heart Rate Training: It Works
Dimity shaves nearly 2 minutes off her 2012 TCM 10-Miler time, thanks to heart-rate training.





Welcome to New York
Long-time and TAMR contributor Adrienne Martini completes her first marathon, New York City.



Dimity's Look Back Sums It All Up
I've had the best running year yet: Running with members of the #motherrunner tribe in Spokane, Twin Cities, and Philly. Despite the fact that I’ve been running like a mother for over six years, my opportunities to run with y’all have been limited. This year, they blossomed—and every mile was awesome. Whether I was hanging a bunch of Happy Girl #BAMRS in Spokane, leading a (too fast, by Coach MK’s standards) shake-out run in the Twin Cities, or passing the miles in Philly with a handful of different runners as we ran and cheered, I just loved soaking it all up.


Now It's Your Turn

What was your best Mother Runner moment of 2016? Did you finally go for that race? Find a BRF? Recover from a nagging injury? Tell us by emailing your details (and photos, pretty please, if you have one) to runmother at gmail dot com. We'll share your responses the last two weeks of December.


5 responses to “The Best Runner Mother Moments (Part 2)

  1. Last Saturday, we had a big (for NorCal) storm. Pouring rain, cold wind. Even so, I drug myself out of bed well before dawn to run our local half-marathon. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) the lousy weather, I knocked SEVEN minutes off of my previous PR. !!!! The finish line area was in Civic Park, and the chute was so muddy, I crossed the finish line looking as though I had run a Tough Mudder rather than a road race. It took me until sometime Sunday until I finally felt warm again.

  2. NYC Marathon was the goal since my name was drawn in March!! I had not run a marathon since 1991 and I was super nervous and full of anxiety…but with my dear training buddies I trained hard all summer and when the race came, I was elated over the moon. I ran a 3:55.13 and hopefully qualified for Boston. We will see when September rolls around. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I experienced during the 26 weeks of training. My training duo who came with me Tracey and Lauren, you two supported me and encouraged me from day 1!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. 2016 was an epic running year for me & my family! My oldest daughter (12) ran her first 10K, and my youngest daughter (now 10, then 9) ran her first 8K. I ran my first FULL MARATHON at Wineglass and then PR’ed by 3 minutes in the half-marathon a month later!

  4. I was lucky enough to jump into Ragnar Michigan with a fabulous group of women! It was an incredible experience and the highlight of my year. It was also a great reminder that it pays to get outside of my comfort zone once in awhile…especially with a bunch of BAMRs!

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